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No, It's Not An Alien Invasion

As the title implies, I believe that the longer a person is targeted for Gang Stalking, the more their need is for an elaborate explanation.  


In the beginning of stalking, most of us see our neighbors as a problem.  And then sometimes - it is a co-worker.   We just can't make sense of why someone would do horrible things to us when we haven't really done anything to cause it.  So, we create scenarios of our importance, or lack of importance and why someone would go after us.  Because with organized stalking - there is no physical proof or at least, proof that is seen, so, we begin to tap into our imagination for an answer.   But, is this wise?


No.   It is never wise to fantasize life or formulate an imaginary reason.  While an alien invasion is hardly fantasy - and it might be a possibility maybe at some point, it is also an unexplained phenomena in our brains, which allows a person to create illusions about their own reality when being stalked.  About how important they are that they are singled out by aliens for experimental testing. 


Don't get me wrong, I do lend credence to the fact that there have been alien abductions - I believe in life on other planets...but I do not believe gang stalking is quite connected to this idea.


I found out through emails, over several years, that many targets can't wrap their head around just being stalked for the sake of being stalked.  They can't come to grips with the fact that they just are not liked.  Or that there is a possibility that someone randomly selected them for directed energy testing.  A case of just being in a bad place at the wrong time, type of thing.   


To further elaborate on this possibility, we refuse to believe that our fellow man would become rogue and turn on us.  


Now, if that is the case, just pick up a history book and look at how our wonderful fellow man has destroyed many people over and over again, and most of the time it was for power, greed and corruption and control.  And, of course, the explanation "for the good of a nation or country."  


On the other hand, targets - who talk to other targets, who talk to other targets... drum up ideas of conspiracy and disillusion...and all to the level of panic.   And instead of realizing man can do great harm, they have no problem with picturing an alien invasion because in their minds - aliens are far worse than people.   


I have heard from literally hundreds of targeted individuals and most of them have an extremely difficult time trying to determine what has gone wrong or what did go wrong in their lives to invite stalking at the organized level.   


I just want to explain, there are so many things that can lead to this type of stalking.   However, the end result is - you are selected and need to try and find a way to survive it. 


You all roads lead to Rome.   The same rule would apply to organized stalking.   We have found ourselves in a new place - fighting a giant hate group who remains invisible to the masses.   And it is frightening to say the least.  Or least it can be.   Unless we do something to change the outcome of our personal lives.


As it turns out, it isn't so much how one got selected or who started the lies about them or why they can't get away from the stalking.  It is more, that somewhere - those who do this, need to reach a goal - for the sake of national security.   This is my belief anyway.  And the poor victim of stalking just happen to fall into the path of evil.


Digging a little deeper into the reasons for things....I believe life for humans has always been about acquiring possessions and acquiring power.  The need for power - fills the soul and wipes out all the reasons for humanity and for being human and for having compassion and logic.  Most people have their hearts in the wrong place - so power, greed and lust run rampant in any given society.  


And this leads me to how hard it is to reach targets who contact me - to get them to listen to reason.  My goal has always been - to show targeted individuals that all stalking is pretty much the same above and across board (but varies with weapon intensity and surveillance intensity).  Basically though, with this thought in mind...all targets get the same thing.


Each time I heard from stalking victims over the last 6 years - in the beginning, it was by my way of introducing them to what constitutes directed energy stalking.  i.e., the reality of what is actually happening.   


I have had targets become hysterical at some point in their stalking, fall apart and begin to believe things that don't make sense.  For example, that their stalkers are tossing fluid on them in a closed room from the ceiling.  Now, the way to know this is happening for sure is to take a cloth and wipe the ceiling and if no residue - then it is not happening.


I have had one women tell me they were digging in her ears.   They were sticking things in her ear and digging around.  She even went to the E.R.    


I tried to explain that language, odor, taste, sound, sensation, stimulation could actually be signals sent to a target through several devices - providing them with suggested scenarios - i.e.  these sounds and sensations are targeted to the area of the mind that is a receiver for sensations and stimuli.   


The parts of the brain most targeted in Gang Stalking are Temporal Lobe on the side of the head (responsible for what we hear and sense and smell and taste) and the Occipital Lobe (the back of the skull - which controls what we see).  


