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A Sense of Community - To Public Outcast

I often wonder about people.  Like what motivates them?  What makes them act the way they do?  And more...who are the people who live near us and next to us.  What do we really know about other people? 

Take as an example, when we move into a new house and our neighbors take an interest in what we are doing and who we are.  Maybe they bake cupcakes for us and bring them to our door.  Wow!   We feel special somehow.  Our neighbors have made us feel like we belong.   They know we like gardening - so they talk to us about gardening.  Or sports.  And each and every time we walk to the mailbox.  There's a shout out - "Hello! How are you?!"

And then just as suddenly as it began - it stops  -  they stop talking to us.   Sad really.  We were enjoying the attention.  Did we do something wrong?   Was it something we said?    Still, we let it go.   Our sense of belonging shattered.  We are now a public outcast.   Life, after all, is full of surprises and changes.


I realize I have written about stalkers and also about the type of personalities that join stalking and about the people who become agents who stalk for a large organized group.

However, in this case, I want to dig deeper and take a look at the soul or even the mind of a stalker.  Like, who is driving the big red psychotic corvette and why?

We - humans - are all so different.  I suppose that is a good thing.  Still, depending on the guidance and discipline we receive through the formative or early years of our life  - or even lack of guidance and to shape our thoughts and behavior.   And help in determining how we end up treating others.  This all happens before and by the age of 5.

Discipline and guidance both help to mold us into healthy humans with good boundaries and help us to maintain a good distance from another person's space. 


We all have personal space.   It is the comfort zone of our body, mind and soul.  It is the personal area of our being and existence where we can feel and think and understand what living is all about.   And when someone pushes at us and crashes through that space and comes at us...and I mean hard - it is difficult to understand the reasons why.  Or what we should do about it.


Keeping with this idea of a healthy boundary - let's go back in time - let's say we are raised with good instruction and discipline -  with an accountability of the self and awareness of our actions.  If we, indeed, recognize the difference between right and wrong - the chances are we will be thoughtful and kind and compassionate towards others we encounter in life.  Sort of like the age old rule - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Now, if we have been taught to be respectful and aware of others - we will then treat other humans... most likely...with a good amount of love.   And we will come to know our own boundaries and how not to cross them and push ourselves into someone else's space.  

Now, let's look at if someone does not receive discipline and guidance - I believe, in this case, personal space is invaded constantly and chaos ensues.  Today, the world is in chaos because people do not know how to leave each other alone.

Now, let's ask this question - what happens when a young child is indulged?  A child in the formative years?   Not made to work for things?  Given gifts and toys and items when they are demanded?  Or rewarded when they have done something wrong?     And what if that child is not taught discipline or given concepts about right and wrong  in life?    Would he or she know how to keep a healthy distance and have healthy barriers?


Basically, we all need discipline - we need to know that we do not always get our way.  We need to accept that if someone gets upset at us- we need to either correct it or accept it and let it go and not impose our will or retaliate.   

These are important points of contention when we think about why someone would choose to stalk or bring harm on another person.   Or gang stalk.   Stalking is stalking whether it is gang related stalking or not.   All stalking is wrong.  Against the law.  And wrecks havoc on those in the path of the stalking. 


This is an interesting question?   Are these gang stalkers of today, the Children who were never disciplined or were overindulged?   I would have to say - possibly.   When people stalk - there is something wrong.  There is no discipline of the self and no healthy awareness of good boundaries.  


Still, sometimes we don't always have the answer. 


I happen to believe that most events and things that happen in life are connected.


Stalking in the case of gang stalking - is, as well all know...hidden and corrupt - unconscionable - and the reason, I believe, people choose to become gang stalkers is because they do not have accountability - have no boundaries and are not disciplined and I believe, they do not believe in God and somehow, feel they are getting away with wrongdoing and will never be found out. 


Ultimately, they do not believe anyone is watching them. 


And then there is the fact that stalkers enjoy themselves in the wrongdoing.  They are having fun at someone else's expense.   So, if we want to talk to them about how wrong they are...don't bother.   There is nothing any of us could ever tell a gang stalker that would change how they view this.  If they felt differently - they would not be stalking. 

All of us can look back and see that when our stalking began - it was because we had an encounter with someone we know.  And more often than not - it was a co-worker or our neighbor.    A neighbor we might have been a friend to for several years.  A neighbor we might have baked brownies for.  A neighbor, we felt close to and shared intimate secrets with.    

But then one day - everything changed... we got on the neighbor's bad side.  And we didn't agree with them and maybe we told them that.  And if we pay attention to the time frame - we would then see that - that is the exact point in time that our stalking began.   It was all a correlation of events that led to what we are now going through.  


