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Why No One is Helping a Targeted Individual

Updated: Apr 9

If you have already read my last post about why we should not pester those in positions of public protection and power, then take a minute or so and read it. Still, I want to point out here that there is a flip side to calling, reaching out and trying to get help.

That flip side is that - very few people are actually listening or responding to pleas for help when a target is urgently crying out for assistance.

So, I want to take a moment and discuss why this is so. Why is no one taking Targets serious in reference to Gang Stalking and directed energy assaults? Well, serious enough that is, to at least look into what the target is complaining about.

Sometimes when I sit and mull over the whole gang stalking thing...I come to the conclusion that the number one reason no one helps - is because they are uneducated about directed energy assaults via gang stalking.

In fact, most humans are uneducated about stalking and bullying in general. They don't know what directed energy is. They don't understand the Dark Web or fathom that their own co-citizens, and even neighbors...would join unscrupulous gang activity and try to harm innocent people.

They are more unaware that Organizational stalking is in fact, an elaborate campaign - and that, like an iceberg ...most of the chunk of the campaign ice is subdued below the murky surface of the water and out of view....well hidden in what damage it can do.

The question here is - will it help if targets try to educate the public about gang stalking? In my mind...I would have to say there is a possibility. From my own experience with this however, I received absolutely no help...that was 7 years ago.

Take into consideration that we have a 50/50 chance that the information we are sharing might reach a receptive cell in another person's ear and brain.

When I take a moment and look at what humans are like is regretably that I point out, they are sort of self-focused and self-absorbed and self-isolated and therefore, don't notice too much around them. This all has to do with technology and an increasing gap in human understanding and communication.

People play most of the time. Not so much interested in working and pulling their own weight in society...they are on computers, visiting friends and family on their phones; and most individuals are on social media where they are the center of another person(s) or even their own universe.

So, a story shared about gang stalking, by a struggling person crying out for help - just might make the chirpy, energetic, social butterfly type of today's person - feel bogged down and sad - and this won't they choose not to listen.

Okay, so that's a neighbor, a co-worker and those we are surrounded by each and every day.

Now, let's talk about why leadership to include law enforcement, the CIA, the FBI and many other investigative and intelligence segments of government don't do anything about a person being gang stalked. Or what they do to the poor target instead.

I am sure there is a small percentage or part of these organizational levels of criminal justice...where maybe one or two people in that field - might possibly believe what is being said. But they are immoble to do anything about it. Because they might feel that if they do indeed recognize gang stalking as a reality and a crime and do nothing about it...they have failed society and those people crying out for help.

Now because they don't know how to handle invisibility and true directed energy assaults, they have ultmately failed the target. Most people don't want the guilt associated with failure. No one person wants to be a failure at anything.

People who do nothing for a target are unable to help because they lack skill set and training to do so. I mentioned this in my other blog post. And it is important to say that because of this lack of training, the concept of stalking sort of boggles their brain. It might even alarm them. And so, they just sort of sweep the frightening information about gang stalking and the awareness of a dark a sinister crime, under a rug and hope it goes away.

All humans are self-perservation specialists as it turns out. I know...sounds bad. But people can't help it. It is the way we are designed. Meaning, we want to survive above all else and anyone else.

Let's say a target does get recognition in reference to gang stalking. Well, often times, the target gets sent for psychiatric evaluation. In fact, this happens to all targets who get referred by law enforcement and also by doctors who don't understand the targets. They somehow conclude that the symptoms of gang stalking are psychosomatic in the halllucinating target's mind. That all targets are schizophrenic. And this is hardly the case.

In conclusion, I believe that there is inherent good in most men. So, ultimately, we don't want to get lost and be weighed down in thoughts that no one cares about us. Sure they care. They just don't see it or understand.

And humans today are a little off course of the soul. In truth, all humans care about something. They just need education and training and love. Isn't it true that in a politically correct society, we humans are more conscious about wrongdoing than ever before?

I believe that at some point, this mindset of right and wrong, will help to bring gang stalking to the surface of awareness for all humans to see. For, the heavier the organization goes in directed energy attacks and gaslighting and the more they bring harm to an unfortunate target - there will be a point where what they are doing to others - will surely rise to the surface of human awareness. And it will be at that time...something can be done to help mankind in its dark hours of living via technology.

So don't give up hope. We will get there.



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