Getting back to the woman who told me water was being spit on her from above -  I attempted to explain that the water is not actually being spit on her from the ceiling.  Unless, of course, there is a leak.  And there would be visible signs of this if there was.  Like a brown ring appearing on the ceiling.    If the residue was not there - then neither was the water.


Instead, a sensation received through organic bio-sensing and microwave induction into our bodies was most probably the culprit - this science and waves of energy  -  allow are minds to think we have water being spit on us.  


The weaker a person is in perception - the worse this becomes.


The worst part of this is - the target who senses in this way will ultimately become hysterical at some point in time and lose it - and I can't always influence how a person listens - or how they fall apart. 


I did tell her she needed to seek out professional mental health.   It is important to note that If I sense a failure or complete despair or a giving up by a target - I always send a them to someone who might help them better.


I want to take a few minutes to talk about the woman who insisted her stalkers were physically there with her - invisible - digging inside here ears.  Here's the thing...that type of thing is easily provable - with a hidden camera.   What if the claim is of invisible attackers?


I realize there are more explanations - such as invisible cloaking (a newer science) - or masking the body with silver and electromagnetic connection.  Is this being done to the woman who claims physical assault? - not sure.  And I suppose that anything is possible.


It is important to point out, again, that all targets have their own perception of input and attack.  This is what organized stalking counts on.  They count on people losing control of their lives at a certain point.  And I believe that the only unique feature about any of us as humans is that we are all have our own level of strength in body and mind.   And it helps if we have an ability to overcome.    Not all people have the same strength of mind or heart.


I want to also again say - that all targets are targeted through their temporal lobes of the brain and also their ears.  They all hear clicking, sensations of skin prickling, sweating, burning and more and they also hear the anticipated p-f-f-f-f-t of demodulated energy against their ears and side of head and back of the head.   


Due to this transference of or conversion of sound and sensation into signals - targets also hear voices that can be sent in through the same microwave induction and sound relay system.   


So, even though we want to believe we are all super special and unique and that we are being attacked because of our specialness.   And we believe we are to a point that we are getting worse than another target - not true.   


In truth, no stalking experience is different than anyone else's.  And no stalking is worse than someone else's.   The only difference is the perception and the ability to handle things in our mind.  To weed through the garbage that is coming into the brain.


So, where does this lead me in all of this - well, I have pissed off a lot of people who wanted to believe they are the only ones experiencing a particular sensation or result of organized stalking.   And so, we quit chatting through email.   


I believe - that while, yes, there are some things that vary in stalking.  Like, again, our own viewpoint of what is happening.  Like the intensity of the directed energy device.  Like how our bodies react to the onslaught of energy and finally, how we feel about ourselves past the stalking.  

The fact is, organized stalking is a well choreographed plan of attack - all laid out in steps and routines.  If one thing doesn't work - another idea or concept is introduced. But, basically, all stalking victims get the same thing eventually.


And if a person falls apart early on - then the stalking world has reached one goal - and that one goal is just a part of a complex collective goal of affecting and reaching thousands if not millions of lives, through stalking.


So, I will say this again.  Although, we want to feel like aliens would be the only reasonable explanation for being stalked through electronic harassment, I personally believe, it is the farthest thing from the truth.  


And the reason is...well, sadly, there are mad scientists and deranged world leaders and people who choose evil everywhere.  There are those humans who don't blink an eye to the abuse and Genocide of thousands of innocent humans.    The bottom line is control.


If we need proof, we just need to look at history and at what happened to the Native American, to the African American, and to one innocent civilization of human life - after another.  Wars.  Abortions.  Human trafficking.   Drug addictions.  And the homeless population.  So, much wrong is a world that could be so much better.   


I am sorry - but does anyone really believe aliens want any part of us mean folks?


In Summary, all events of living are a chain reaction of human life, and the subsequent failures of living in a wrongful way.  And then it starts over and repeats itself in the same way....over and over and over again.   


People destroyed and forgotten and mankind doing harm and not learning anything from doing so or from the bad choices he has made.  


So what it comes down to is this.   The world is filled with billions of humans.. who do the same thing - over and over again in history - some choose to do good but there are more people and others who choose to destroy life and others around them.  And gain power from the choice.  


The connection to organized stalking is one in the same and is this:  an organization hell bent on doing the same thing over and over again - to millions of humans -  in an effort to destroy humans and human minds and gain power and control.  


In my mind, these are the true aliens.  

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