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Is There For A Reason

a sad woman

Years ago when my gang stalking first started, I had no idea of what I was up against.   As you know, I have already shared this with you on other web pages.

However, I made myself not focus on this idea of battle or the frustration I experienced or the inability to feel and live my life without inflicted pain and torture.   All life is difficult...and most people go through very difficult times.    I believe that this is because - without the rougher times, we would not know how to appreciate when times are good.


In my own case, I chose to focus more on the moments I could breathe and hear a bird sing...past the stalking and the assaults.   To smell jasmine growing on a vine in garden.   And yes, thankfully, there were many of these moments for me but I had to look for them.   And this looking for these thoughts or moments took a bit of work.


Now, I just want to add here, that if any of us expects life to flow smoothly and effortlessly and never have an obstacle or two thrown at us...we are so very wrong. 

Hardship is there for a reason. 


 I believe it is with us to help us grow.   It is there to help us appreciate what we have over everything else we are going through and also for what we don't have in life.   And let me just say, that it takes a very strong mind to see this through all the lies that surround us in living life.    


It is important here to tell you that after 6 years and entering my 7th... I am still being assaulted with directed energy.   


Added to these assaults, I am still being assailed by overhead aircraft.  A lot in fact.  These include small planes, helicopters (some military), An AWAC every now and then, drones of all types and more.    Then there is the fact that I continue to be followed and harassed on foot and in my car.   

Who do I go to for help?   No one at the present.   In fact, I do not get on websites that are touted for being a support group for targets.   I don't believe in them because we can't always trust who we are talking to if we are being stalked. 


Is the person we are talking to in a group setting...a plant - someone put in place to pry information from us?   Or, instead. is that said person - a person who is suffering and going through hell because they are also being gang stalked. 

Note: if you are going to visit support groups - keep an open mind and also be there for others if you can.   But, just remember, not everyone is feeling what you are feeling...

Now even though my attacks are still going on...I have come to a point...that the directed energy and the thought that someone doesn't like me -  bothers me less and less as time goes on.   I suppose this would be me...building up a tolerance and resistance to the powers and the hate behind the attacks.    And to the bullies behind the stalking.


All in all, I just keep working at building stronger barriers; protecting myself, and keeping a tough mental edge and hoping that someday - God will have mercy and take my stalkers somewhere else.  I believe it is all a matter of timing.

There is an important issue I want to share here...

If we, as humans being stalked, think we are the only people going through hell on this planet, in the midst of all the chaos...we are terribly misinformed and sadly mistaken. 


Because, if we take a moment and look around us - there is chaos and despair everywhere.  We can feel it.  We can see it.  And we can sense it. 

The planet is being abused and resources being sucked dry.  The earth is being neglected and tortured.  And we as humans - are all in the path of this entropy and confusion.   


The cost in all of this out of control behavior and a planet that cannot tolerate so much taking and very little giving.    And this fact holds true for people as well.


This lack of tolerance and care and understanding...leads me to explain how badly people treat each other.   I am not just talking about gang stalking here...although that is honestly a very big issue today.  No, I am talking about all of the mistreatment everywhere, all at once.   And what I am sharing here has to do with humans.


Here are a few examples: 


Physical assault and domestic violence...child abuse and torture, human trafficking, the drug trade and subsequent addiction, abortion, cyber-bullying, stalking, public defamation through cell phone use, character assassination.   Then there is murder, suicide and much, much more.

So, the question here is - is it believable that public stalking via organizational level with advanced technology be a thing that could be up and running and be taking over modern day society?   


Well, if you look at the trend in human behavior today...that I just shared with you and then take into account all of the many advances in technological design - my answer would be yes.


Let's take a closer look in how we treat others.   


Case in point: a homeless man is standing on the corner.  He is dirty and his teeth have dark brown stains on them.  He might even be missing a few teeth.   If you are able to be close enough, you might notice the odor from his not bathing.   His shoes are ripped and clothes are torn and he has a sign near him on the ground, asking for some loose change.    His sign states "Need help."   "Will work for food."   "I have kids."


Now, before you tell yourself or anyone around you...that you are not the ignoring type person I am discussing here, consider this...without staring at this man, do you take the time and look at him and see his suffering?   Do you wonder if he has had a bath in a while?   Do you think - I wonder how often this man eats?    Do you think - where does he sleep at night?  What has happened to his family?   Do you wonder  if he is lonely and sad?


Or do you instead think "he probably deserves his homelessness...because he won't work or is lazy."  


First of all, most people are yes, they think the homeless man is pathetic.


And then there is the fact that most people are not comfortable with this homeless slide in human existence so they look away from the plight.   They ignore the man who is dirty, lost and hungry.   They do not want to feel uncomfortable.    Maybe they don't want it happening to them.   


