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On Why We Should Speak the Truth and Why It is Important to Take a Stand in Living

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

As it has been stated "The Truth Hurts." And honestly no one wants to hear it. But should any of us live on the earth filled with unspeakable wrongs and not take a stand against horrible acts of inhumanity?

I always say - It is far better to take a stand for one thing - than to stand for nothing at all. For in doing so, we have lived a life not worth living.

So, this leads me to what it means to take a stand. Standing up for something could be anything. It could be standing on a sidewalk and witnessing a person beating up another person. But it isn't so much about seeing it as it is doing something about it. For example, do we stand and keep watching? Or do we yell out - "Hey, stop what you are are hurting that person?" Do we call 911?

If we watch the news today, we can see so many accounts about people gathering around a violent scene and watching what takes place and again, instead of getting help or trying to help the person being attacked...they pull out a phone and video tape the encounter.

In the meantime, the person being beaten up or tormented has succumbed to their injuries. And sometimes they die.

Why would something like this happen, when just one assist from one person could have made the difference?

We need to ask another question. What could I personally have done differently to help in this situation?

There is apathy everywhere. A strong lack of empathy and therefore, there is no need to be involved. People, after all, are fearful. They do not want to be injured or die. They are afraid for themselves. They don't want what the poor beaten person is getting.

Selfish and self serving. And the truth is - we all die at some, how can we be afraid of the evolution of our human bodies and mind, our existence and finally, our souls? How could we not understand steps to living and then a transcendence to another place and time through the spirit?

In summation, the less we do for others in living - the less we become to God in the spirit and afterlife.

Let's talk about something else that calls for taking a stand. And that is Organized Stalking. Who knew that after 9/11 there would be a sadistic need for groups of people to single out and hunt targeted humans? Who knew? It is unthinkable.

Still, if a person tried to share any of this information about suffering with a person or an organization that could and yes, should doesn't happen. Why?

Well, I believe there is an experimental goal in mind. An ends to a means. And so, all areas in mainstream society are covered and put into play so that the person being tormented will never receive help or have anywhere to turn. In other words, the doors for help are continously being closed on us.

Who is doing this?

Can I say definitively that it is our leaders, or other countries or some securities organization responsible for the experimenting of humans through gang stalking?

No, I can't. But I can say that if we look at human experimentation in the past, we will see some level of Governmental involvement...if not them - then a rogue offshoot of that Government and therefore a strong lack of concern.

Because of my opinion with this and also in what I am going through right now with being gang stalked, and the fact that I have a website about Organized Stalking....should I be considered a problem or that I am an activist? I don't believe so. I don't consider myself a problem at all. I am only trying to help others.

Still, if that is how the organized group doing the hunting of humans wants to view me - it will be their own lies and wrongful treatment of others that will carry them along in life. And to their own reciprocity. We reap what we sow. If we plant deceit and mistrust and lies - we become the deceit, mistrust and lies. It is how our world corrects the wrongdoing by humans.

More importantly, we will all stand before our Lord in Heaven at some point in time. And all will be held accountable before his beauty and greatness. The sad part about all of this is - the humans who stalk humans, appear to feel nothing in their acts of violence and torture. And their soul remains lackluster.

The point of me writing about this is - me taking a stand. I have to. The need to help, fills my spirit with determination and dedication and a strong will to overcome.

I fight for others...I have to do what is right. Always. And that right thing is to help others who are being gang stalked.

So, in taking a stand...I will keep spreading the word and share all of the research I have done and help others when I can. I am not afraid. I am strong...because God has made me strong.

My advice? Hang in there everyone and realize that we are here such a short time. And we need to do the right thing in God's eyes while we have the chance.

Be thankful for the beauty that surrounds you in the moment. A bird's song. A deer grazing in an open field. A tiny frog singing from his seat on a cool block wall. These are the very things that soothe the soul.

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