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Give it a Month, Carla...and it Will Go Away...

Updated: Jul 3

Nearly 7 years ago...I was at a month by month thought process as far as gang stalking. For example, when I got hit with directed energy...or when someone followed me...or when I watched groups of neighbors congregate on the street in front of my house and stare at my front door. I just thought it was a temporary condition. That it was more disgruntled neighbors who wanted to get even with me for standing up to them. Hmmmmm. Little did I know.

Interestingly, the more I became aware of what was going on around me and about how much I was disliked by this group of stalkers - the more I began to see the childish behavior in the people who stalked me.

I began to realize that these adults, who chose to loiter in front of my house and who chose to plague me daily with outward aggression and a rudeness that defied logic...well, I believed they had the minds of 2 year olds and were simply throwing temper tantrums in trying to make me pay the price for disrespecting them. The ones who went along with it, not really aware of what was going on - were the ones who couldn't think for themselves.

Over time, however, I began to see that there was more a sinister intent with gang stalking and its members and this went well beyond throwing tantrums and loitering outside my house. There was hostility and contempt that I couldn't quite put my finger on. And there were times that I was at a loss.

I came to find out though, that the group of neighborhood stalkers forwarded my name to a securities agency (I will not say which one) and I was placed on a threat list. Now, I know I am not a threat - but my own country and those who hide and harass in plain site - have decided to make me into one. And this is what happens to all targets. True Targets. Once they are on a threat assessment list - they are followed, hunted, tormented and tortured via commands from, for the most part, well, we'll call it a control center...and the rest is history. Securitie's agencies are all different and are called different names in different countries.

I want to say here that not once in my life did I ever think that there would be such a thing as organized staking. I mean...who would have thought? I also never believed people would mob and lie and belittle another person in front of so many willing and mobbing participants.

What happened to people? Note: I was well aware that there were gangs on the street throughout time. These are the people with the bodies covered in tattoos, drive by shootings, drug dealing, and write nonsensical grafitti all over the place. That's street gangs. What I hadn't realized was that there was so much mobbing in the hearts of so many men...outside of those gangs.

The behavior I was seeing with gang stalking was alarming. Off-putting. So, I took the step and I began to write letters and make calls. I tried to contact law enforcement. I called the police, the FBI and I also called private investigators in my 1st year of being stalked. It is here that I just want to say that it did me absolutely no good at all to try and contact anyone. And I found out that no one cared and the FBI even gave a copy of my email I wrote to them - to my neighbors who were stalking me.

I have to ask myself why would the FBI do that? It was incredulous.

And it came to me that I had unfortunately stumbled into and purchased a home that appeared to be prewired for gang stalking endeavers. These stalking people were just waiting for the opportunity to start the stalking. They were anticipating the test subject who would move into the house.

It wasn't long that I began to search for answers online. I began to read up on bullying and stalking. There were times when I found an article or two about gang stalking. Still, I never connected my life to that of a targeted individual. Or even felt there was a connection to being gang stalked at all. And not once did I think that neighbors, who were my friends at one time, could turn on me in such a malicious manner...just for disagreeing with them. They just sort of threw me under the bus.

It was also in my first year of being stalked...that I found a site that shared information about the symptoms of electronic harassment. Now, ask me if I knew what electronic harassment was at that point in time? No I did not. Still, I had the symptoms this article talked about. For the life of me, I could not wrap my mind around the idea of politically organized stalking groups or weaponized energy the likes the world has never mind simply refused to take it all in.

Now, also completely unknown to me at first - the stalking I was only getting glimpses of here and there - was just winding up and about to get thrown into full gear and be so much worse. Again, in my mind I kept thinking - temporary - "Give it a month Carla" then it will go away. Then a month later, when the stalking had not stopped, I thought "give it 6 months Carla and it will be gone for good. However, each and every time, my deadlines passed, I began to reasess and reevaluate my goals and thought process and also what I was being put through.

You are probably wondering why didn't I join a TI group? Well, I don't know about that, but I would have to say truthfully, I just didn't feel I could trust them. I have lost so much trust for people in the last few years. Yes, there are targets who are out there and they need help...but then there are those pretending to be targets. And I wanted no part of that. Plants by organized stalking? Maybe - to gather information about how real targets fall apart.

As far as my gang stalking - well, time began to day drifted slowly into the next...and there was no change for the better. In fact, the only changes I really saw were in the strength and speed of the directed energy devices and the pain they inflicted on my mind and body. The more I outlasted the attacks...the attacks got stronger.

There was an increase in gaslighting as well, in my being lied about, and in me being followed everywhere I went. I was rammed with shopping carts in the grocery store. And I was horribly shunned by members of my neighborhood. If I did happen to pass them - they averted their eyes downward. Refusing to gaze upon the outcast of society. And although I had not done anything that should have caused such hate and bullying - it is what I got anyway.

