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How The FBI Uses Aircraft to Spy on Us

a skyline below two planes
plane surveiling earth below
plane circling overhead

Granted - this video was released through the news in 2015 - but it is still extremely relative and relevant to what is happening now with Targets or victims of gang stalking or what the people who stalk call - Threat Assessment.   It is all about tracking us from the Air.   

Today - any target knows that these planes are  being used to do so much more.   

If you want to know if the plane flying over you is one that is being used for spying - look for outside devices on the plane.  Either hanging below the plane or on the side.  This holds true for helicopters also.

Same Scenario - 

Except this time - the 

FBI Spy Plane Is Over Michigan

The FBI states this type of surveillance  plane is being used to weed out criminals and problematic people in society - But is it?  These small civilian spy aircraft have now been around for about 6 years.   And as time passed in those 6 years  - so has the objective in what the planes are being used for.    I  believe it is not only for gathering data from cell phones - but more for keeping an eye on a targeted person who is believed to be some sort of threat.  Only they aren't..

There is a huge chance that these aircraft can in fact do many other things that can harm the subject or subjects the pilot or corporations or FBI are hell  bent on hunting from the air.    This is only my opinion and my belief - but things have a way of connecting themselves in life.  And so do patterns of activity.

If you want to know if a plane is flying over your house to collect data - keep a watch for it.   Normally these planes will keep coming back.  In fact, the same plane - over and over and over again.  Every 10 minutes sometimes.  And at night - normally at the same exact time.   For months and even years at a time.   It is a job to the pilot and he will most likely fly until he is told not to.

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