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I Fight Back...They Fight Harder

And The Reason I Don't Give Up

Never let it be said that I am a quitter.  That I lose hope when all seems lost.  For in some, there is a quiet resignation and utter hopelessness when they encounter an obstacle, while in others - there is profound hope, faith and a strong will in the battle to fight back


As I continue to create barriers in my home and to cover my body and keep a positive mindset in surviving my Gang Stalking attacks continue via directed energy as do the smear campaigns about my character. 


I am shunned by those who live beside me.  And those who live just down the street.   This includes all of my neighbors who have been told I am dangerous and that I pose a threat.  


Let me just say, that the longer this stalking goes on...the lies build bigger and bigger until I am not the same person I know or who I think I know...but a   calculating monster that the stalking group is trying to get rid of. 


Sadly, the lies being told are disproportionate to reality and they are heavily skewed because they are founded on untruths and malicious gossip and cold hidden ruminations that spill forth from a deceitful mind.   

Still, I am not a problem.   I never have been.  Just got on the wrong side of sick people.   Here's the thing...I spend most of my time sewing and making clothes for my grandchild.  I garden and fill the outside world with flowers.   I take care of and feed wildlife.   And basically, I stay away from people as much as I can...and you can see why.


And though this knowledge about me is a fact, it is unseen by those who live in the world around me and the ones who stalk  me...because they...the gang stalkers, refuse to acknowledge the truth.  They don't want to think that I am okay in life.


Sometimes this hurts...this willingness of a group of people to go along with lies and teardowns, but most of the time, I remain unfazed.  I just keep busy creating joy in a life that is at times very difficult to live. 


I know in my heart, that someday God will correct all the problems and the  imperfections of the earth...and he will also correct the evil in mankind in those who choose to do wrong on the planet.

This is a quote from the Bible.   "Hear this, you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear."

As it turns out, people live on the earth...breathe the a lifetime...yet are blind to the truths placed in front of them.

In my gang stalking experience, I have spent literally thousands of dollars on blocking material...things that could possibly help make my life via this bullying and stalking so much better to deal with.   And believe me when I tell you, my blocks have helped greatly.   


Still, instead of buying sheets of metal, mirrors, and magnets and the likes, there are so many other things I would have liked to buy instead.   A new purse.  A pair of jeans.    A new pair of shoes.   A new tree for the garden.  The fact I have had to even buy so much protection is troublesome indeed...but I have always known that I had to do outlast the attacks.    I made myself accept this and move on.


Which brings me to today. 


Somewhere along the lines of building this barrier of resistance to an enemy disguised as energy...I have greatly angered the gang stalking group who are hellbent on revenge and punishment.   


There is a point when gang stalkers want to be done with the they get mad if it is lasting too long.   Because of this, they cannot seem to stop what they are doing until they see it to the end.    Whatever that might be.   This I now know after 6 1/2 years. 

Now, for some unexplained reason (call it hope for justice and the logical), I thought the stalking would be over a long time ago.  But that just didn't happen.

Does this bother me?  It does at times...but mostly, it doesn't.  And this is because I have spent an entire life dealing with bullies and people who have  wanted their way.   People who have tried to force their will on me. 


Amazingly, the world is full of those kind of people.   I have been lied about and targeted and physically assaulted from the time I was a young girl and as you can see by my gang stalking experience to date...I am dealing with bullies yet again.

A lot of people ask me how I do it?   Don't I feel like giving up?   Don't I have resentment about people who obviously hate me and want to get rid of me. 


My answer to this is:   No.   I personally don't believe life is supposed to be easy.  And truthfully, I don't believe in giving a hateful bullying human what they are demanding. 


Then there is the fact that most people have never progressed past the terrible twos in development -  indulgence as made them self-centered.    And if they don't get their way...they throw a fit...just like a 2 year child.


Anyway, I fight back.   I always fight back.   The battle is in the mind after all...and not on the physical plane.


Do I expect my life to be better than this?   Well, I can hope for that, but I know that this hoping for the best is not always a I don't let my mind go there.  I believe that if we humans are having a smooth ride in life...there is something else going on.    Without hardship, a person is without life's lessons.


And life's lessons are the things that make our soul so much better because they make us tougher inside and more tolerant in our heart.  I believe that the harder life is and if we are willing - the stronger we will become with wisdom and understanding of the world around us.  And we get what we get so we can make something better.    And so, contentment is far better than being happy.

Readers on my website ask me...don't I feel like my world is falling apart?   Again, my answer is no.    But then I don't feel I am the center of the Universe either.   How could I be with the 8 billion humans out there.

I feel that in order to survive living...we need to be flexible and to reinvent ourselves to a new way of thinking and being.


Because I am pretty much spending most of my time fighting back nowadays...I am finding that the more I do just to live a life...the more the gang stalking group is trying to take it away from me.   Gaslighting.  Directed Energy Attacks.  Coercion.   Defamation of Character or Character Assault.   And so much more.

There are now over 3000 energy entry sites coming through all the walls in my bedroom.  A lot, huh?  I am listened to, gossiped about and followed just about everywhere I go. 


If I sit outside and try to enjoy a cool breeze and birds fluttering all around...helicopters fly over, planes make numerous least 20 in a 30 minutes period.   The air is always alive with the buzzing of little prop planes.    We could all say that it is coincidence...that the planes are just out flying...but I am a realist...when it happens everyday at nearly the same time...and there is so much of it...well, it is something else completely.  What that is - I can only guess at this point.

Let me just say that this being stalked is not just about me, of course, Gang Stalking is happening to more and more innocent people out there in the world.  

I want to add here, because it seems relevant, I believe that our freedoms, as we once knew them...are being taken away by hyper levels of securities agencies that want control of it all.  Am I naming one in know better than that.    And who really knows for sure?

All in all, I keep on.  Knowing that someday, the truth will be exposed and those who torment and torture will be brought to justice.   Will it be something I get to see?   Maybe not. 


And until that day happens, I will continue to peacefully reinvent myself and create resistance to an oppressive group of humans who feel nothing for the people they torment and torture.

My advice...Have faith in God.  Someday, this will all come out in the open.  Until then, hang in there and do what you must to cover your mind, your body and your home.  And never, ever give up.

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