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Targets - We Need to Stop Tormenting Law Enforcement with our Calls and Focus on More Important Issues.

Okay, so this sounds just awful doesn't it?   Well, just think about it this way.   If, let's say, there are 40 targets in one city who call a police station nearly at the same time.  And then call again.  And again.  All claiming emergency against a neighbor who is tormenting them.  All claiming an emergency because they are experiencing directed energy attacks.  And all demanding to be rescued and covered in a safety net from the people doing the stalking...well, basically, here are the problems associated with these demands or needs.


One:  Law enforcement absolutely cannot see what is happening to you.  There are no physical bullets, after all.  No signs of injury to your person, even with many trips to the doctor. In truth, all of the injuries you might sustain from being gang stalked - even strokes and heart attacks can all be attributed to natural causes.  You cannot prove or connect things that happen in the body - to external sources. Especially invisible sources.   It just isn't possible.


And then there is this. In gang stalking, there are no outward obvious assault indicators (like someone punching you or hitting you with an object); no bruising or welts that are overly suspicious.   Don't get me wrong here, I found this frustrating as well.


And you you can't prove you are being followed either.  Still, in truth, we targets know these stalking people are following us...and this is what I found out to the contrary.   


Even if we have all the pictures in the world, of the person stalking us...following us...them standing behind us....them flipping us off.   Well, when we show these pictures to someone else, it just looks like there is a person walking in the same direction as we are.   Or maybe it is even a friend flipping us off.  Who can really tell by a picture?   And let's just say, stalkers know this as well. 


Keep in mind, I did my own share of calling around to private investigators and also the FBI and law enforcement...and I wrote letters in my first and second year of being gang stalked...and then, one day, I stopped.


When I met up with huge resistance and the people I was trying to get to help me, looked at me like I was totally insane, I realized something was very wrong.  I knew that no matter how many letters I sent and how many people I talked to in person...that the information I shared was falling on deaf ears.   I also knew that there had to be another way to get around this mental blocking off of the topic via the general public.


Please understand that I am not taking the stalker's side with any of this...not at all.  Believe me....that just would not ever happen.   Gang stalking truly angers me. I just look for logic past the illogical.  And this brings me to Number Two on why we need to slow down our need to be rescued or make calls.


Two: Law Enforcement and also personnel who work with Government investigative groups, are not trained to weed out gang stalking occurrences.   They are, instead, trained in criminal activity that is recognized by the whole of society.   Something that can be seen, in other words. 


Examples of this would be: Human Trafficking, some types of pornography, apprehending drug dealers, or preventing domestic violence, and then maybe the agent's or officer's job is locating serial killers and solving homicides.   Anyway, you see where I am going with this?  These situations I just listed are physically apparent.   There is no guessing as to what can be seen with the naked eye...well, there is sometimes...but the truth is, if we can see it...we can better deal with it.


Also, keep in mind, that Law Enforcement and even Government agencies could possibly be involved in stalking at some level.   There are so many off-shoots of those in control.   We just need to recognize this and tread lightly in dealing with gang stalking.  And in what we say to other people.


Three:   If we keep calling the police station or writing letters to congressmen or senators and if we  continue telling them our neighbors are shooting directed energy at us through our walls, the best situation we can expect to gain from this is - we appear to be off mentally.   And the more hysterical and anxiety ridden we appear in our agitation about being stalked...the more mentally ill we appear.   My answer to this - we want to be believed.  So, it is best to remain calm always.


Note: Even with large groups of targets coming together and writing letters and signing petitions - the public is somehow not open to what is going on.  You can guess on this one as to why?


Getting back to mental illness and this is super important.   Now, you and I both know that being mentally ill, is absolutely not the case with a gang stalking target.   And gang stalking is not mental illness - it is just a new area of criminal behavior that cannot be measured.


Again though, if we keep trying to force the gang stalking issue with every and all other people who we think will listen... especially those people who are not interested in it...especially when the assaults cannot be seen; we are just irritating the people we are trying to get to help us.   And we are frustrating ourselves.


I just want to say here, we want help.   We really do.  We don't want people to turn their backs on us.   As I have already stated, other people cannot see what is happening to a person who is being tormented in gang stalking.


