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On Why Support Groups May Not Be a Good Idea for Targets of Gang Stalking.

Updated: Jul 8

Over the last 7 years, I have been contacted by many targets of organized stalking. And by the time I hear from them, they are well into months and even years of being tormented by stalking groups. Also by the time I hear from them, they are panicky, frightened and beyond logical reasoning...but I realize that this is with very good reason. They are, after all, being stalked and bullied and hunted and tortured by an invisible perpetrator. We'll call it a predator. Well, correction - partly invisible predator.

Looking back. When I first put my website online...I decided to do a little research about support groups so that I could possibly suggest something like this to a person in need. So, I got on Facebook and looked for how a target could be supported in a bad time. I found dozens of support groups. Some in the U.S. Others international.

Still, I have to question about why I didn't join a support group? I suppose I could have. But there was this thought in the back of my mind that something was amiss with the whole support group platform. I just couldn't put my finger on why I was reticent about joining - I just didn't want to.

Years later and at about the 4th year of my own stalking and online website, I began to notice something strange with support groups and the people who visited them. Like for example, one of my readers told me about a woman she met in a support chat room, we'll call her Melanie. I will not name the person who contacted me.

When the reader and this Melanie got to sharing information, Melanie told her that she only had stomach upset from time to time. And that she took Pepto-Bismol for it and it went away. She didn't have any other symptoms. This was what I found to be odd.

Other readers told me they had come across the same thing in an online chat session. So, I got to wondering about this and here is what I came up with.

Now, I know for a fact that when a target is being attacked by Gang Stalkers, it is usually on a daily basis and nightly, as well. Also, normally the attacks are entire body assaults. Not all at one time - but different parts of the body through the assault episodes during the nightly set ups. And I just want to say that there is nothing occasional about what is going on. The person being assaulted is usually in terrible pain and hears constant ringing. Has ongoing pain in fact, and there is more.

Anyway, because of this comment from the person in the online session, I felt the woman (Melanie) who had placed herself in the target's life in the support group, might just have been lying. And then I had to ask why? Why would she do this? Did she just need attention? Was she off a bit mentally and just needed to feel a part of something bigger? Or was there something else more sinister going on? Like, was it a job for her?

As as it turns out - Melanie, appeared to be in this online world to gather information from the target. And about the target. This is difficult to prove but it is my assumption nonetheless. Never once did Melanie talk about her own stalking experience. Or herself.

That is when it hit me that Organized Stalking has it all covered. They have people set up in all walks of life and in society to get the job done. The stalking job that is. Like Locksmiths to make keys to get into a house. Like neighbors who are always trying to question you on how you are feeling and what you are doing? What you are buying at the store? Like individuals who seem to follow you into a store and leave at the exact same time. Like teachers. Like Police Officers. Like gutter cleaners. And painters. Not everyone, mind you...but there seems to be quite a few people involved in this nowadays.

Okay, so you might think people are just being nosy and I am way out there with this concept of corruption and spies and conspiracy - well, there's being nosy and then there is the whole gang stalking scenario. We targets just have to be intuitive enough to see the difference.

I personally believe that Organized Stalking has what I like to call "Plants" - these are people who are not really targeted by gang stalkers, but are assigned to a support group by their superiors and are waiting in place - pretending to be a that the real target trusts them enough to let it all spill out to their new friend.

Remember, targets are going through a horrible ordeal in being stalked and they are extremely distraught...this terror they feel creates in them the need to cling and hang onto a life support of another understanding person. I.e. - an on line support group.

I feel strongly about this. I really do . Don't ask me why...just a hunch because of all the other unwarranted behaviors exhibited by those who stalk...who hunt and harm humans. Over time, if we are stalked, we come to understand this. And we come to see that all things are not as they seem.

I believe that when these "Plants" get the information about the target or targets they need - they suddenly vanish from the group. Or they might move onto another floundering and frightened target in the same group.

So that once the planted individual gets what they need online from the group...they turn the acquired information over to those who will use it for future reference. Like a census. Like measured responses and statistical research about human behavior. Like testing guinea pigs. And test subjects. The organized stalking groups just want to know that their gaslighting, surveillance, overhead aircraft, V2K, demodulation, breaking into the house and tainting food and ripping holes in clothing and all of the directed energy attacks are affecting and destroying a person in the way they want it to.

Now, I am not saying all people in a support group are plants - really this could not possibly be. Just some...and just maybe the group has been a tremendous help to some targets. However, I think it might be a little difficult for a struggling person to discern the difference between good and not so good. So, targets need to be wary.

The goal of organized stalking is to break people down, to destroy them and in essence - if this was to occur on a large scale, I believe the tear down and break down would be for an entire society. Let's just say that it is the individual people who are being attacked and targeted that make up a necessary and vital societal group.

So, if you need a group chat, just remember this. Be cautious of gang stalking support groups. Just realize that things are not always as they seem. And that what seems like a new best friend or even friends...might just be the nail in the coffin for the poor target whose world is now falling apart.

More importantly, learn to pull from your inner self...your soul. Pray. And if you need a support group, try Church. Talk to a preacher or minister. And always stay busy and try not to let what is happening eat at you. Really, life has never been easy for anyone...ever...just pick up a history book.

I always say this over and over thankful in the moment you are alive and be glad God gave you the opportunity to live your life.

Listen to a bird singing. Smell Jasmine in bloom. Take a walk in a light rain shower. Watch trees sway in the breeze. Feel the earth and be aware of your limited time. Live. We all have something we can be thankful for. Always.


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