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Our Earth is in a State of Disrespect, Disrepair and Chaos
as Humans Continue Their Violence

I am always amazed at the amount of disregard we humans have for the earth.      Still,  maybe you are thinking...I recycle and I am not wasteful.   It couldn't possibly be me.    Still, if any of us is overindulging to a point where we can't stop using our planet's resources...then we are all guilty of this disregard.  More in point - disrespect.  For example, driving around with no purpose in mind.  Buying clothes until we have 3 closets of clothes we don't wear anymore.   300 pairs of shoes.  And the list goes on.

As far as what ails the planet.  All you have to do is pay attention to the news as we are shown freak weather patterns.   Entire communities leveled in one swell swoop and tornado.    It wasn't always like this.   An occasional, once in a decade tornado would strike a town and yes it would be leveled - but today - it is almost a daily occurrence.    

I can only describe what is happening as the earth being angry and lashing out at all the tiny ants wrecking havoc on the ground and elsewhere. 


And like ants, people continue to move about on the earth in a frenzied manner.  In fact, they can't seem to stop this agitated moving.   


Case in point, without modernization of modes of travel which came into existence over the last 100 or so years - humans pretty much stayed where they were born and then they died there too.   This was many many years ago.

So, is it the travel then, that is destroying our earth?  The constant aircraft overhead?   Is it the nonstop digging of massive holes into our earth to obtain metals to make appliances, cars and steel girders for giant office buildings?  Or is it our inability to stop driving our cars?  To quit shopping for new clothes every week?   To quit overeating and wasting food.   Still, if you look at the big picture - I get the feeling that it is a combination of very many things we do as humans that is making the earth very sick.


I got to thinking about this the other day.  but​ if there are nearly 8 billion people living on the earth and everyone is building homes and using resources and driving around in cars...just what have we done to our earth in our need to drive, live in a comfortable home, feel free and to be seen traveling about?

Sadly, we humans create pollutants nonstop.   Pollution is a by products of mass production and manufacturing.  You, personally, might not be the one making the pair of slacks  - but if you have purchased have helped to keep the cycle of CO2 in the air.   

All pollutants feed back into our atmosphere, sift down to the ground and travel along in a quite babbling brook with all the fish and aquatic creatures...until there is so much pollution that the living in the flow of life - cease to exist.   

The CO2 is heating our earth.

Ice sheets are melting and being added to ocean water at an unprecedented level.  These ice sheets are fresh water and when they melt into the salty ocean, they slow the currents and movement in that ocean.  If the ocean helps the earth to heat up.   Heat kills trees.  Trees are dying off.    The very trees we need to be protected and safe.   And then there is the fact...humans willingly cut healthy trees down.  The earth is on a crash course to drying and caking and being horribly battered.  

We use pesticides in our yards...we don't want weeds or bugs.   The very things  that help support wildlife are the very things that seem to get on a human's nerves.  We think nothing about using pesticides.  We use them to eliminate bug bites and discomfort.  When in truth - we could wear long sleeve shirts and longer pants and it would serve the same purpose.   Mosquito sprays, by the way, do not know the difference between mosquitos and beautiful bees who pollinate our gardens.   


Today,  life appears to revolve around the idea of comfort....and I believe that waste comes from making sure our habitat is stabilized in a world  that is anything but.

So, in our quest to live in a zone of bug free and pest-less, we humans are killing our earth.  And as it turns out, the worse the condition and treatment of the earth and our beautiful wildlife and nature - the worse humans also behave.    We are inner-connected but don't even realize just how much we are intertwined.   So, if the earth is are humans.

Alas, as humans we are first to point fingers at a problem...someone else did the damage.  Someone else made the pollution.   Someone else is destroying life.    But in essence, if we buy, drive, and waste...we are all a part of the overall problem.     All nearly 8 billion of us.    

All is seen.  All is visible.   And even on the most minute level, all life and living is traceable. 

I want you to  take a look at the earth and its failing and chaos and realize that sickness always presents itself on the is just a matter of time.   

And a tiny man will not escape this accountability.

As it turns out, as humans,  the longer we are alive...the more we forget about how to care for the earth and each other.   


Here is a video I made about the earth and man's need to care for each other.

Please start the video by clicking on the white arrow on red.  And then unmute and listen.

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