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How To Locate Directed Energy Devices
And Potential Problems

(A helpful Guide to Discovering hidden devices and hidden humans who Stalk)

Also covered - damage or mutations to trees and plants from free floating radiation between houses

boy walking and not aware

Let's begin with how to detect devices.   I have been asked on many occasions how a person might possibly  locate directed energy devices in or near a home or an apartment.  


 So, I am going to try and help you to become  aware of where devices might possibly be located.    Some of the devices might even be on your own property or inside your house and you would never know.


 You are probably thinking -  Really?    Here's the thing...The fact that someone would even think about coming onto your property or coming into your home and hiding something is beyond logic.   And it is frightening.   


But be aware that gang stalkers sometimes do this type of thing.   Come inside and walk around and touch things.  Because if they (gang stalkers) are not successful in the energy assaults they use on you.  And if they cannot gain access to you from a  nearby distance - like from their house which is maybe 15 feet away or from the house across the street which is 70 feet or from the apartment above or below or beside you which is a mere 2 feet - well, here it goes.  They hire locksmiths and - the locksmith makes a key and then they com inside.  


You are probably wondering why someone across the street or next door doesn't see this happening?   Well, I believe they do - they just turn away - and they just might possibly be in on the gang stalking.


We all know they are breaking the law  - but to a gang stalker - or what they refer themselves as Community Based Agents CBAs)... they are just doing a job and they cannot or don't want to tell the difference between the two.  The law or the crime.   Same thing to them.


Sometimes -  since the locksmith has the key - gang stalkers can come inside and  place bugs or even  devices that would make electronic harassment much more painful because the assault device would be so much closer to the target.    


Gang stalking campaigns actually employ locksmiths to break into a home and they will either do the work of placing a device or damaging or tampering with  your property themselves --- or they will open the door with a key they make and allow other stalkers access to your home to get this job done.   


To do this without getting caught or you finding out - The gang stalkers involved  will wait for you to leave and keep track of your movement in the shadow or in fact, the edge of your yard.  They will keep track of you as you walk for  exercise  or if you are just out driving in your car going places.   - 


They do this by having other organized stalkers follow you and reporting back in a sort of relay system to notify a control center of your location so that they - the law breakers - the locksmith and his buddies and all the threat assessors who want to belong to the group - can be out of your house before your return.   The scouts or relay group are all lookouts and reporting agents  in gang stalking.


Let's look at where we might locate devices  -


To show you possible locations of where a device just might be found -  I will be providing pictures of places I discovered  devices - all are planted just outside my house.   The edge of my yard - underground via fiber optic cable line and lining up with my fence and so many more locations.    They are all rather ingenious I have to say.    And even through we want to hate the heck out of our stalkers - there is a part of all of this that is quite amazing - the genius behind it all is beyond words.   


In my mind wouldn't it be better if humans found a better way to spend their time or money?


Do keep in mind, that every gang stalking case is different as far as where a device is hidden.   You just need to be aware of your surroundings and what is normally in front of your eyes.    And keep track of the subtle changes outside.


Also, be alert or aware to what is a part of your yard or patio or outside walls.   Look up at the top of telephone poles as well and note any added cable lines.  Or other devices.    There might be really thick cable lines placed on the side of a house that wasn't there before.    


 Look for fake rocks and added bird baths without water that keep getting moved all over the place.     There might even be a birdhouse without an entrance or that has a lens inside the door.   

These are Pulsed Laser Diode Drivers - storage containers for laser diode  units.   Some of the boxes shown are used in the field of dermatology and the medical profession to perform different diagnostic tests and procedures.

In the case of directed energy - the box I saw were a little plainer and flatter in design.   Like the last one shown in this grouping.

laser diode compartment

These Pulsed Laser Diode Drivers are just a part of directed energy or directed energy devices.     These particular devices would not be visible to you- normally - but instead would be hidden somewhere close by behind a wall - in a vehicle and would be used in conjunction with other types of devices to send signals to you.    These are the control units for the directed energy weapons.   I have actually seen these devices in the crawlspace of my neighbor's house.   He forgot and left the door open one day.   

You might be wondering why I have not taken these pictures to law enforcement or the FBI - well, in the case of gang stalking - even in a case like this - it is hard to prove. They (my gang stalking neighbors) could say it is something to help the yard to drain. They could come up with many cover stories to protect themselves.   So, I believe the pictures will probably be helpful at some point in time. It is just a matter of waiting it out and surviving.   And if we know where things are hidden - we can do something about blocking the lines of energy and entry.

the  white van next door
The same white van a year later revised

Look at what we have here...  This white van in the top photo - showed up next door at my gang stalker's house - in beginning of October 2020.    During the pandemic.


It stayed at the residence for 3 months.   I was a bit surprised because of the Covid thing - but gang stalkers seem to get away with quite a bit.    And they get around it all.  And it seems to me - that they do not come down with Covid.   Why is this?   Predetermined immunity or vaccination?    


Anyway - sometimes the van was pulled forward in the driveway and then other times it was backed way out and sitting in the middle of the drive.    Sort of in line with my windows and walls of my house.   


 While the van was parked in the driveway... No one ever showed themselves.   I heard a man and woman's voice a time or two.   But the people involved hid themselves and  The van stayed for 3 months.    I know...I know - what if it was family?


