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"Gang Stalkers"
Are they Married to the Mob?

When someone joins the Mafia - and becomes part of the mob family, I guess my question would be - after they have performed a few unscrupulous acts and killed a few folks, can they ever get out or leave the organization?   Can they escape the controlling stronghold that is the jest of organized crime.

Here is the definition of Mafia - from Wikipedia - "Mafia" is an informal term that is used to describe criminal organizations that bear a strong similarity to the Italian Mafia. The central activity of such an organization would be the arbitration of disputes between criminals as well as the organization and enforcement of illicit agreements between criminals through the use of or threat of violence.

In comparison, organized stalking groups form agreements between corrupt businesses, rogue factions of Government and also rogue citizens at the neighborhood and citizen level - all joining in and up - in an effort to test, experiment, torment, torture and tear down other law abiding citizens who are not expecting the treatment.   In both cases - the Mafia Mob and the Organizational Stalking Mob, if it is not seen - all the better.

Additionally, both the Mafia (i.e. mob) and organized stalking - appeal to the narcissistic and self absorbed person - and they solicit members to help campaigns of terror go smoothly and efficiently.    And both make promises of great wealth, importance and power and a strong sense of belonging.   Both mob situations form family like ties with their workers.


Like an extended family maybe...mobs provide special treatment and care for those who serve these organizations best.  And the member's families also reap the rewards by association.  New cars.  Fancy restaurants.   House painting.   Furniture.  Jewelry and new clothes. 


Now, unbeknownst to mob members is the fact that one day they will want to move on.  Past the mobbing lifestyle.  Past the hate.   Past the physical and unfeeling aspects of stalking and tormenting other humans. 


However, and  here's the thing... these people cannot see their future aside the organization they belong to - because they are currently in the middle of wrongful acts and payouts.   And  greed has gotten the better of them.

All in all - in the Mob - all behaviors are against the law, against God, against the natural order of living and the spirit and the universe...against free will...and most importantly,  basically they are against respect and love for fellow humans who make up a society.   And a Nation.

So, you see, I  asked this question about leaving the mob - because I want to show those who read this article, that although gang stalkers live next door, work next to us in the adjacent cubicle - was maybe someone we used to date or be friends with... if they do, in fact, belong to campaigns who want to destroy...they are no better than the Mob.  


So, can they leave?

My guess or in answer to this question...I would have to say - no.   It sort of goes like this.   If anyone knows too much or sees too much bad stuff and has done some really awful things to a next door neighbor, let's it turns out - when that same person decides they want out -  it is my belief - that the organizations behind the stalking and torment - will not let this person or any member go...for all the many reasons that I have stated.  


Basically, once an act of gang stalking, or mobbing up is completed and the target is destroyed - the person who is behind it and tormenting or pulling the trigger on directed energy or killing someone or beating someone up - - they then become a liability to the Mob or even Organized Stalking.    

And both mobs will always cover their tracts. 

Another question... will a person who tries to get out of Organized Stalking - be a future target? 


I say, most likely, because it is man's innate and innermost desire to conquer and destroy.  If we do this in a mobbed up setting - it is or will be the other mob members who will not let them out of their sight.  And so the cycle of hate continues.

And the price of membership via organized crime and the Mob?  


Well, for the unlucky person who has given his soul for fame, notoriety, and a sense of belonging via patriotism...there is no escape or getting away once you have signed your agreement to the organization with your own blood. 


My belief is you will never get out.


I personally feel great pity for those who cannot think beyond the moment and see past wrongful behavior to a day without it.   My best answer for this is - we must all turn down a membership in corruption, make the right choice and do the right thing for other living human beings.  


Love will always be the answer.    As well - is God.

Thanks for reading,


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