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Some Ways in Which Organizational Stalking Finds Us

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Everywhere we look there is evidence of technology and advancing technology and as a result of that technology - more ways to find a human being. Why?

Well, that would be - If someone wanted to know where a person is at any given moment - or point in time...they would have a better control of what to do with that human.   My belief - science and therefore, technology is being designed to reign in mankind.

This technology might even provide the hunter or person who is stalking, a more intensified and detailed interest in a target or a particular subject... and it would help the person doing the observing with a way to gather the necessary information about what a danger that targeted person of interest poses to the rest of society.   

We have sadly entered into a spying world.  Spies and the spied upon.   A world in which a picture speaks a thousand words yet, at the same time - deep fake technology and the ability to manipulate photography...can twist the truth about the photo or video.  And turn it into a lie.

But to a society of people who are easily led and who are so very gullible and furthermore who can't think for themselves...any and all information gathered about a target and shared with falsehood, would be believed if presented by a large enough group.  

Now, we need to understand that humans who go along with the stalking and hunting of humans with all the bells and whistles and all the scientific gadgetry - with a future intent of bullying and tormenting a human...well, these are people who are simply going along with a single thought scenario in a mass group setup.

And this is what is essentially called...Mobbing.

Today, society - via technology - wants to control and track humans.   To basically hunt humans.   We don't want errant minds which can cause problems.  We don't want independent thought or creativity.  Or better yet, spiritual awareness and a belief in God.  For some reason, these very things which are natural to the spirit, are considered a danger and/or a personal affront to the human leaders who want to keep things neat, tidy and in line.   

World leaders have been like this since the beginning of time though.     Let's look at a few examples that took place in the 20th century. Chairman Mao - Chinese reformation and indoctrination training in the 1950s to create a one world thought in the minds of the Chinese citizens.  Hitler (1930s and 40s) and his view of a perfect race of humans and his subsequent quest to rid the planet of those who did not fit this mold. There is so much more to this.   The Ku Klux Klan - and the punishment of a race of humans due to the color of their skin. 

Humans are intolerant, and at times, terribly Inhospitable. 


Political correctness surrounds us.   Everything in life is perceived as the same.

It is that very sameness of living and confined boundaries, that drags down the enlightened soul who only wishes to be free.  With uniformity of thought - there is no room for individuality. No inner personal thought.    And in this aspect - we are looking at mind control and a conditioning in the mind - towards one way of seeing and experiencing life.

It is a fact that mind control and that field of discipline and school of thought - has been the quest of many mad scientists and world leaders throughout history.   

So, I have taken a few moments to share how something like organizational stalking and even those in positions of power - might locate us - if they so choose.

Here is a list.  Now, granted, there are those who believe aliens are the controlling faction.   And this might well be.   And then there are those who believe they are chipped under their skin.   Again, maybe.    For now...I will keep us grounded in a few facts.

Personally, I believe that there is really no need to chip humans - when basically we carry chips around with us via technology and medical science.

Let's talk about microchips.  Chips are in everything.  We have chips in our credit cards. Chips in appliances.  Our television.   We even have chips in our bodies secondary to surgical procedures and implants to help the medical profession keep track of surgical success rate.   Chips are even in our teeth if we have crowns and root canals performed.

The chips I am talking about are microchips which are bar coded, and in which numbers are embedded in or etched onto a chip.   As far as surgery...our names and addresses are not personally on the surgically implanted chip per se...more the embedded chip information can be traced back to us on a log of what procedure we have had done.

We are connected only to the chip in this way.

So, this in turn, gives the person monitoring the chip and medical device in the medical profession, a way to locate the the person who has the implanted chip.    For example, let's say, if there is a recall of the implant due to a manufacturer's defect or failure.


We might want to to ask this question.   Can this technology fall into the wrong hands?  Well, yes it can anything.   If someone knows what they are doing...they can access a databank with the coded chip information and find us in this way.

Our cell phones are another way we can be tracked and/or located - and there are many ways our phones give us away.

Starting with wireless capability (WI-FI) and any and all signals connected to that. Our phones emit constant microwave signals and there are cell phone towers and other devices that can capture those signals at any given time. This includes fake cell phone towers.

To add to this - there are some apps in our phones that also assist people in tracking us.  For example, Nearby Share apps.   There are also malware apps that pull information from our phones and then channel that information somewhere else.

The information I am talking about here is stored passwords, a contact list of names, your text messages and emails...and even access to your banking information.   

Even social media sites you visit can be accessed in this way on your phone.   

How does a person do this if they never physically touch your phone?   Well, they simply send links and malware into your phones by text messaging and through emails and phone calls.

We are also found by any data sharing app capability.

