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What Organized Stalking Wants You to Do...

I have heard from many people from all over the world...during the last 6 years.  That's about the period of time that I have had a website and when I first started sharing information about Gang Stalking.   


I want to point out that of these people who contacted me ... claiming to be going through gang stalking, they all had different feelings and reactions about the how and why they had been chosen and also in what they were experiencing as a targeted individual.   


In summary, they were emotionally upset.   Some became anxious and afraid.  Some went into hiding.  Some were suicidal.  Many had emotional breakdowns as well as physical breakdowns.  Some were homeless, because they had lost family and their jobs.  There were a few who wrote letters to Congressmen. Law Enforcement and to the FBI without ceasing.  Nonetheless, all of these people reacted strongly to being gang stalked.  To having their rights and their freedoms taken away.

So with this in mind, let's begin.  Let's talk about what I believe, the people behind Organizational Stalking want from you if you are a target.

Number One - THEY WANT YOU TO PANIC.   Yes, they surely do.  Let's talk about this.  When a target first begins to get slammed with lines of painful energy via directed energy devices, their first response is to be afraid and to think it is the end of the world.   And so...they panic.   And in doing so, they have given Gang Stalkers what they want.  A reaction.  In fact, they have given Stalkers control over their lives by this feedback.  These responses to being violated...seems to stroke the defective egos of stalkers and it gives them recognition they do not deserve...but that they so crave.   

Most targets, in the beginning...start out believing that their case of stalking is quite unique and special and that if they could just get the right help, they would blow the cover off of the whole gang stalking phenomena.  Of course, this never happens...let me just tell you that right up front.  All targets reach out...but few get someone to take notice.

When these targets don't get help or they are unable to bring about awareness of gang stalking... they begin to panic.  Over time, they join other targets who are also

This is a fact, Organizational Stalkers want you to get so bad from all the panic and hysteria - that you will eventually fall into a state of great despair and give up on your life.  A mental breakdown perhaps?   Suicide?  Possibly.   Attacking others physically...also possibly.  Maybe losing jobs?   With organized stalking, there will always be a push for separation from family, friends and the connection to living life once that target has been chosen.  

Basically, stalkers want you to keep moving and running.  Ducking.  Dodging.  All the defensive measures to ensure physical and mental safety. 


I just want to say does no good for a target to move or run...because on the end of the move...the organization has new humans in place to continue the hunt and assaults of their select  target.  This is all so terribly sad...but a targeted individual should try and not react to the torment or act in a way that makes life more unbearable for them.  There is strength, after all, in all of us.  We just have to look for it.   

Ultimately, organized stalking has a plan and a unique goal in mind for each and every target they select...and what they basically want, is to break them down and to do it in a way that a select and rather small group of chosen targets...gets elimiated...and it is done quietly and in hiding and it is accomplished one person at a time. 


This is done until that finite number and units of humans in a certain group and timeframe...has been handled and eliminated.   Organized Stalking then moves onto the next group of selected targets in a repeat process. 

Number Two - (This is connected to number one) THEY WANT YOU TO LOSE YOUR JOB AND LIVELIHOOD.   Even though Stalkers come across as in control, in charge, all powerful, team players...and neighborhood greats...somewhere deep down, they feel inadequate and insecure, and yes, extremely jealous of others. 


Still, rather than fix their own weaknesses.  And because they are too lazy about what they are personally doing to earn a living themselves or to create their own wonderful existence, they choose to become thugs instead.  

If you are a person who works hard and has gotten income off of this hard work...have a nice home, a great job...and are highly intelligent...the stalkers are uncomfortable with you.  They really are.  They hate strong minds.   They hate independence.  They hate success.  And perseverence.  They hate that you have money.   They want what you have.  They want to take what you have.   And in doing so, they want to destroy your core being while taking your things away.

It is in this way, the Stalkers want you to become destitute.  Cold.  Hungry.  Miserable.  They want your teeth to fall out and for you look God-Awful and not be able to ever get another job.  Moreso, they want you to be homeless...where your toothless look fits in. 


I believe that Organized Stalking wants everyone homeless to some degree. 

Because what better way to control a population of humans than to place them out in the open with no cover?



