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This is What a Leg Spasm looks like with Pulsed Energy travelling through it.

Keep in mind - anyone can holler out - it's a leg spasm silly! Don't you know what a leg spasm is!!??

And while it does appear that way in my video - I have been receiving directed energy for nearly 7 years now and I am now well aware of what pulsed energy feels like as it travels through the body.

So, to clarify...I sat on my couch and felt the pulsing movement for nearly 15 minutes. I took energy readings around the area of my legs and sofa and found really low readings in Magnetic scale B. Normal energy readings are somewhere around 45 - 65 uTs. uTs are tesla's microunits. The reading around my legs was around 20. Today's directed energy is sent to us via computers, routers and cable lines. Hidden outside under rocks and birdhouses and up against the walls of our living space. The energy put out by this mode of travel is from 0 - 30 uTs.

So, I decided not to move and let the energy hit my leg and the following is the results of this energy assault.

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