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The Dew Drop In 

Hello! name is Carla and I am here to help you.   Let's begin with a little history about my own gang stalking experience.


Now entering the  almost 7th year mark of my own personal experience in being gang  stalked, I now understand and see so much more about what is involved in the world of organized stalking.   


Today, I am able to see more clearly...the behavior of those who gang stalk and to understand the moves these people make on the big checkerboard of life - you know what I mean - they make a move, then I make one hoping for victory.  


I have also come to recognize the routines of my stalkers.  This awareness of routine is important, as it turns out, because this knowledge and information helps me to avoid them   And the harm they wish to cause me.


Mostly, I have come to the understanding, that in life, we cannot always trust what we see or hear.    And sometimes we cannot trust the people who live near us even though we want to be accepted and be a part of a community.    The issue here is to trust our guts...i.e. intuition.


As my stalking continues - and when I take a moment a reflect back over those earlier days, in 2017,  somewhere in those first few years - what I thought I saw and what I actually saw were remarkably different things     


I now understand that the organized level of stalking was always there from the beginning.    But it was hidden somewhere behind other outward disrespectful behaviors of my neighbors.

And it was just a matter of time that I was placed on a threat assessment list.  I guess you are wondering how I came to this conclusion? - well, as it turns out  I found my name on a list when I did my own background check.  Thankfully,  I have since had this negative information removed by a reputable Identity protection service.   


A lot of my readers think I am unaffected by my gang stalking...that my attacks must be light in order for me to survive or write about them - but this is not the case.  I am just someone who wants to handle life and bad situations...that's all.  And that is what I am trying to do.   I want to handle the bad so that I can, in turn, help others handle it.


The gaslighting, which is a big part of organized stalking, in my own case, changes daily.   Early on - it was quite bad.   But now - not so much.   Maybe that is because I have built up against some of it.  And maybe, the longer I have to dealt with it - the more I learn to tolerate the bad in life.

Here is a definition of Gaslighting:

Gaslighting is a term used in self-help and amateur psychology to describe a dynamic that can occur in personal relationships (romantic or parental) and in workplace relationships.  And today in other well-orchestrated scenarios.


Gaslighting involves two or more parties; the "gaslighter(s)", who persistently put forth a false narrative and harassment, and the "gaslighted or victim," who struggles to maintain their individual autonomy  and peace of mind.


Gaslighting is typically effective only when there is an unequal power dynamic or when the gaslighted has shown respect to the Gaslighter.   This training of a victim of gaslighting would be seen as conditioning of thought and body.


Gaslighting is different from genuine relationship disagreement, which is both common and important in relationships.


Gaslighting is distinct in that:

  • one partner or person is consistently listening and considering the other partner's or person's perspective;

  • and then one partner or person is consistently negating the other person's perception, insisting that they are wrong, or telling them that their emotional reaction is irrational or dysfunctional.


Gaslighting is used in Organized Stalking as a strong mind control tactic to undermine and mess with the thought process and psyche of a person who is a victim to it.

Like I said, even though my gaslighting as diminished some...I still get to watch people with cell phones parade back and forth on the street in front of my house.   They walk dogs and when they think I am not looking - they drag their dogs into my front yard and then force and allow the dogs to poo and pee all over it.    

During the last - 6 1/2 years... my house has been broken into - holes were poked and ripped in clothing - items were even stolen out of my yard.  There were times when one of the gang stalkers attempted to pry my windows open.  This was on my dining room window at the back side of my house.  I would have never known - only, I found a full set of what looked like human male fingerprints on my back window.  


I deduced the prints belonged to a man -  because the print was on the large side.   Why did someone leave the print?  I suppose it was because that person wanted me to find the evidence that they were lurking around in the dark and touching my things.    Possibly knowing that I couldn't do anything about it.


It is important for me to add here...that over time, like a child or children throwing temper tantrums - my gang stalkers have grown more aggressive...and this is because the longer I outlast the punishment they are giving me, the more determined and meaner they become.

I have been followed, photographed,  intercepted, blocked and was a recipient of street theater more times than I care to remember. I had planes dive down on me - barely missing tree lines and the top of my car while doing it.   

Ah, then there is the electronic harassment and a lot of it.   What can I say about this?    I now have more then 2000 energy sites all over my house coming through walls and ceiling and floor.  Most of these are on the walls of my bedroom.   I have blocked many of them successfully, but it is an ongoing ordeal -  a tiring one.  


