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One Woman's Struggle in Being Gang Stalked...and the Road that Carried Her Home

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

My name is Carla - although it is actually my writer's name and my real name is private to protect myself from my stalkers. Do keep in mind that these stalkers know who I am. They also know that I have this website and that I am a blogger. So, the reason for the "Not Real" name?

I have found it best to do what I am doing at this time - in the way that I am more protected. This is so that one or even more of these people involved in my stalking can't say - yes, she has definitely admitted who she is and that she is being stalked and that she is writing things we don't like. Or how about - she has identified me personally as her stalker? Just be aware that something like this - an accusation - would and could open a person up to legal ramifications. To include a lawsuit. It is important not to mention names or addresses or things like that.

Here's the thing. Proving it is me who is the writer and admitting that I am being stalked is a whole other thing. For example, it could be might be me...but have I admitted it with my real name or location - not exactly. It is mind screw or psychological countermeasure.

There is another side to admittance of an act. Now. if I were to admit who I was openly, it would mean that they (the stalkers) must hire a lawyer, come out of shadow and also admit they have devices pushed through my roofline and walls. They would have to back up their lies and not get caught. And I personally do not believe they wish to go that far. So, I am in the same boat my stalkers are in. Each person waiting for change in a stealthy path. Waiting to be run over by the bus coming through from the unknown. Both sides waiting to make a move for their own benefit.

For in every life, as it turns out, a little rain must fall.

So, my best to you. I am here to provide you with some great information about what you can do and what you can expect.



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