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We Just Can't Help Ourselves

Updated: Jan 29

I am truly amazed that humans can live in the person right next to in and day out, and not seem to notice when something is wrong or when something has gone wrong.  Let me rephrase that.   We do notice, of course, if the something going wrong is happening to us -  directly and  personally.   Then it is our fears, our emotions and our perspective that come sharply into focus.   

For example, we wonder what will happen to us?  Where will we live?   Will we ever be the same again?  Will we feel pain?  Or suffer?  Will we die?  Sadly and otherwise, we are oblivious to most of the changes in life...until they come knocking on our door.

Looking back on let's say the last 50 or so years, I have asked these questions...why does mankind seem to be centrally fixated on war?  On conquest?  On taking away?  On not sharing?  And why do the hateful intentions and insults of one leader hurled at another -  bring about so much revenge and annihilation of the masses? 

In answer to this, and as we well know...war has been a part of mankind since man's own beginning.   We seem to not be able to do anything else.   It is the fight and the will to overcome and be on top of it all.   And possibly, it is a fear that if we do not fight, we will somehow lose it all.  

Still, you would think we would learn our lesson after the first war or, what is the benefit of destroying everything if we have nothing to show when the fighting is done?   

In truth, with every war that comes and goes...lives are destroyed.  Families are broken  apart...children are separated from parents and oftentimes, become orphans.  A family pet, a beloved home, and a family photo...disappear like they never existed at all.   Buildings crumble in the wake.  Trees become scorched and leaf bare.  Song birds quit singing.  Flowers disappear from the landscape.  I will compare the aftermath of a tornado which has touched down and scattered all the living and all of the tumultuous swirling wind.

However, once the war is past.  Once we humans begin to pick up the pieces of our lives and feel our nerves begin to settle back down about all the loss and all the annihilation and all the things we can't get is at that point, that we slowly begin to rebuild.  We start over.  And we move forward.  We forget about the fighting...and even what caused the fighting in the first place.  We thankfully begin to look to the future with a new longing and understanding.   And after a while...we heal.

I guess it is sort of like small ants moving in a long line down a sidewalk.    And we'll say, one day, a human plants his big foot and heavy shoe on the top of the marching ants and the ant house...oh, he didn't mean to, of course, he just didn't see them.  Still, it happened...and the house is kicked over and knocked down and there is no entry or exit.  No way to get in and see to the queen.  And sadly, some of the squashed ants flounder or lay crushed on the sidewalk.

Most of the ants though, move about in a wild frenzy.  They do not understand what happened.  You can see them zig-zagging back and forth, no longer marching in a neat little line.     They are running hard...for their life...all over the place in abject fear.   War torn and lost and in need of help.  And they continue to run and panic. 

After a while though, the hours slip by...and when enough time has passed, the tiny ants settle down.   It is at that point...they start over.  They begin to contentedly coexist with other ants and place themselves back into a long line, marching along.   As they begin to work...there is profound unity in their task.   

They collect and carry small clumps of dirt on their backs and tiny little arms...and begin adding those small clumps to a spot on the side of the walk...all in an effort to build a new home.

Astonishingly, all life is cyclical as it turns out...with every birth...someone dies.   

With each new flower...there are 12 more that have shriveled up and died. 

Change is evident always, as is newness and the ability to overcome.

And so with living and also with change, comes the critical need to be flexible in order to survive.  And this brings me to Organized Stalking.

I want to take a moment and show you what happens when people decide to carry hate in their hearts.   When they choose to stalk and torment other humans.  We'll even say 'Hunt" them.   

The intent, in this case, is not so much to kill a target, as much as it is to gather information.   To obtain results.

As most targets of gang stalking understand...the goal of the controlling group in organized stalking, is to breakdown...torture, cause great distress and disrepair...all for the sake of winning or gaining the upper hand.   Or obtaining new information to present to a collective whole.   This in itself, is warfare and it is also strategic planning.

In a new age of human existence, there will be more ways to overcome and control humans.  There will always be a new concept of war and acquisition.  And there will be times that war is extremely well fact, so well hidden, that it becomes difficult to know what is next to us...or the dangers that lurk close by.   That is why I say, with humans, it is more about the fight.   All humans, on all levels, fight at one point or another.​

Still, with all this talk of war...there is a part of me that is truly amazed that when we humans have the opportunity, and when we are at a peaceful moment on earth, that we don't look around us and tell God how much we appreciate what he has given us.  What we have to be thankful for. 

Alas, it appears that humans are bored little creatures and very unimaginative and when we do not fill our time with the things that matter most to us and stay busy, we somehow get ourselves into trouble.   We do things to others without thought or kindness or compassion.

So now my questions this how gang stalking starts?   Is organized stalking the new human battlefield?  Is gang stalking a symptom of a bored society?   More, is organized stalking, a battle of wills?   Are we now Humans with no appreciation for the soul?  Who only wish to feel powerful and have control over others?  To be Godlike?  Do we now live in a world where we no longer feel remorse for what we do to other people?  

And do all of these conditions of the heart happen...

when we remove ourselves from the path

and the light of God?   

War, after all, is about change.  And war can simply be between 2 humans beings.    As we can expect, over time, war will change its always has and always will. It does this with advancing technology and scientific knowhow and new devices.    And, of course, invention.   Additionally, war in an advancing age, will present itself in a whole new package, to an unknowing a tidy red bow.    

And all the while, we distracted humans, will be none-the-wiser.   Because, in every war that ever existed, were people going about their busy lives and not paying attention to escalating tension and political changes taking place in the world.

So, to make my point clear, I believe gang stalking is a way that humans can mob and obtain control and fight a battle, under the unwatchful eye of society.   It is a way for a mobbing group to control innocent humans who are just trying to live their lives.   And it is a way, this can be done without recognition and also take place under a cloak of invisibility.   This is all thanks to invention and advancements in science and technology.

Why would I say all these things?   

Well, I know what it is like to be gang stalked.  I know what it is like for a neighbor and even 5 neighbors to group up...mob...bad mouth me, and also possess and shoot directed energy into the walls of my much of it, in fact, that the walls of my bedroom are literally saturated with energy entry sites.  

Additionally, I know the painful pelts of demodulated energy.   The incessant ringing in my ears and head, of energy signals as they float about in intent.  I know the feel of internal microwave burns and surface burns as well as it makes contacts my skin.  I know the feel of floating out of body and my heart stopping...because someone or all have aimed a strong device that literally stopped my heart momentarily.  

I know so much about gang stalking.  Really, I do. And there was a time that I wanted others to know about it as well.

For example, I know what it is like to try and reach out for help from law enforcement...the FBI and others that might possibly have made a difference.   I know the agony and the defeat and what it feels like to have people in these positions of power - ignore me and allow me to continue being harassed, bullied and stalked.   

Worse and incredulously, I fully understand the horrors of seeing my letters and emails, which I wrote asking for help in the early years of my gang stalking, being turned over to my gang stalking neighbors from these people in positions of power that I just mentioned.  

And I found

that the very law that should be protecting us -

is now being used to put us in our place.

Basically, because of all the things I have had to endure while being stalked via an organization, I now know that "gang stalking" is quite possibly the face of future warfare.  It took me a while to understand this.  It did.  And while this may be the case, I cannot prove any of it.   I cannot let anyone else know either. 

In conclusion, I believe that targeted individuals are the only people alive who understand this possibility of the invisible battlefield.   Why wouldn't they? They are, after all, the experimental test subjects in a high tech testing field for future design.



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