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Assessing Your Enemy From Above - Satellites, Drones and Small Airplanes In Directed Energy Attacks...

Never let it be said that I haven't given it my all.  That I haven't done my homework.   And I believe that For the Targeted Individual - this topic...Satellites and How They Play A Continuous Role In Electronic Harassment -  is of utmost importance in learning just how to better  survive gang stalking.   


.Just picture how much bigger  it all really is.  The stalking that is.    If we think of the degree of involvement of individuals taking part in Community based stalking -  - we come to realize that - some of the torment and testing of a targeted individual is just possibly through satellites and drones and Sigint (Signals Intelligence).    I have provided an explanation of sigint at the end of this article.

Getting back to what is happening from above. 


Surveilling and focusing energy on a person or persons is all a big world network of communications... in fact...that filters down from the top.  It trickles down and flows over the unexpecting in life - and to smaller networks that surrounds us in our communities.   


And taking part in all of this is - those we once trusted...those we come to know....and those who, in time, betray us.  


In the case of Sigint or satellites - A person or people - are scoped out by air and through tree lines, through the roof of a house and even in a car as the person travels about.   


You can blame your heat field and electrical activity of your body for this, by the way.   These fields are the giveaway components of our organic matter.  And you can also blame your cell phone.  And that is how we are found.

Still planes, helicopters and drones are primarily in the air to access entry points into our home.


This is done in large part...via large or small drone planes and then following those visits - a small twin seater plane which is easier to maneuver down low ...shows up in the sky overhead.   Maybe a Piper - a Cherokee - or a Cessna.   The choice of small plane is dependent on the individuals with their pilot's license who are involved in the Gang Stalking campaign. 


Once the aircraft has a lock on your position - or locates an opening through walls, rooflines and barriers to gain access to  you -  this vital information is relayed back to either the stalkers on the ground below or directly to the satellite above for further instruction on discharge of energy in a target's direction.    


But please, don't let that scare you.   After all - we are pretty much being watched all the time anyway.  Every single person out there.    Another thing to note, there are probably many, many people who are having to endure gang stalking - you and I are not the only ones.   


I have already stated this - it is so much bigger than just you or me..    Much, Much bigger.    And it is my guess that more and more innocent individuals will be added to this gang stalking "hunt and torment" system and campaign as the organized stalking networks continue to grow and more stalkers are hired and added.   

I have stated this elsewhere on my site...but I believe that the goal of organized stalking is a way of breaking down the numbers and the flow of human existence. 


It all has sort of a domino effect.   First the targeted  person is tormented and tortured and assaulted with energy...thereby being driven over the edge.   And after that comes the end of that human being.     Then another person is selected and stalked and tortured and added to the casualties.   And so on.   

As you can see, if this is done enough times...the core of a society will be torn down and broken apart.  No one will be left to work.  No one will be left to reproduce or have families.   No one will be around to uphold the structure and foundation of a nation.   It is my guess that if someone was looking to destroy and take over the world - this would be the way.


Sometimes it really boggles my mind.  I think about all the vulnerabilities in living.   The frailties with humankind.   And then it hits me...with gang stalking (organized stalking) is one thing to be under cover and somewhat separated from the attacks...but just think of the thousands of people who are homeless and experience the same gang stalking. 


For the homeless - there is no protection from what is above.   Or from the torture that comes from being assaulted from things out in the open.  Sadly, the homeless are unwitting prey to the many possibilities of gang stalking. 


They are outside, exposed to to violence...and to the elements.  The wind pummels them with cold or heat and restless abandonment.   And at night, the stars twinkle in the sky above.   


And little do these poor unfortunate people realize that it is a fact that some of these stars are satellites.


Let's talk about drones.   Drones can and will be used to access signals and those signals via satellite will be used to relay information or to send D.E.W. (directed energy weapons) signals themselves.   


Satellites and drones are used to take a closer look at what you might have in your house and yard...and a much smaller drone can be maneuvered around in your yard while you sleep.   While it is illegal for this type of drone maneuvering to be taking place is done regardless.   Remember, stalking is also illegal...but proving it is the problem.  

I will now share my experience with my neighbors' drone.   One night while I lay in bed - having been awakened out of a very deep sleep, I noticed a buzzing and whining sound just outside the wall of my bedroom.   The sound was directly behind my head.


The sound undulated.  It lilted and lifted up and down as the drone hovered in the air just outside my house.    As I listened, I noticed it hung low - like in a place that would be just under my bed through the wall   After what seemed like an extremely long timeframe, it left.

