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My New Book Has Been Published - 30 Rules - A Reference Guide for the Targeted Individual

Updated: Jun 15

My new book is complete and I want to now share it with you.

It is called 30 Rules - A Reference Guide for the Targeted Individual.

This book is so fantastic and it provides you with valuable tips and very helpful ideas on how to survive bullying, stalking and directed energy attacks.

We targets need to be there for each other. Now, this does not mean in chat online feeds or through other social media avenues exactly....but then again - maybe it does.

What I feel being there means is - if push comes to shove in front of the whole world, it means we stand up for the target of gang stalking - and we stand up for them because these are people who are being tortured and tormented. We stand up for other targeted individuals - because we know how it feels to be bullied and stalked.

You will notice I have not posted on my blog for a bit. The reason is, I have been working on my new book, so I could finish it and so you can buy a copy and be helped.

Also, my stalking has been really bad lately. However, I am a firm believer in having faith and inner strength and those 2 virtues will see me (and us) through this bad time.

Without further ado - let me introduce you to my new book - "30 Rules - A Reference Guide for the Targeted Individual." I hope it helps you.

Click on the book shown and it will take you to Amazon.

Thanks all,



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