There were many, many occasions where I was brighted in my own back yard as I tried to sit on my patio in the evening with my husband. I want to take a moment and share that I now have 6 houses around me who are participating in my gang stalking and directed energy assaults and group surveillance.

One house lined a bright laser surveillance light up and pointed it in my direction - which captured every movement I made in my yard. The minute I stepped out the door...they were on me. There has been absolutely no privacy. And there is so much more to my story.

So, why didn't I fall apart while I waited for my stalking to end? Well, I found that the longer I waited for the stalking to go away...the longer it appeared to last. And I was still here on the receiving end. Still alive. And yes, very disappointed in my neighbors... but who wouldn't be? But I didn't fall apart, because I began to see that some people are not worth fretting over. If they are mean and carry so much hate in their hearts - and they are choosing to be mean...well, this is not a reflection on me. I still manage to tell God "Thank You" every single day... That's really important to do. All targets need to do that.

All targets need to be proactive. I mean, get up. Get moving. Find solutions. And find ways to protect yourselves from the directed energy attacks. Look for answers to a really bad problem. That's it. And whatever you do, don't talk to people who stalk and bully - it does no good to feed a sick ego.

Thinking back, it took me a while to notice the symptoms associated with being gang stalked. But they were there the whole time. There were early-on signs "like this one" - a man's voice called my name from the bedroom closet in the first month of our living in the house. This was 3 years before the stalking began. And silly me, I believed it to be a ghost. Looking back, and using a logical became clear to me that what I had heard was obviously a microphone that had been placed through the roofline before we moved into the house.

One more thing. There were 3 scientists living in the 3 houses surrounding our home. And there was a military man who lived in the house with one of the scientists.

Now, I am not one to believe in coincidences - but as far as I could see...the only common factor in all of this - were the occupants of the houses next door (the neighbors), who seemed to be overly interested in what went on in my house at any given time.

When my directed energy attacks first started in 2017...I didn't notice them all too much at first. I saw them, but didn't connect the symptoms to anything. My eyes were blood shot in the morning and they were scratchy and itchy. I had constant ear ringing. I had ear pain. And there was a time or two that I became aware that electrically charged air seemed to swirl and zap around my head. Like a current of energy was moving through the house at one time or another and snapping near my ears and brain. Once or twice - a device was used on me in my house that stopped my heart for a few seconds.

Getting back to my search online. The more I got online and tried to find answers to what I was experiencing, the more I realized that I was indeed, being targeted and assaulted with directed energy. Why had it come to this? Well, I really didn't know. Still, I resigned myself to the fact that I was a targeted individual.

Now, nearly 7 years later, and thousands of hours in writing and sharing information about gang stalking on my website...I can see that I am nowhere near the end of my stalking. Call it a hunch. Or the pattern of life for me now. The energy readings stay on wall surface always. Not less...but more points of entry come through wall surface over time...and since they have not lessened in fact...I am able to conclude the worst is yet to come.

I believe that if my stalking was going to end, it would have done this some time ago. It would have ended when the person most mad at me - quit being mad. Still, I cannot change how my stalkers feel. And again, If I wasn't on the end of some psycho's punishment agenda...I would have been free to go about my life without the whole gang stalking thing hanging over my head all the time.

The best thing I think I got from being gang stalked, is that I began to grow a thicker skin. I got tougher. I grew more tolerant to some of the energy. But more than this, I realized that no one...ever... has an easy time in life. And then there is the fact that there are those out there who are suffering so much more. What I am saying here is we need to put our life into perspective.

I always knew that there were answers out there for me...when I first started to go through this whole gang stalking experience and I knew I had to work hard to find those answers.. So, I began to put the pieces of the gang stalking puzzle together. It was at this point that I began to find materials that would help block it I could better survive the ordeal in a much better way.

People often ask me how do I do this? How am I able to go through stalking for so long and not lose hope? You see, that's the thing. I don't expect the world to revolve around me. I don't expect special treatment or privilege. Nor am I self-important. I don't feel sorry for myself. I am mostly, okay with changes in life...even if they are hard. I am, after all, just one of billions of humans living on the planet today. And as I already stated, I know there are a lot worse things that can happen to us in life.

We're like ants. All of us. Moving this way and that way...and sometimes we have no real purpose in mind. We work and we participate and build things to make life livable for ourselves and for others. But every so often, things break...and tear down...and fall apart and sometimes we get sick. And then one day...we are gone and it all goes away.

So, as far as being sad about being gang stalked...I believe if we remain free of is much easier to handle. I do not want to waste my time contemplating about all the bad things that can happen in life. I want to be joyous in my heart and be thankful for the time I am spending in God's great big garden. That's what life is about, isn't it?



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