Despite what targets believe, Organized Stalking wants a target to try and get help.  It is in this way, the organization can make them look foolish.   Or nuts.   They do this by monitoring phone calls.  Yes, indeed, they are inside your phones with malware and have apps that find you.   They even use the Find My Phone app in cell phones to locate you.  Furthermore, they set up motion sensors  and detectors in your yard and also through the walls of oyur home.  Stalkers listen to you with top of the line microphones and listening equipment.  And a target will never know where any of these devices are placed. 


Organized Stalking has you followed by one neighbor and then another and then another to make you feel overwhelmed and to help make you believe everyone is involved in stalking you.  And I want to share that there is always a new human to take the place of the last agent hunting you, because in this way...and with constant turnovers, you will never be believed if you point out a stalker.    It also makes it harder for you to correctly identify your stalker if there is always a changing up of the staff.   


The reason that so many people join ranks in gang stalking is this.   I  believe that most of them don't know what the hell is going on, or that you have energy being shot at you... and they are led to believe they are being patriotic and protecting the country.  And that you are the problem and the danger.   And that you are a threat to our nation...even if you are not.


So, the wanna-be patriots go along, thinking they are doing the right thing.  On the other hand - if some of these stalkers are shooting energy at you...well, those stalkers know they are doing something wrong and there into, lies the problem and ethical delimma. 

One more thing - gang stalkers are also in it for the money...yes, gang stalkers get paid to go after you.


I are probably thinking this is out there in left field.   But it is not.  Just think about it this way.  If these people who stalk have unlimited money, someone with really deep pockets so to speak, to fund their stalking efforts and let's say the group hires and bribes people in select fields to scrutinize a target's falling apart...there will always be the same outcome for the targeted individual.   For example, take law enforcement...or mental health fields.   In these situations, a target just can't win.  And this is because the answer and the diagnosis for a target - due to this initial setup - will always be mental illness or criminality and a need for medication or jail to placate and pacify and control the individual.

Number Four - THEY WANT YOU TO HAVE STROKES, HEART ATTACKS AND COME DOWN WITH TERMINAL CANCER.   They use directed energy devices on you - shot through your roofline and walls to make you sick.   They burn your skin.  Your organs.  Your genitilia.  Even your heart.   You can't prove any of this invisibility and rapid moving energy, of course, and the attacks cannot be found out because the crime cannot be seen.  In this way, if you die...the assaults you have received...all look natural and these people who stalk and get away with it -  can get onto other targets.  And do worse things.   Note: If these Organizational Stalkers can't be stopped...they will gain momentum.


What happens if the target stays alive?  The answer.  Organized Stalking wants targets to deal with medical issues and suffer terrible health from what they are doing to them.  For the rest of their lives.



I once saw an article that another website put out.  This article stated that Gang Stalkers neither like nor dislike you.   But I know for a fact, it is a great dislike for a person that starts the ball rolling initially, someone we get on the wrong side of - and it is this rolling ball that pushes and drives a mean and very spiteful person in your direction and in the direction of being  gang stalked.  Ultimately, it is the stalker's own great and powerful disliking of a target that is the driving force.  At least it is for the ones who live next door.


The other point I am trying to make with this is - since stalkers most likely won't get I just mentioned...they will do worse things and the energy attacks will get much heavier as time passes.  This is if you don't find cover.  If you find cover...there is a whole other issue in survival.  I talk about cover ups and barriers in my books and other website articles.

You are probably wondering how I can say such awful things about these people?   Our neighbors, our co-workers?   They look so nice.  Seriously?  You can ask that?  Serial killers also have neighbors.  And to make a bigger point here, if someone is stalking...they are way past the logical and trustworthy stage of life.   And they are not nice.   They are so far down a dark tunnel or the rabbit hole...they will never find light. 

For those out there who hold out hope that these people will find salvation - yes, there is a possibility they might, but overall, I would say they don't care and will most likely continue on in the direction of the abysmal.  It is, after all, about choice.

