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Scientists Confirm The Existence Of “Second Sound” And A New Method Of Thermography

I came across this article yesterday and thought it would be interesting to share with you. It is really technical but I believe you will see why I shared it.

I realize that the thermography has to do with how the perceived heat is heard in this scientific study. But, I have often said that I believe Targets of Organized Stalking are located through heat fields...and also electrical activity of their brains Getting back to this notion of heat fields (auras that surround humans)....this heat field of a living being is a form of thermograpy due to organic nature and electromagnetic design of human beings.

Humans all give off energy in the form of heat. In fact, it radiates off of us. Some humans have stronger heat fields than others. And interestingly, no two heat fields of organic matter and humans is the same. It is like a finger print of existence. We are electromagnetic as well. Everything under the sun, in fact, is electromagnetic since the sun is electromagnetic in its outpouring. If we go by what the following article states - all energy gives off sound in its appearance and ability of design and mode of movement and travel. So, this applies to all energy fields. Humans included.

Thermographic devices detect the infrared radiation emitted by the body surface, which is invisible to humans, convert it into electrical signals, and a thermogram can be created, which shows temperatures pictorially in different colours or gray tones.

So, I want to touch on another subject. Chips. For those targets out there who believe they are chipped...I want to ask you this question. Just how important is this chip belief, if we individually give off large heat fields and also emit electrical activity from our brains? I am asking you this question because I want to show you that there are people out there in the world of science, government and others, who have equipment that can measure it all.

There are also people out there who have access to satellites and satellite technology. And I believe that with the right training...these people can find any single person they want - through satellites and this heat sensing equipment? On the downside, sadly, this finding or locating of people and pretty much hunting them through their fields of energy - is basically the nature of the beast with scientific advancements. What is often meant for good initially...takes a wrong turn when misused.

Should we as targets be concerned at all about having chips in our bodies? Keep in mind that we can be found regardless of a try to keep a level head. Do not panic. And realize that the technology I speak of - is just a profound symptom of a sickness that lies in the hearts of man today. Furthermore, I believe that when the human heart is in the wrong place, makes the wrong in the case of gang stalking personnel; I believe a victimized person can be hunted via the same sientific advancements and this very understanding of energy and heat as well. What it boils down to is this...if people are indeed hunting humans by heat sensing, and other scientific advancements...there into lies the diseased man. And the problem as well.

Here is the article. Keep in mind as you read it, that it is just a point of interest. However, I believe it is a possible point of contention, when we are gang stalked. I also think that all things in life are sort of interconnected in flow as they are in chaos.



Scientists have long known that heat moves outward from its source before dissipating, and theorized that superheated gas would follow those same patterns.

Now, they say they’ve used superfluid quantum gas to prove their theory. Rare materials often don’t follow the same rules as, say, a piece of burning coal dropped into a pot of water.

In that case, the water nearest the coal heats first, and the water at the edges of the container won’t be as hot as the water at the middle.

Superfluid quantum gasses, though, tend to “slosh” the heat from side to side, kind of like a wave. Scientists have dubbed this “second sound,” and although it’s been observed, it’s never before been imaged.

Now, scientists at MIT have changed the game by capturing the movement of pure heat using a new method of thermography. Assistant professor and co-author Richard Fletcher used the boiling pot analogy to highlight how strange the idea of “second sound” really is.

“It’s as if you had a tank of water and made one half nearly boiling. If you then watched, the water itself might look totally calm, but suddenly the other side is hot, and then the other side is hot, and the heat goes back and forth, while the water looks totally still.”

Superfluids are created when a cloud of atoms is subjected to super cold temperatures (like approaching absolute zero). Atoms behave differently in extreme conditions, creating a friction-free fluid where heat can act like a wave. Lead author Martin Zwerlein explained how their experiment would work.

“Second sound is the hallmark of superfluidity, but in ultracold gases so far you could only see it in this faint reflection of the density ripples that go along with it. The character of the heat wave could not be proven before.”

Zweierlein and his team knew they had to think outside the box if they were going to track the heat of an ultracold object because they don’t emit the usual infrared information.

Instead they sought to leverage radio frequencies to track subatomic particles called lithium-6 fermions. Those can be captured via different frequencies in relation to their temperature.

This allowed researchers to zero in on the “hotter” (but still really cold) frequencies and track the second wave over time.

This might not seem like a big deal to a regular person, but exotic superfluids could help experts answer questions about high-temperature superconductors or even neutron stars.

So, scientists are pretty excited about that.

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