Life today, is all about comfort.   It is about being wealthy and beautiful and desirable.   It is about being popular.   


But due to utter chaos, violence and hardship in the world today, more and more people are losing their income, their home and their life.  As it turns out, the more we take and waste - the less there is of resources and ability to acquire.. and then the more we stand to lose.   

There is in life, after all, a fine line to sanity, wealth, jobs and random acts of violence.  And abject intolerance to other humans.


Once I saw a very thin white man.   He was probably about 5'3" tall.   His small Toyota truck was broken down in a busy intersection.   It was the Summer in Arizona and it was the middle of the day.    He had 2 children with him (boys) - they were about 9 and 12.   The kids were trying really hard to help their dad to push the truck in the heat.   


At that same moment this was going on...there was a well to do man sitting in an air conditioned Audi directly in front of me waiting at the traffic light...he wanted to make a left turn and had his blinker on.   

This man was extremely impatient though and wanted to get through the intersection that this poor man and his old truck were blocking.


It is important to point out here that instead of this man getting out of his up-to-date and well maintained car and providing assistance to the less fortunate man in pushing the vehicle further off the road; he began honking his horn wildly at the sweating man and his children. 


As it turns out, the honking man did not stop honking until the then exhausted group had cleared past...where he wanted to turn.   The man in the Audi peeled rubber as he made his turn.   It was 110 degrees that day.


Once I got through the intersection and could park, I quickly opened my car door and drove the man and kids to get water.

The reason I shared this story in the first place, is because I was stunned to see such a lack of compassion and concern for someone who was clearly struggling.   The fact wasn't so much the man in the Audi was in a hurry, but more in what he did to another struggling person because of his own selfish wants and needs.   

So, now that I shared this story, my question is this - are most of us the honking man at the intersection or are we the pedestrian who gets out and helps the person get on with their life?


And this leads me back to gang stalking.  I believe that most gang stalkers are the honking man - the intolerant and the abusive.   The unloving.  Those lacking compassion and understanding.   And those who want to toss someone out of the way.   

Now, does it surprise us that someone would stalk and hunt and torment someone who gets on their nerves and in their way?   Well, it shouldn't.  


I witnessed this intersection scenario and rudeness some 40 years ago.  Since that time, people have grown - less caring and less tolerant and more hostile.   And more self-serving.   So, to me, it makes sense that people would gravitate towards a group mentality which mobs  others.


As far as my own life and the continuation of my ordeal in being gang stalked... do I feel singled out and alone and afraid and paranoid?   Do I feel I don't have what I need in my life to live or that gang stalking has taken my life away?  Or do I just see gang stalking as the continued rudeness of modern man?   


I just want to say - I do not feel I have lost anything of myself.   Not at all.   I feel, rather that I am just having to fight for my life a little harder and because of the fact that I feel God with me...I believe it has been easier for me to fight back.


Now, here is another important question in reference to awareness.  


If I wasn't being gang stalked...would I have even noticed others being stalked?  My answer is no.   How could I?

Seven years ago, this thought would have never crossed my mind.   I have only recently come to the realization that without experience, we are less able to understand.   


I also believe I was put in a position to notice others, when my gang stalking began. 


I believe that God pushes us out of our comfort zone in order to enact change.  


And because of this - it is vital that I took the time and that I still take the time to notice what others are going through in order to help them.

So, here I am today, a lot wiser, a bit tougher, and much more knowledgeable about what is being shot at me from people who have no business using this type of technology and/or energy.   


Most importantly, I make it a point to stay away from my stalkers as best I can - never talking to them...yet, realizing they are omnipresent and always through my roofline and walls and are heat sensing me and not letting me out of their site.   We must always be aware to protect ourselves.

The world is not about us personally or what one person needs or how important one person feels they are over someone else.  

I had many people write to me over the years and tell me they felt God had turned his back on them.   But I believe, that this is hardly the case...if we think about can any one of us be that demanding in the belief that we are more important than all the other 8 billion people cohabitating the earth?  


We are just one of many and this thought should humble our soul.

The answer lies in all of us...together on the earth.    One person not more important than the next.   

Still, this is the very reason humans are failing each other - putting their own importance first.


I believe that some day, there will be something that will change all gang stalking scenarios.   Something that will blanket the sin in man.   There will be someone or an event that will unfold that changes the course of behavior and existence.   


And for those who do not believe they are in the path of a disgruntled planet and God...they are sorely mistaken.     


We all reap what we sew. 


I have a greater understanding that God will right the wrongs in this world.  We all just need to be patient for his hand.    Always.

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