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Today's Loyalist (The Patriot),
the Lies and the Alibis

The picture above is a picture of Loyalists in the Revolutionary War.   By definition - a loyalist is a person who remains loyal to the established thought, ruler or government.   There are times when this is a good thing...and there are times, not so good.   But what happens when a person is loyal for all the wrong reasons?


Now, I promised myself that I would not write this article...but in lieu of recent events and a huge increase in my own stalking and harassment, I have changed my mind.  And my article reads as follows:



In my opinion, it takes a certain otherworldly, edgy, maniacal and unhealthy human to want to hurt someone...especially when there is no remorse or accountability for the wrongdoing.    And this is especially true,  when there is something missing in the heart of a human who hates or who treats another person with malicious intent.


I mean, think about it, why?  Why would someone who had any good in them at all, want to bring harm to other people?  What kind or sort  of humans do this?


And that is when it dawned on me.   Yes, it takes a certain soul, a soul which is vacant of love and vacant of humane acts to be drawn into a plot to harm and destroy innocent people.   I think the  personality of the vacant person gets easily drawn into lies and alibis.    And the longer the liars lie - the bigger the lies becomes.   And the greater the belief in the lie being told.    


 Somehow, before organized stalking, before government cover-ups and placing people on a threat list - a system to overthrow...was set up and created to destroy a experimental chosen person's lie - to create distancing and encourage less human contact for that person.   


A system to push the person who was now in the path of malicious hate, over the edge.   


Being placed on a list of any kind - labels and scars a person for life. 


So, why does a person join organized stalking.  Well, I believe that organized stalking makes a person who has nothing going for them otherwise (that's right, the loser),  feel valued and gives them a sense of belonging and power. 


Organized stalking makes an empty person feel they are being fulfilled and are doing something good - that they are helping to clean up the world.   


But is this the truth?   No.


I believe in a way, the  stalking makes a mentally unbalanced, psychotic and insecure person, feel powerful because maybe in real life they are a hoarder or old and mean or super unattractive and no one wants them around.   And the stalking...well, it is the only thing that is giving these lacking souls  any purpose in their life.    A sense of belonging.  These, are what I call "the loyalists."    


The loyalist.   He hangs a giant flag showing patriotism in his front yard - preferably at his front porch.   I am not talking about a regular sized American flag, I am talking about a good 6 - 8 footer - where it is set next to the front steps of his home on a really big pole. 


It is not placed there for Memorial Day, or July 4th or Veterans day.  It sits there every day - all year long - placed in a spot where it can be seen across the street from a victim of organized stalking - where it is flaunted - like it is saying - look at me you loser - you victim - I am a part of something big.   And I will win!   You can count on it!   I am a patriot.


Big deal!  That is what I say.


The cause and patriotism for the loyalist, well, I believe it is that the person, the loyalist, feels they are doing something so profoundly  patriotic and hellpful that they never once stop to think - am I hurting someone or ruining their life or making a person sad or miserable?.   


Still, the loyalist gang stalker does not care about a person they are stalking or harming - they are just going through the motions or act and they do not feel for the subject in the reality game they are now a part of  -  the stalker does not see the targeted victim as a real person or even important.     


With the act of gang stalking - the loyalist has lost a large part of his former self and a huge chunk of his soul.    


But why doesn't a patriotic gang stalker ask the question - what has the person I am hunting, done to deserve harassment and injury with electromagnetic energy and lasers and sonic wave devices?   Are they really a problem?  Or am I making them into one?


That's my point - they - the ones involved - the stalkers - the loyalists- don't ask questions.   They just go along.  Weak minded and easily influenced...they get told a story and they are so in need of appraisal and validation - they just join in and don't care how they get the "atta boy." 


 They become bullies - bullies for a cause.


Sadly, the stalker - gets excited when they make someone cry or get depressed or want to end their life.   They are psyched  when they burn a target with lasers and microwave devices and they can actually see a burn mark on skin from the equipment they are handling.    Their excitement in torture borders on psychotic glee.   


They are elated when the person they are aiming directed energy at - ends up in the E.R. with stomach pain and vomiting.  And why?  Because it proves to them - that they - the stalker are one hell of a weapon's expert.   And that is powerful in itself.