Well, I know these people - or I knew them - my gang stalkers - we were friends at one time and if family was there - they would be outside from time to time and enjoying the beautiful yard.   I know what their family  looks like as well.    


However, there was no activity whatsoever during this time.     These people who hid in the van  stayed inside the entire time.    And I believe only moved around at night.


I had a camera pointed in the direction - but some type of signal burned out my lens of my infrared camera and the van arrived without detection.


 Amazingly, these next door neighbors - do not invite their family or friends  to visit anymore.   The visits stopped around 3 years ago when their equipment or devices began to overtake the inside of their home and yard.   The heavier the arsenal of directed energy devices - the less anyone came to visit.   


Besides - It would be hard to explain that type of energy.  To anyone.   And would you want your own family exposed to that level of radiation?   No, I didn't think so.


As far as energy - A new angle of painful energy came in from the van's exact location at that time.   -   The energy which was being directed - was directed up and into my bedroom through the front of my house and also through the floor to my bedroom.   


You know me - I quickly blocked all entry sites I found.  After a bit, the 3 months I mentioned - the persons in the van left.   They left during the night - the same way they came.   I guess they gave up.     Unsuccessful - at least at that point.  Notice I said at that point.


Their leaving  did not mean I would be spared a gang stalking future - on the contrary - it is bigger and stronger than ever.  They are, after all, persistent little devils.


Keep in mind that my attacks get worse as time goes on.   If a person is truly being gang stalked - the attacks will keep going and get stronger and we, as targets, need to open our eyes and our mind and our soul to the possibilities of changes and growth in life when dealing with this.     And we have to be smart enough to cover ourselves and block points of entry when we find them.

 A year later - the van came back - new design of course.


Concealed Box 

Under Screened In Porch Cover

A hidden device on the neighbor's back deck

Note the box object in the center of the post - in center photo which is on the far side of my neighbor's screened in porch.  I had never seen it before but was getting energy from the very  direction through my bedroom floor and wall.     The fence is mine in front of the screened porch by the way.


Anyway - The sun hit the neighbor's porch at a new angle yesterday and then it was there.    The box thing.    Invisible to me until that point in time.   I knew I had finally found the probable device responsible for the energy coming into my home from my neighbors.  At least I had angle.   


The thing that really gets me is this - the guy who is really connected to the gang stalking who lives there is all fired worried about his 19 year old getting Zika virus from mosquitos but he thinks nothing about having that same daughter sit on the porch in front of a electronic harassment device and in the yard where high levels of radiation are settling on tables, plants, railing, fence line.  Stupid, stupid humans.   So unaware in their quest for domination and power and notoriety.   And if you blow the picture larger - there is something weird on the porch past the box to the right.

something standing in the van
rodent trap
a different picture of a fake rodent trap

Here is what I found to be a fake rodent trap.   It has been in place for about 3 years.   It has also been changed a few times.   It is sitting on the ground about 16 feet from the side wall of my home.     No critters run in or even near the device.


Although the picture at the top is a bit grainy - I took it to show you that prior to the lens being placed inside the middle section of the rodent trap - it was completely missing in the beginning.     Or it was somehow moved out of view.


I took pictures of the trap and after I snapped a few shots - I guess my stalkers saw me and the lens was  removed.   The fake rodent trap is still there but the lens is no longer inside the middle section.   Maybe hidden in another section of the trap out of the line of site.


There are also cables going into the trap at the undersides of the trap and around the back and through the ground near the rodent trap.  

Plant Mutations From Free Floating Radiation Between Houses

plant mutations from passing microwave radiation

This is a privet tree - in the corner of my yard on the side of my house.   Energy has been coming  into my house from this corner for a long time.  About 3 years is about the time frame for the continued shooting in of energy.  I have blocked it a few times - but the stalkers move their energy lines.   If you notice the leaves on the top part of the will see buckling and warping.   However, the bottom part of the picture has smooth leaves.   The radiation was coming through where the buckling occurred.   

This is a camellia - in fact, a tiny leafed camellia.   Sadly - it was in the path of some pretty heavy EMFs - actually ELFs as they were pushed through the side walls of my house.  The plant just happened to be in the way.

I found about 5 different growths like this on the plant while the directed energy device  was aimed from their house into mine.   As the radiation from the device hit the plant - it sort of morphed it.   As you can see - The  larger leaves are sort of  rubbery and strange.    And when the neighbors finally decided to move their  device - the plant recovered and the large mutated leaves vanished.   


I can't help but wonder what is happening to the wildlife being exposed to this awful mess?


The fact that this occurred at all - made me realize that radiation does not go quietly from one house to another without some spillover into the environment.   There is  airspace, after all,  as the radiation travels from beginning point to final destination point.  And it settles on the ground between homes.


I had  thought about taking this picture to an expert at the environmental protection agency...but after all the calling and contacting I did through all of this -  to get help and was turned down - I have decided for the time being to collect data and document.   This website is my documentation.  And hopefully - at some point - I can take all of the things I have collected and turn them in.  


Sadly, the criminals in society are being protected - while those who try and do the right thing are being run over in life.   

another picture of plant mutation from microwave damage
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