I have been stalked for nearly 7 years...if there was any niceness in a person who has chosen to stalk and they didn't feel such contempt for a target - they would simply just stop what they are doing and walk away.  Truthfully, though, they wouldn't be stalking in the first place.   I believe stalking and wrongful behavior becomes an obsession to these people who hate.  Compulsive acts that they seem addicted to or just can't stop doing.  


And the fact these stalkers are lurking around in plain site says a lot about human character as well. 


Here's an important question and it doesn't seem relevent but it is...should people who wear white hoods and robes and burn crosses on otherwise, if they will never be caught?    This, of course, is in reference to the KKK...who came to be after slaves were freed in 1865.   The Klan has been aound for over nearly 60 years.   They hid behind white robes in their day, wore white hats and they burned crosses on lawns of people they wanted to intimidate and make suffer.


In making my point here - I believe that humans who bully and always get rewarded for their bullying - will keep on bullying.  The reward - would be the unlimited power and pleasure they get from tormenting other humans.  


As far as gang stalkers, I believe Stalkers have the same hidden agendas as all mobbing groups in the past.   They are sneaky and underhanded.  And they are sick, mentally in their desire to injure other people.   And let's not forget they want power, control and world domination.  All traits of large mobbing groups.

Today, the robes and white hoods that were physically evident and worn in the past...have been replaced with a cloak of technology and the Dark Web internet, which is currently hiding all gang stalking efforts.  I further believe that if someone does not know right from wrong in the spirit...they are essentially drowning in a pool of evil intent.   They are clannish and cultish and hell-bent on taking the innocent down with them.


Why else would a group of people line energy devices up with a person's head and body, through the walls of their home...while they sleep -  and this is all in an effort to do them bodily harm?    Why would the ones in charge of stalking...send agents in a target's direction to harass them in stores when they shop?   Why bright someone with car headlights?  Why would stalking groups send people to pace back and forth in front of a target's house?  To follow them in cars?   And to trail them as they take walks?   And why would they try to deprive a person of rest  - so that nerves grow raw and life seems hopeless?  And the soul grows weary.

By the way, all of these gang stalking tactics that I just covered, are passive aggressive forms of implied ownership. 

On a positive note - there is hope.  Because, I believe it is up to the targeted individual experiencing these aggressive assaults to understand this behavior, and live their life around it. 

The types of behaviors that gang stalkers exhibit towards a target is very nearly like the acts of Adolf Hitler during WWII.  And the wrongful way he treated the Jews.   His desire was mind control.  World domination.  And if I had to compare this mobbing to guess is that this is also the goal of Organized Stalking.  Control.  Power.  Subservience.  And because of this, I believe that this is the driving force in organized stalking.


I believe that this level of the mindset of organized stalking is probably the most unsettling aspect of being stalked and also in what to expect from stalkers.   

This is the period of time that organized stalking has their electronic corpsmen invent, plant devices, and carry out tortuous acts of hate upon other human beings, i.e. the selected Targeted Individuals.   Stalkers use drones and plant directed energy devices up in tree limbs.   They use batteries that last a year or more so the device will continue to run.   And then they simply change batteries.

They bury cable lines underground and place the firing end of a D.E.W. device up against your fence or on the side of a concrete slab to shoot upwards through your floor and hit you through your mattress while you try to sleep.  They use the base of empty bird baths.  And place devices inside fake rodent traps.  They hide their devices in attics inside their own homes.   And also inside their walls.  And there is so much more. 


My stalkers even use a waste management recycling can and leaves the can sitting at the end of the their driveway for a month at a time.  The energy coming into my bedroom is lined up with the can.   Pretty ingenious really.  

Ultimately, Organized Stalking wants the target to tell a lot of people about what is happening to them and then have more and more people turn against them.  This tactic is a leadup to breaking a human down emotionally and mentally.  And spiritually.   The organization behind stalking...wants a target...alone and vulnerable.  They also want possibly a societal breakdown for all who help to make up a nation.   This is only a guess.   


I have given you some input about what Organized Stalking wants from us when we are stalked.   These are the biggest issues...but there are other aspects that I have not touched on.  I will add more when I can.   I hope this article helps you to become stronger in your fight against the enemy called Gang Stalking.     


Note:  Where there is a will...there is a way.  And ultimately - with God...all things are possible.




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