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Weapons Don't Kill People...
People Kill People

Everywhere we look today - the story is the same.   It is about those in power...wishing for gun control and then a desire for submissive acceptance of the loss of personal freedoms if a gun is removed from the home.   


I believe the thought behind this attempt at weapon control would be to rid society of chaos.  Sounds easy enough.  But is it the truth?   The thinking in this case might be that if guns were out of the picture -  it would suppress a chaotic society which seems to be hellbent on violence and public displays of anarchy, looting and destruction. 


Still, if we are to look at what we are being presented and what is actually taking place, there is possibly another reason for ridding the public of firearms.  That reason might be control.    Basically it is far easier to take down a person or persons without a weapon than it is to confine a person who has one.  And there is more resistance when someone is fighting back.


On the opposite end of this scale of not having weapons, are those humans who wish to maintain their right to bear arms.    For the last several hundred years, we have had freedom in our country.  And the right to keep and bear arms in the United States is a fundamental right protected by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights, and by the constitutions of most U.S. states.     

Let's ask this question.   Does a person who wants to keep a firearm for protection in their home...lose the right to a gun because other people misuse power and then everyone gets the blame?

Keep in mind that there are those in power today that believe by taking the firearm out of the hand and home of the public - everyone else will then be safe.    And that nothing will ever happen to them because the guns are gone.   However, this idea or thought is actually the farthest thing from the truth.   


In truth, if a person or persons have a desire to bring harm to other individuals...they merely need to pick up a rock and aim it at their desired target.   Do they need a firearm?   Hardly.    Isn't a rock how David killed Goliath?  


In reality, there are many weapons that can be used to bring harm to innocent people.  But that is not the reason I am writing this article. 

What I am saying here is that a weapon is an inanimate object or at least a gun or knife is.  Energy weapons are a little different and I will go over that shortly...for now let me focus on the cold steel of a firearm. 


Unlike a human, the inanimate object or weapon sits on a shelf or locked away in a case or vault.    Without getting into too much detail, the weapon is made up of different materials - but my main point in this is - the gun has a physical compartment for ammunition and  this weapon does no damage until a human decides to unlock the device and pull a trigger.   


At that point in time, it comes to life but only when a person deems it a priority for use... he will then lift the firearm up in his hand and point it at a target.  In almost all situations of firearm use,

it is human emotion that is responsible for a need to hostilely react with a physical desired finality.


So, the question here is - does the weapon force a person to pick it up - or is the desire to use a weapon, a premeditated ideal to rid that human of something that is standing in his way of power...and to the control of others?

We all need to understand...that not every human wants to harm someone else.   The statistics for this are low.  Also, not everyone wants to suppress other people.  But amazingly we are all being treated the same - like we are all bad people with wrongful intent - when it is a fact - we are people who love our country and we are not bad at all.    

Let's take a minute and talk about people who want to misuse firearms.   There will always be those people. 


In a way, you can liken the gun-wielding person to a bully with clout.  In truth - humans who behave this way are cowards who have no people skills or tact or love for others.  

Here is the definition of clout.   




Influence or power, especially in politics or business: informal "I knew he carried a lot of clout."  Another meaning is this - to be clouted is to be hit or attacked quite heavily.    It comes from the word clout, which also means to hit something hard.

The clout in this case, is a representation or control by a human to instill fear and then the subsequent action that occurs as a result.  It is what happens when someone makes the gun-toting person angry enough. 


Or, on a much larger scale, the clout can also be a well planned out and organized thought process to garner control of the masses (a large group of people).  This has happened repeatedly in history.     And it is also happening today...through organized stalking.

My reasons for writing this article is more to talk about gang stalking (organized stalking) -  and what happens when weaponized energy is used to assault a target. 


You might as well know, we live in the 21st century - and via technology and advances in science - energy waves can and have been weaponized.   Light waves.   Microwaves.    Radio waves.  They surely can.   World leaders and technology are always looking for advancements and a better way to send it forward.

In this case, again, in the case of directed energy -  energy can only be advanced forward when it is sent from a starter point.   The flow of energy travels from point A to point B.     Like the handheld weapon made of steel, there is a person on the starting end who is placing the device in motion.    A person with human thoughts and human motives and all of this points back to control, power and a need to be recognized.   


The point of contention in all of this is that a human will always be the one firing a weapon - unless man via technology, places Artificial Intelligence in the driver's seat.    I shudder to think of this possibility.

On the downside of all of this need for violence and weapon use, whether it be physical weaponry or invisible waves of energy, there are those humans who, again, feel no compassion, love or care for others.   


So, if they pick up a rock and throw it at someone they is because they want their way.   


It is needless to say that in most cases, the attacker does not feel remorse about what he has done or what happens to other people or to that person's family as a result of his act of hurling a rock.

As it turns out, weapons used by those who bully are nothing more than a coercive means and way to control others without unwanted resistance.   Since humans fear death and fear for their own lives - a weapon is something that can be used to instill fear and submissiveness in those who are lying in the path of bullying and assault.

Let's look at organized stalking and why there would be so much fear about it and a lack of resistance by those who are being targeted.  Why don't people fight back?   


Well, as it turns out - some people do fight back.    However, most people when confronted with a frightening or painful situation, become immobilized with fear when trying to deal with the threat. 


When something seems off or does not make sense or something is pointed at them - they vacillate on direction and thought.    And in many cases, these people don't know what to do.  So, they fall apart.


I want to say that there might be a bit more resistance to gang stalkers and bullies and the whole concept of organized stalking -  if the person being assaulted and harassed could make heads or tails out of the experience.   The truth is, they can't see any of it and can only go by  feel.  And it is feeling or feel...that is a very personal experience by the way.   


For example, let's say in my own situation, I can feel microwave energy burning my elbow and I decide to spray Bactine (for burns) on it... I then turn and walk away...but let's say another person is receiving the same burn, and to them it is horrible...but instead of taking things as they happen and finding sollutions - they get hysterical and panic. 


Believe me, with organized stalking, there is a lot to feel when it comes to being attacked by the invisible.   Rather, something unseen.   The design of directed energy associated with organized stalking is about taking into account and measuring an individual's reactions to the damaging energy being pointed and shot at them.

Let's talk about why directed energy would be used versus a plain old physical firearm.   


First of all, guns can be traced.   And then guns are least what they do physically - they lay waste to buildings, animals, vegetation and many many humans.   Weapons when misused also shorten or disrupt food supplies to the whole of those left behind after a battle.

So, I believe that today, the cold steel of a physical weapon has been traded in for a less damaging device that will leave most of the battlefield intact and i.e. its inhabitants.   By being less damaging, I mean to structure, land and whatever else; a country or person or whatever, will have less to do when it is time to start over when they gain control.

As I stated earlier, it isn't a gun or weapon that kills humans - it is the wrongful choice of a disgruntled and unbalanced human, and possibly a power seeking human or humans that is likely the culprit.   


So, my question here is - should everyone be punished for the acts of chaotic humans who lose control and go on a rampage?  Should we all get the same thing in life?    Should our protection be removed and our freedom of choice be compromised - because someone has deemed everyone, everywhere...a threat?   


Of course the answer to these questions is NO.   Again, not everyone misuses power.   

As far as organized stalking's goal on the public with weaponized and manipulated energy? 


Let's just say - if people can be attacked and broken down and destroyed and fall apart emotionally by simply having energy pointed at them - then, the human resistance in the path of psychological and electronic conquest and torture, would be gone - and this would be highly important when the time comes to control an unwitting population.


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