I guess you might wonder why I didn't get up and go outside and check on it?    Well,  that is easy to explain.   I have been stalked for nearly 7 years, so I know that if someone is using heat to track me...they will know if I jump out of bed and if that heat field moves around.

No, sometimes you just have to figure out and come up with solutions ...and that is what I did.

As it turns out, my neighbor - had designed a way to send energy signals through the wall below my bed from the back - and at a low level.   The energy was rough in had sort of  a heavy vibration feel and that vibration ended with a snap of electrical snap up into my head.   You know, it sort of ticks me off - and I think...just how would they like it if someone was shooting nasty energy through their bed, body and then head?    They wouldn't but since I am not them...they couldn't be bothered.

You will notice larger drones higher up in the atmosphere during both the daylight and at night..   Many drones pass by in the space just above our house during the day, but we are often too busy to notice them.    There is some speculation that there are now AWAC drones which are merely AWAC (which stands for Airborne Warning and Control System) fitted with drone capabilities.    A drone is used to garner and gather information about persons and places of interest.   

 Lookout. A fundamentally new AWACS drone has been developed in Russia Digital Media Agency That Works (

A large drone flies slowly and makes a quiet rumbling noise.  It sounds like thunder a little...but there is a distinct difference.  One, is the sound of nature...the other is the sound of man.  They are used to pinpoint locations and help your gang stalkers who are usually set up in buildings near you - to get around any blocks you might have.   You will also notice a small airplane is always present when you hear the drone.


 Lookout. A fundamentally new AWACS drone has been developed in Russia Digital Media Agency That Works (


Anyway - Once you hear the plane -  you might just  feel and hear both high and low frequency signals surround you, a steady lock on tone (no pulsing) and at times - possibly some very  strong demodulation.    It happens this way repeatedly because it is the gang stalking pattern of attack.   Their sequence of dealing with you from above.


You will notice that even when a wall is well blocked - at times, the signals seem to come from above or from a different side.   It is my belief that a plane and/or being used to get you from an angle that the perpetrators on the ground cannot reach.   And when the plane does not work to handle this point of this point in time  - satellites will help to find you so that the job can be completed.  


Some people will get quite annoyed even with a slight bit of demodulation and others - it takes a good whacking to put them off-balance.   But regardless - The goal is to wear a person down.  Bring them to their earthly knees.   And most often - many other more awful things.  


This is the new age for the military - the advanced age of technology.    And instead of a physical bullet - an invisible signal might be used.  A laser.   A burning microwave.   A pulse beam of light.   A strobe to induce dizziness and cause clot formation in your blood.     Either from the air or space or from a neighbor's house.


And instead of skin being torn apart  from a shotgun blast or shredded by an assault rifle  - there is, rather,  a slow, quiet deterioration of the mind or a stroke or even a heart attack.  Or an internal burning of the brain or body.     Torment, mutilation...depression, despair and many times death.


These directed energy types of attacks cause the  entire demise of a human being without the physical evidence.   No damage to the surrounding environment -nothing in plain sight.    Just the poor targeted soul.


To me, this reeks of a silent ...deadly terrorism don't you think?  - and no one will be to blame if humans pass away.   Isn't it true that people die anyway? 

These electronic signals by both air and by a neighbor on the ground...are used to see how well a chosen person or TI holds up to zapping, demodulation, voice simulation and stimulation and sounds via V2K and Neurophone and microwave induction. 

These signals and strategic tactics...are used to assess the varying degrees of burns by microwaves and lasers, and also to determine how much one person can tolerate before they fold.   There is subsequent   saturation by both low and high frequencies, that cause depression,  mental breakdowns, heart attacks, cancer, Parkinson's Disease and  dementia,  brain aneurysms.  and strokes.   

But what it boils down to is this - Gang stalking is the testing field for future military experimentation and a field that brings these concepts and ideas to fruition.     The battle field is on the ground, and controlled by way of the sky.  


And  Sigint... explained below.   


(SIGINT Explained

SIGINT is the interception of signals for the purpose of gathering intelligence. It is divided into three sub-disciplines:

•Communications Intelligence (COMINT) which is the interception of communication between people and groups

• Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) which is the intercepting of electronic signals which are not specifically used for communication

•Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence (FISINT), which is the collection of signals created by the testing and use of foreign weapons systems. (Source))



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