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Over Time - A Command or Control Center Takes Over the Gang Stalking Campaign

Updated: Jul 9

I think I began to notice that my attacks were changing over time. For as each year passed, my attacks grew heavier and heavier and the energy was coming in from literally hundreds of locations on the wall, ceiling and floor.

I am now going into my eighth year of being Gang Stalked...and at first, I saw my neighbors doing all the gaslighting, as did their children, their friends, and many other neighbors who knew me and had at one time been an acquaintance...they ganged up, stood in the street in front of my house...and kept a watchful eye over my front door, my garage and my windows. If I moved about, walked out the door or got into my car to leave...they thwarted my efforts to move freely. And the directed energy assaults continued to come in through small entry points in my home by way of my neighbor's homes

After a while, it wasn't long before the most amazing thing began to unfold. As planes and drones, and Sigint (Signals intelligence), helicopters, airplanes were introduced into my stalking...the more these aircraft were present in the airspace over my yard and house...until after a while, a parade of planes, helicopters, drones and more - performed continuous fly overs and fly by's over my house. I am guessing, to make me aware and to keep me in line.

The other thing I began to notice was that it seemed that the neighbors began to lose some interest. Not all granted - but they were possibly getting bored and wanted to do other things in their lives.

And after what seemed an exhaustive battle of blocking it out, building barriers, and resigning myself to the fact that "this is now my life," I began to see less of the trouble making humans and more moving around overhead. it seemed like the only things coming in - were the aircraft.

As I have shared in many of my articles and posts, I started to see that my gang stalking was taking a turn. Something or someone else was taking hold of the wheel in driving the gang stalking campaign along.

By turn, I mean that a non-obvious assault tactic had come into play.. It seemed automated and remote. And I realized with all the planes overhead and the energy I felt jolting me from above or straight down...rather then behind me or under me (although this is still occurring). I understood that somehow the people controlling the stalking were located elsewhere...within satellite and airplane reach of my life.

My question here is - was a securities agency already involved in my stalking? Yes, I believe so.

The directed energy I was experiencing had been placed from everywhere all at once. I have been very resistant (as I should be) and this has not boded well with my gang stalkers. I shared data, wrote very strong blog posts and stood strong and impassioned about helping others who are gang stalked and need assistance. And now - they do not want to stop stalking me.

I have now had my website for roughly 7 years...and over directed energy attacks have quietly worsened. The neighbors placed more and more outside hidden devices all around their yard and up in trees. I couldn't figure this out - but with year long batteries and also wireless control and drone placement - I guess anything is possible.

One neighbor even went as far as to dig trenches and place a solid surface on top or on the side of the hidden devices which were placed underground. In this way, they were able to shoot upwards at me and into my bed from below. This is how they vibrated me and attempted to keep me from going to sleep.

As far as the devices hidden below ground...keep in mind that the directed energy device firing ends have to have a solid surface in order to be able to shoot through it.

The ground and dirt are too unstable to allow for ease of energy flow.

You will notice on the left upper corner of the below picture that there is a 2 or 3 inch gap between my fence on the left and the neighbor's yard adjacent to that. There is a solid surface holding the soil back away from the fence. I believe that this solid wall surface was placed in such a way as to allow the perpetrator a line of fire from below.

And the grid you see - appears to be a set up for multiple devices which were put in place to allow for many lines of fire to shoot energy at me. Cable lines under the ground lead to these devices and then the firing ends coming up against the plastic wall.

The grid has since been moved...but I wanted to share what one of your hidden sites may look like. As I block the energy out from my gang stalkers move their devices again and again.

Let me share what I feel is now happening in my attacks. I knew for a long time that my neighbors had turned me over to securities agencies - this happened in my first year. (I cannot say which one exactly - although I have my suspicions). At the point I was turned over to these people, I was immediately considered a problem or a threat. And I was then placed on a threat assessment list.

Now, I know that this should have never occurred. I am an upstanding citizen, after all, and have always obeyed the law. I write, design, woodwork, work in a garden, defend and help to take care of wildlife and I love God. I am also an RN. So, how could something like gang stalking have possibly happened to me?

Then there is this...don't we all live in a world where we have been told there is justice and freedom for all? That we are safe and protected by those who lead us? So, why should "we the people" - be turned into threats to a nation...when we are not? And how can one person's accusatory lies and words about your character be believed over your own?

If we are being gang stalked - we have somehow lost our freedoms...we are inexcusably being tortured and assaulted on our own soil and so, I feel strongly that the someone who should be protecting us - is not doing their job to protect us at all.

And sadly, due to technological advances, and hidden worlds via the Dark Web, our world has turned into one be melting pot of spying, theft, intelligence and data gathering...and sometimes those of us who are unfortunate enough, fall into that melting pot and we have a hard time getting out.

Furthermore, looking back over my own stalking, I believe that with all the set-ups I saw happening over time...all the cars and visitors bringing in gadgets and directed energy devices and all the FedEx trucks bringing in wireless extenders and computer routers nearly twice a week. All the hammering and banging I heard in attics where the devices appeared to have been advantageously placed and where energy was being shot from. All the digging in yards and sawing down trees. With all of this - I had somehow come to believe that the stage was being set for a future way of monitoring and bringing down an errant and resistant human being. And it was something that I could not explain.

So, let's ask this question....could our gang stalking assaults and gaslighting events, possibly be being controlled by a fusion or let's just say a command center for a securities agency?

Has our personal information been fed into and programmed into a databank via satellite and has this network of workings - taken over our stalking campaign? Can we hide? Can we live without being followed?

One more question, if AI (artificial intelligence) is a factor in our stalking - and our information is programmed via AI...will the gang stalking ever be allowed to end. Remember, AI doesn't grow old or get sick or can last indefinitely.

The National Network of Fusion Centers was established after the September 11 attacks to allow collaboration across jurisdictions in order to respond to criminal and terrorist activity. It is a decentralized, distributed, self-organizing network of individual fusion centers and their respective partners within each center's area of responsibility. This includes law-enforcement and neighborhood watch groups. These are considered partners in the effort of eliminating crimes and terroristic acts.

Keep in mind also, that in most cases, our neighbors were the ones who turned us in as threats. Who did they turn us into to? Common sense really. Securities agencies and law enforcement I have come to believe.

The process of a fusion center - is a method of managing the flow of information and intelligence across levels and sectors of government to integrate information for analysis. Fusion centers rely on the active involvement of state, local, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies—and sometimes on non–law enforcement agencies—to provide intelligence for their analysis. The intent is that, as the diversity of information sources increase, there will be more accurate and robust analysis that can be disseminated as intelligence.

If you have been stalked for some time - you will come to notice many changes in your life. And at times, not so good ones.

Realize that violence and wrongful behavior have always been around. Just because we live nowadays - doesn't mean we are going to be spared the anguish of being bullied, stalked and tormented. Amazingly, through circuit lines and high speed internet highways, the world of gang stalking is being systematically hidden from the rest of society.

Can anything be done for humans who have been wrongfully accused? Who are gang stalked beyond repair? My belief is it will at some point. We just have to keep going. Document our findings. Take pictures of suspicious events or people. Pay attention to being followed or tracked. And above all else cover up, layer and protect yourself.

And keep in mind - if you write letters - they may very well end up in the hands of those who work at a fusion center. Our world has greatly changed.

Thanks for reading,


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