Continuing along these lines, when the loyalist - stalking agent - sexually assaults a woman through neurophone and microwave auditory effect and in turn, violates them.   The stalker thinks nothing about it being a crime.   It is not seen, after all.   So, to them it is not real.  No one will ever know.   And they have just done something and gotten away with it and sadly, since this is the case...they always will get away with it...because that is how organized stalking is geared - to cover tracks and allow for continued abuse  and destroy real people in a real world neighborhood and at home battlefield.  


And the most likely goal - is to clean society up of undesirable people who just don't fit in.


Now, what I want to know is, who in the world decides what person fits in and what person doesn't?   Isn't this ideology or thinking what Adolf Hitler was about with the Jews...when he slaughtered millions of them for being different?  


Hitler didn't like the Jews or what they stood for or the way they looked.   And he easily dragged other willing humans along with him in his hate when he destroyed. 


Because, again, the loyalist chose to go with gang stalking loyalists involved in organized stalking  - the Stasi just saw power and belonging and self-importance in being a part of something grand and big.   They did not think about what they were doing or how they were doing it.  Or who they harmed.   The devil surely filled their souls.


My question now is - how is it possible that humans keep going back to the same illness of the soul?  The same hate that overpowers any moral compass of right and wrong?     The same emptiness that keeps them from being content in who they are?  


Why is it not enough that these loyalists spend time on improving their own soul...working on their own life with their families, making life better for those near them...why can't they do just that and leave others alone to live a life away from their close scrutiny?   And the chaos of stalking?


Which brings me full circle back to organized stalking.  Why do I call the agents and those involved - loyalists?   Well, because basically that is what they are.   They are people who feel they are doing something for the country and for something big that will eventually change the world. 


They are helping to clean it to speak - to get rid of terror and crime and wrong doers...without once realizing how wrong they are themselves in the act of cleaning things up and bringing harm to other humans.  Or in how they choose to be a part of it.


The changing of the world, I imagine - would be for the loyalist or agent to help rid society of those who don't really count...those who are an eyesore and those who make too much noise and stand out for being outspoken.  


I have gone over this in other areas of my website - but I will ask it again, how could something like this - gang stalking - have come about?  


Well, I have shared some of my thoughts on this with you but I got to thinking more about this and I am thinking it wasn't something that just happened overnight. 


Rather, this organized level of stalking evolved slowly with lots of planning and mapping out and placing of directed energy devices in every hotel, business and public transport out there...we're talking rooflines, floors and walls.   Unbelievable but sadly, true.   


So that when the  organized level of stalking was up and would all flow along smoothly because society did not see it coming.    This set up and organized process - happened in every state and every country - at  least in democratic societies that is.  And this all happened after 9/11.

Who are these people behind the stalking?   Where are they?  Can't really say.   But I believe that the ones who wanted organized stalking, all sat down at big conference room tables - military, corporate and all the many loyalists - and they set this plan into action right under our noses.


And that's the other problem, distraction - right under our noses would imply that....humans are distracted and have been unable to see this kind of horrific change come about.  The cell phones and the social media and the yanking away from reality and people allowing it - so that those who would - could set Organized Stalking up and have it ready to go. 


 They did this to people through circuits and wires and desensitization and conditioning.   Conditioning people enough to go along with the ill-will and wrongful act of destroying other people.


By the way, organized stalking didn't come out of nowhere.  Believe me.     It came from somewhere and it was here all along.  For decades...just waiting for the right moment.


And the loyalist...pathetic really.    Why would you be loyal - sight unseen - and not ask one single question about what you are doing, who you are doing it to, and who you are being loyal to?  


We, the world, have a lot on our plates now.  All of us do.   And our world will never be the same.   Not with this going on.    This I know.   I can feel it.  Sense it.   


Still, I don't feel too bad about it.    Life has always been filled with hardship and hell.  Should we fall apart and call it quits?   Should we be afraid?   Should we sink into utter despair?   


No, there are things to always be thankful for and moments to savor in between the bad times and the sadness....


And remember,  there have always been Hitlers, deranged leaders and sadly, loyalists for those who are deranged - and for the cause.   

Keep in mind, history is repeating itself.   It always will.   And today, history is just throwing us more psychotic humans who just can't leave other people alone.   Who seek out and embrace power and hate.   Gang stalking.   And that loyalist gang stalker's love of one of the big reasons there are so many stalkers.


Remember, we can be strong and thankful and find a way - even in that.    We can't let what others do, break out spirit.  And we can't all  have perfection in life.   Be thankful in the moment you the life you have...while you have it.   Until it no longer is.....




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