Sadly, when the stalking began and was well underway, we could not wave hello anymore.  People quit talking to us.   We stopped making eye contact for fear of retaliation.   And the community we once felt we had - the new neighborhood - vanished.   We no longer belonged.   We were, over time, shunned and no longer accepted.  We went from a sense of community to a place where we were publicly pushed aside.

Believe me folks - it doesn't take much to get someone to turn on us nowadays.    In a world of narcissism and self-importance.  And no accountability.   The law - correction, the new law - is used at the discretion and direction of the person who feels they have been wronged.  

Gang stalkers -  see the world today from a completely skewed point of view.   Through disillusionment - Fantasy even.  Through hate and anger.   Through vengeance.  Through an unnatural and surreal sense of belonging and community.  Through lies and alibis.   All insane and all a measure of the chaos that is building on our planet and in our society today.

For example, the person stalking us - is upset because their perceived unrealistic happiness has been taken away from them... by you or me - and the stalker is upset because the person who upset them is still in front of them.    They want to make us pay.


Basically, for a person with this mindset, well, just understand that the person who was wronged -  just wants the problem taken care of immediately and the problem source (us) gotten rid of.   And they don't care how.   It does not bother them if they hurt, hunt, maim, torture and even kill those who are in their way. 

There is madness and insanity, after all, in their heart of hearts - they want to have complete control in their life and to become number one.  They want power.  And with Gang stalking - there is said power and complete control in the way organized stalking provides unkind humans with this unmerciful avenue.  And ill-gotten community.

Through the belonging to Organizations who stalk, the people who belong don't care what happens to another person.  They have no remorse.  They want revenge.  They have bypassed the true law.   And we have to ask ourselves this this psychosis?   My answer - Yes, it is.   But the people doing it - do not see it.  They are blinded to their own behavior.

For the people who were not raised to be healthy or to believe in God or to understand the truth or consequences of actions  -- they just see one thing - they want the person who upset them to "GO AWAY."  And to disappear.  

Now, I go back over this in my mind.  I often wonder if it would have helped to talk to the person who got angry, my neighbor...who felt that they were being wronged?  


My answer to this is - probably not.   In my own situation - I tried several times to make things right - only to have heavier levels of energy shoved through my walls at me at night and even during the day as a punishment for talking to the perpetrator. 


Gang stalking does not take much in the way of provocation.   If a person joins a group like this - there is no reasoning with them.   Neighbor or not.

If we are stalked - it is needless to say that these are terrible times for the target.  And there is nowhere to go.  No one to share it with.  No one who will stand up for us. 

I guess, the important thing for us to remember is God who matters most.   At some point in time...he will correct all of it.  He will take back his creation and earth.  He will punish all of us for what we have done wrong.  Not only is the act of gang stalking wrong -  we are also in the wrong... if we hold anger in our hearts -  for those who choose to bring us harm.  I guess in this way - it is a two way street.


It is also important for us to realize - our world is not just about us - it is more about the truth - it is about recognizing the need to care for the planet and the animals and other humans - and all living matter.   Living is not just about one person only.  And it is not just about us...instead - it is about all of us.   The collective whole of the earth. 


There is so much sickness in the world now.   Much sorrow.   The world is suffering terribly.  Gang stalking is just one of many problems in the world today.  It is just one more thing that has gone wrong with mankind.  And in how humans treat humans in large numbers.  


There are so many things we need to fix.   All of us.   The secret is to start with ourselves and work outward.  Being thankful in our heart.  And sharing with others - about how to be thankful.

Now, should we talk or try to speak to our gang stalking co-worker or neighbor?   Do we feel it will help to make a difference?  In my case, it didn't.  If a person hates - they will continue to hate until their soul is softened by the light of God.


Still, in summary, if we are looking at barriers or boundaries- we need to respect another person's boundaries, as well. Even if they make no sense at all. Even if that person is red hot angry.   Even if they are wrong and hurtful.  Even if it feels like the entire world is going along with the hate and wrongdoing.


My mother used to say "if the whole world was going to jump off a cliff - would you jump with them?"  Of course, I said no to this.  But I recognized what she was trying to tell me.  And that was - we can't always go along with the group.  We can't always feel that the group knows best.   Because, as we know with gang stalkers, sometimes the group is wrong.   And we have to stand on our own two matter how painful it feels sometimes.


And we can ask ourselves this question...does it feel really awful to be shunned and unaccepted by a community of people?  I would say yes, it does.  Well, at least at first it does.    But there are worse things that can happen in life.  If we look at the big picture - it really doesn't matter whether a group of people likes us or not.   As long as we love and like who we are inside.


The truth of the matter is - we come to this world alone and we leave this earth in the same way.   The group, as it turns out, does not go with us.  What we do to make a difference in this world while we are what living is all about.

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