And last but not least is the use of QR codes (quick response codes) we use to order a Grande coffee from Starbucks.

Another way we can be found is by the Location in our cell phones... Please keep in mind that if we turn our location on, our location is immediately available and can be accessed from just about anywhere.   

Here are the ways our phones can be accessed by the location: Satellites, AWAC airplanes, helicopters, small planes with satellite capability and also possibly drones overhead which can see where we our by our location.  Again, cell phone towers. And also a Stingray set up close by - which is a fake cell phone tower which can also keep track of us in this way.   

Bluetooth. Same as location - it provides anyone interested with an exact location.

GPS trackers...which include Apple Tags.   Anyone can slap an apple tag or any GPS device under the car if they really want to find us. And if we don't pay attention...the tag or GPS tracker can be placed right out in the open for the person who is distracted in life.   We can be driving around with it for a very long time and never know it is there.

Motion detectors and listening devices.   These can be set up close to our home and astonishingly, with the use of wireless extenders which extend the devices power and distance capability...we can be heard at all times and our stalkers can watch us and follow us as we move around.   Extenders make distance observation readily and horribly available.

How do they do it?  These listening and sensing devices, through lines of energy, are normally pushed through walls by the use of a contact wall microphone and/or a shot gun microphone.  Today, there are other ways to send these listening and motion sensing capabilities through walls.

It is important to note here that it is through the use of these listening devices and motion detectors, that our stalkers know when we take a shower.  When we use the toilet.  When we cough or blow our nose.  When we sit and read a book.   When we leave the house and get in our cars.

And to make matters worse, it is through the acquisition of blueprints of our homes and apartments, and the ability to set up these detection devices, that our stalkers know when we even turn on a light switch.

Blueprints let others know where pipelines are located, where electricity runs or travels through walls and where each and every outlet is located in the home.  You might be asking yourself - well, isn't this illegal?  Of course it is - but nothing a stalker does is legal anyway. And they don't really care because they don't get caught.

Microphones can pick up any and all conversations we have in our personal life.

And as such, the groups of organizational stalkers is controlling our lives by the information we are providing them by just living our lives..

Why do stalking groups want to listen to us? There are different reasons for this.    One, maybe they want to catch us in the act of saying something wrong so they can ruin our lives with contrived lies.   Maybe they want to know what we are up to.   Or maybe they want a sample of our voice (called amplitude modulation) - so that...that sample can be incorporated into a directed energy device to auto attack us.   In other worlds - we speak and the directed energy assaults begin...and it is our own voice that activates the trigger. 

In our homes...with the right technology and equipment in place - our neighbors who stalk us or otherwise, can also locate us by electrical activity in our brains.   This set up and information gathering event is normally done in the first year of our being gang stalked. 

Our brain activity is measured through walls and roofline.   And once stalkers have this pertinent information about us, it is then sent to stalking organization data banks and also forwarded to satellite stations for future monitoring and harassment of a target.   No two humans have the same algorithms or electrical activity in the brain.   It is considered a fingerprint of the mind.

Organic bio heat sensing is another way targets are found in their homes.   As with the electrical activity of the two people have the same heat fields it will be easier to find the target of interest based on this tell all heat field. Our heat fields, as with the electrical activity of the mind - is also unique only to ourselves. And our stalkers know this about us. This acquired information is also done in the early days through roofline and walls.

Facial recognition. This is a big one. There are cameras everywhere now. They are located on the top of telephone poles, and they monitor our coming in and our going out in a neighborhood. They sit at the top of doors and in door bells as we go throughout our day. If we are stalked, pictures have been taken of us over time and shared with other stalkers. So, the group of stalkers know what we look like at all times.

Cameras watch us as we shop and as we go in and out of a store. They are placed inside mannequins in a busy department store.  Neighbors have cameras set up pointed in our direction - to film us even in our own yards.   Cameras are always present, all the while - memorizing every inch and crevice of our a record can be made of our existence and appearance.

Technology has made it possible that we can be found via satellite and other surveillance equipment no matter where we go.  And because there is a recorded image of our face - we can be tracked with no end in sight. 

Retinal Scanning. Granted it doesn't appear that this technology tells others much about us at this point in least not yet. Consider this. When we go to the eye doctor and the doctor takes pictures of our retina - that is considered a scan. Can this data or retinal scan be used in the future to locate us? And is it the doctor who forwards the picture of your retina to higher ups for future monitoring of human life? Your guess is as good as mine on this?

So, I have shared some ways in which we are found. And in looking at this list I have presented, it is easy to see why a targeted individual would feel great distress in living life. But, I just want to say here, there are always ways to live life around this technology. Many ways.

My books share information on how to do this. And some of the information is located on the website. Hostile Environment - The Energy that Drives the Chaos.

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