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Gang Stalkers Take Turns Harassing Us...

Updated: Jul 6

As most of you already know...Gang Stalkers come after us in a myriad of ways. Because not only do they send energy (on steroids) into our homes - they place foot and vehicle traffic in front of us as a form of gaslighting. They do this at every turn...and everywhere we help us feel panicky and to also help us second guess our mental state and our ability to survive bullying and torment.

Remember, the goal of gang stalking is breakdown and cause despair in the targeted individual.

We all need to understand that this Gang Stalking Nightmare is more than a neighborhood level stalking. Yes, the neighbors are doing their best to hurt you. And hunt you and keep track of you. And you can see they are involved. They are obvious. They verbally, mentally and physically harass you. They do all the normal bullying and stalking stuff - like yelling at you, following you, spreading lies and more.

However, way past the childish and hate-filled antics...just waiting in the wings of eventual despair - are the big guys who want numbers from the stalking and who also want outcome of what it takes to break down an enemy.

I need to say here - no, we are absolutely not enemies...but we are being tested with that purpose in mind. And we are unfortunately, being treated like we are public energy number one.

Try to think back and try to remember the agent they sent to your neighbor's house. In my case, a well groomed and descent looking guy driving a Mercedes-Benz showed up. He did have a nice presentation. A great overall package. In summary...he looked good. Was clean cut. And he drove a nice car. So, he had to be honest, above board and legitimate, right? He had all the things that make a person successful. And this seems to be what most people see first in others. And in life.

My agent...went from one house to another. He flashed a badge - professing to be homeland security. In fact, this agent visited all the homes within firing range of me. By firing, I mean directed energy distance to be successful.

And the homes involved and that he visited? They are the neighbors beside me. The neighbors across the street (3). The neighbors down the street. And also those neighbors who live on the street behind me. These are just some of the neighbors who are involved in my stalking.

You might be asking at this point - Oh my God, why would they do that!?

Well, in answer to that question - just think of it this way. For every house that can be added in your gang stalking harassment, the more angles there are for these stalkers to send listening capability, Heat field sensing, motion sensing capability and directed energy lines of fire in through walls and roofline and hit us while we sleep. The more angels these people have...the better.

Granted, yes, gang stalking sends this same energy in while we watch TV, while we work on a computer, as we stand at a stove and cook dinner, and while we sit and try to read - but the most important part of a gang stalking campaign and the most dangerous place to be for a targeted individual - is in our own bed.

As I have also discovered through my own experience and through extensive research - gang stalking appears to be a kind of off-shoot of a faction of organized crime and most likely it exists at the level of government (only a rogue faction) and also billionaire groups who want to be involved in this game of "Hunt the Vulnerable Mouse."

This is also the reason why - it is hard to get someone at these same levels of power and law to step in and do something about the torture and hate involved in this gang stalking crime. So, when we write letters...we don't get answers.

In my own case, I've become aware of a new find. And that is - the assaults are heavier at different times of the year...this is number one in my findings.

And they are also heavier at different times of the week. As well as different times of day.

The reason for this is - our gang stalkers use their off time and any extra time they have on using high powered devices given to they can perfect and practice maiming humans.

They do this in the evening after work. When they leave the dinner table - they run and get on their computers and cell phones. As it turns out - today's directed energy assaults come to us via computers, routers and wireless capability.

Then there's the weekend. Our stalkers begin stalking us starting on a Friday night and the stalking continues through the weekend.

They come after us on Spring Break, through summer break (because they also take the time off with their kids and can sleep in), and they come after us on our birthdays, our anniversaries, and our quiet moments with our family.

The number one goal in gang stalking is to break us apart and tear us down. And because of this, they believe - a targeted individual is not allowed to have a life. They are the unworthy in life So, if stalkers see us having a life - they hit us with energy.

You might ask yourself here - what kind of power do these people possess?

My answer is - none!

They do not possess power at all...just weapons that harm. And evil corporate intent backing their cause. The only true power these awful people possess is in the manipulated energy in the lines of microwaves, radio waves, light waves. But outside of that, they are mere humans (who are filled with hate) and that is all.

The brunt of gang stalking is mostly psychological crap - no more and no less - and only that. Remember, the psychological stuff does not harm us physically. But does it hurt our feelings? Yes. Everyone wants to be liked and loved. None of us wants to be rejected.

Then there is the fear these people can come inside our homes when they want to. And so, we can ask ourselves here...can these people tamper with our stuff and our food if they break into our homes? Yes, they can. Can the tampering sicken us? Again, yes it can. But probably not in a permanent or life threatening way. There are limits to who and what gang stalkers are. Recognize this and be strong. And if you suspect someone is coming into the house - find ways to block them out. My books give a few suggestions.