I personally believe that at some point in time, possibly via technology, proving gang stalking will change and what is invisible currently, will get to a point - where it is visible.  And the world will indeed recognize "Gang Stalking" as fact.  Until that day...


Four:   This type of crime (Organized Stalking) took years to perfect. Scientists, law enforcement (at least the law enforcement involved in the stalking), federal agencies, neighborhood level snitches and so many more who are involved...all sat down together, after doing an astronomical amount of research and testing...and that was when the groups behind organized stalking, came up with a plan that was so failproof, the group knew it would never be found out. Invisibility, after all, cannot be observed.


Five: If targets keep calling and writing letters, they will keep law enforcement and those in government fields of intelligence and crime solving, so busy with what they are trying to prove about gang stalking, that they will oftentimes pull these people from issues that matter more.


Keep in mind that there is an unlimited amount of crime and wrongful behavior.   And unfortunately, there are fewer law enforcement individuals in jobs today.   In other words, not enough police per capita or for the population.   


Then we have to take and factor in - cybercrime and the dark web, and as you can see, both intelligence, investigative agencies and also law enforcement all need to have a clear head to keep the public safe and protected.   And they have a lot to do overall.


I know...I you're standing there asking me - but what about us not being protected from the people who stalk us?   Well, that's just the case...just because we keep calling and have it in our mind that the squeaky wheel gets the oil.   Meaning, if the wheel squeaks enough, it will be tended to with oil to soften the noise.   In the case of complaining about being gang stalked...just remember, that the very people we are smothering with issues about invisible assaults and attacks, will not be able to do anything about it because there is no physical plane of understanding.   No matter how much we keep talking about it.   And they will get to a point where they ignore the target.   Or have the target committed.


We absolutely do not want that either.


By the way, my thoughts about this are anything but passive.   I don't have a passive aggressive bone in my body.  I am a strong advocate for Targets everywhere...but I have long ago developed a sense of calm because I found - it is best to be calm in order to handle adversity.   And do keep in mind - we need to find a way to protect ourselves.  


Six:   So, what can you do in the meantime? Well, after all the time I spent trying to get someone to listen to me, in my early years of being stalked...I realized that those very people just didn't understand. Or maybe they were afraid.   Or again, they were involved and they saw me as the problem.   I further believe that sometimes, being able to understand, means having the ability to see clearly what someone is up against.   Gang stalking is not seen clearly.


Now, since these people can't see what is happening to us...maybe the answer for us Targets might be in something else.   Like, documenting, taking pictures and keeping a journal.  Like not communicating with the people tormenting you.   Like not weighing family down with the negativity and drama.   


It is like the old saying goes "Misery loves company."  If a person is miserable - then the miserable person wants to drag the unmiserable person down with him.  This is absolutely the most unloving act of a man.


Gang stalking breaks more down than just a target though, it wears at the home life and work life of an individual.  And ultimately breaks society down via destruction of family life.  One person at a time.  Then one family at a time.  Then one society at a time.  icking away at an entire nation from within.


Today, the world is full of bullies, they are everywhere.   So, my belief is - we do not give a bully what he wants - and never give him power or control over our lives.  In other words, don't fall apart.


It is really important for targets to be proactive in finding things that will help to protect them.  Barriers that block energy out.  Clothing that covers the body and shields against harmful radiation and EMFs. Headgear - that blocks out the incessant ringing and voice to skull (v2K) that come in secondary to directed energy attacks.   Bose noise cancellation headphones and brain hats made out of silver fabric are extremely helpful.


Being proactive also helps targets stay focused and also possibly helps them in their own survival.   


I want to add here, that I have heard from many targets over the last 7 years.  One of the things I find most distressing through all the contact and communication, is that most targets do not want to or are reluctant to buy things to protect them from directed energy attacks.  They never put up barriers. They do not cover their bodies.   They do absolutely nothing at all.  And they let the directed energy harm their minds and bodies.  This puzzles me very much.


Ultimately, most targets also feel the gang stalking is temporary.   That at some point, it will just stop. Seven years ago, I thought this way also.  However, years of dealing with the gang stalking has taught me otherwise.   It does not stop - it just transcends or morphs into something else entirely over time. And we as targets, must keep up with the changes and fight them in order to survive.





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