The stalkers use all sorts of outdoor hidden device sites to send in energy and most of the sites are used for control of energy as it is sent forward.  These I have listed on my How to Locate Directed and Hidden Energy Devices

I guess the thing that keeps me level and going is my faith that God will eventually take control and stop this level of human bullying and meanness.  None of us can get away with doing so much wrong for very long.   Life will catch always does.  And the more wrong we do - the worse the punishment that will eventually come back on us.

This is called reciprocity - a sort of do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 


Reciprocity also occurs on the negative side.  Like, when someone does mean things to bring harm - in this case, a natural instinct of a person being bullied or abused... is to stand their ground and physically fight back.  


I just want to share with you - that by using our minds and not our fists - we can better  overcome mind control tactics - but this is only by using our minds.  This means to think it out and find solutions and have positive goals in mind.   It  also means to basically outsmart and out think the aggressor.

Getting back to my own assaults - on surviving this - I have good moments and then really awful moments. I have had good days and really bad ones. And it has been going on like this - for nearly 7 years .  The ordeal started in May of 2017.  

At that time, I had no concept of gang stalking.  Didn't even fathom that anyone would want to hunt or hurt another human.  With all of this being the case, it wasn't long before I began to fight for my life.

In Organized Stalking, the war being fought for a target - is not on some distant some other country, but more between common walls and across shared borders of property.   It is with the neighbor who has turned on us and who has turned us in as threats - even though we are clearly no threat.

The collateral damage in all of this exists - because of neighbors who gossip and lie and turn other people who know us against us, leaving us alone and having to fend for ourselves in a damning world.  


Through elaborate campaigns of hate and misunderstanding - - without burden of proof - dozens of people get involved in gang stalking, monitor other humans and hunt them down.   

When I first wrote this part of my website...I really was not at a place to fully explain what gang stalking is about...but I am now.  


I had previously written that gang stalking is a personalized attack and each person's attacks through gang stalking were as individual as the person being attacked.  When I wrote my home page on this website roughly 6 1/2 years ago - I did not know about campaigns or organized groups who stalk or enforce a made-up law. 

So, to revise my findings - I now know that all stalking is the same across board.   Like a heart medical checkup where your testing is done in stages - all steps proceed to reach a desired goal.  All targets get the same thing or routine regardless.   Only personalized by who and what that target is about.  Gang stalking is a roadmap of carefully orchestrated events to achieve a desired goal.


And if a person (a target) is particularly resistant to the attacks and/or quietly fights back - the level of their gang stalking and attacks grow increasingly worse as time passes by.

Let's talk about these campaigns.  The routine used to punish a targeted human is known as a campaign. 

Organized Stalking Campaigns are organizational levels of mind control and conditioning tactics using an agenda to hunt - stalk - punish - and ruin a person's life.  


The goal of organized to test strength, physical endurance and electronic devices with 100% accuracy.    The results or feedback in this case, would be in creating an alter world and ruining a person's life by destroying a person's character.  And also in measuring how long it took to accomplish this.   This is actually the goal - the time it took to break someone down.

Again, over time - the group of stalkers - at least in my case - has grown.   They get added to the routine and get moved in and out of the neighborhood I live in, to make sure the job gets done.    The more resistant I am - the larger the number of stalkers and harassers.

Let's talk about who gets punished and added to threat lists with organized stalking.  Well, amazingly, it can be - the older lady next door who keeps to herself.  And is a loner who just wants to be left alone to read a book.  


It just might be the kid down the block who is in trouble off and on with the law.  Or maybe - it is the ex-felon who was recently released from prison and has done his time but is deemed an eye-sore and danger by a neighborhood policing society of organized stalking.    


And there is more.  


Maybe it is a beautiful woman who lives in the neighborhood, and a jealous gang stalking female who wants  that woman out of the way. 


It could also possibly be the highly intelligent scientist who got the job that an envious co-worker wanted and then he is turned in to the watch list and gang stalking.   

And it might be an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend out for revenge.


Sadly, the watch list of innocent people by corrupt and organized groups - is growing more and more as time goes by.

You would think there would be some loyalty or respect for others in life.   That people would help one another or protect the innocent.  That we would all make sure to do the right thing for another person.

But, where this may have been that case in society many decades appears more and more people have joined the ranks of bullying...specifically gang stalking - and more and more of these purported agents of the cause - have moved into houses that were previously for sale down the street and across the street. 


And suddenly, out of nowhere - these people, like rats...are everywhere.   

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