By the way, there will come a time when God takes the sizzling toy out of the perpetrators hands and ends the behavior.

Now, you would think that somewhere deep down in the souls of these participating gang stalking humans, there might just be an inkling of guilt or remorse about what they have decided to do to unsuspecting humans...but there is not.

They do not feel remorse of accusing us of being a threat to national security. They do not feel remorse that they are hurting us or making us sad. They do not feel remorse that they might just be attempting to kill us - slowly and painfully. And they don't feel remorse in the fact that they have helped to add our name to a threat assessment list at a national level.

Why? I really can't answer for the atrocities and sadness in life...but it appears that many people are like this nowadays. But too, they have always been. And so, we as targeted individuals have to find a way to live around it.

My belief is - that when these people play with technology, high tech gadgets and manipulated energy and weaponry and also get results by seeing the serious damage these things cause others - somehow it fills the heart of a truly pathetic gang stalker with joy. And this is quite sad.

Let's talk a little more about the houses that might be involved in your gang stalking. In my case, there are 6 houses involved in my gang stalking. 3 across the street. 2 on either side of me. And one large house behind me.

I want to share that in the beginning of my stalking, I saw the same visiting "security agent" go to the house behind me and inform my neighbors of the danger I posed to the world and country. I kid you not. They allowed him to come into their home and set up surveillance. I have a hard time with this...because I think I keep asking myself - why would people go blindly along with this type of information - instead of asking a few questions? Sure he had a badge...but just what was it exactly?

Let me just say, that I believe that if this was a truly legitimate program - they would be watching us maybe - and taking notes. But the directed energy part of gang stalking puts our perpetrators at the same level as thugs and common criminals. There is nothing legitimate about shooting weapons at innocent people.

For me - there are at least 5 different angles that energy is shot into my bedroom. And consider the angles that can be used from an entire 1/2 acre yard.

And then consider the 4 sides of a house.

Then also consider attics, basements of homes and areas outside (like fake rodent traps, and birdbaths) and what you have is a bevy of fast moving energy coming in from all over the place - nonstop.

With each side of the house - I have a total of at least 1000 entry points of energy being shot in to my bedroom. I lost count. There is so much more. Under my bed. Above my bed. Behind my bed. Through dressers. Through closets. Through the bottom of the toilet. through the tiles of the shower. The energy is now everywhere.

My attacks went from single lines of energy flow and assault in the early days of my stalking - to a wide swath of energy all at once...I believe that this is to make sure that the energy wave tunnels (moves through or seeps through) any open areas in my barriers or fields of cover.

You are probably thinking - well, how come you didn't get someone to come look at what is happening? That's the thing, I did. Back in my second year...I tried to find someone; to hire someone; to help me find readings. No one was interested. Not even a Private Detective. So, today, I am my own advocate. That was nearly 6 years ago. I am now going into my 8th year.

Getting back to the angles of energy. I have discovered that in order to fight back efficiently - I need to be aware of all the possible moves in a gang stalkers' energy assaults. This is where satellites, helicopters and small airplanes come into the picture. I believe these aircraft are used to help gang stalkers on the ground line up with our heat field and our brain electrical activity from above. If we cover up a line of energy - the plane comes back and helps readjust the line of assault.

The house in back - is being used as a laser light surveillance system setup to monitor my movement. It is lined up with me and my home - and is about 120 feet away - when I step onto my porch. If I move in my yard...the light comes on. If does not come on if my husband walks around. Somehow the system seems to programmed with my heat field or electrical activity of my mind.

Sometimes this amber glowing light comes through the wall of my bedroom in line with the device... as I lay in bed.

Again, be aware of angles, sides, and direction. Listen for energy sound - high pitched and also lower pitched pulsing ringing. Go by feel. Note skin and also organ burning, skin prickling and pain where there was none and which seems to come out of nowhere.

Look for my books in my section on Books that Define the Gang Stalking Experience.

I know this is a bit much...but I feel the target needs to know what is happening as time goes on. We all need to be watching, listening, and covering up and building barriers and blocks nonstop. You can ask now - is this all too much on you?

Well, if it is - just consider this - life is about hardship - building character and being strong when we need to be. I believe that if this gang stalking - is now our life...and also the time spent fighting gang stalking...and it stays our life for a long time - we have to do what we can to survive it and come out on top.

The secret is covering up, layers, and lots of them...and it is staying busy and being occupied mentally, and also being thankful in the moment.

It is all any of us can ask or know in life.



P.S. Please read my books on how and what to do to survive. Click on book to be redirected to Amazon.

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