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Personality Type of those Who Choose to Stalk

Here are a few traits of the weak minded person. People with hidden personalities, I would have to say - do not feel content and usually don't feel comfortable with themselves. i.e. the reason of remaining hidden.    


They appear to be Godless in spirit and in nature and do not feel the need to be accountable for their actions or behaviors.    When I say Godless - what I mean is that these humans do not have a belief system - or a belief in God...because, as you well know if they did, they would not want to hurt someone else and would not be involved in gang the first place. 


 It is important for the controlling and weak minded and self loathing to maintain a grand appearance in front of others and be thought of as strong and savvy and likable..   Oh, did I mention fun?    Everything in the gang stalking world is about the illusion of greatness and power and grandeur.   


Most likely the gang stalker may feel completely unlikable but lives under a false pretense of just how important they are to the earth.   Having received many accolades and that-a-boys from others on Facebook and other social media sites - to help them build on what they think they are.   However, On the inside...deep inside - they may totally hate who they are.  

The controlling weak personality type will oftentimes immerse themselves in physical and material things in life and fill themselves with worldly things to make themselves feel better or make themselves feel validated, valued or loved.    Because there are many shortcomings and flaws in their own character type....they search out approval.

In many cases - they appear to seek like minded people to make them feel special or to fit in.    The reason these hidden personalities in gang stalking find each other is because they desire like companionship and power.  And the darkness of evil.

Now lets' add Narcissism to the formula - a self-loving person who cares for the self only and has no respect for others.   These are controlling humans who have an overwhelming view of themselves and feel no other love except for self and they need to feel in charge or they will feel out of control.    


Once these personality types begin to stalk or bully they begin to feel entitled to the target or victim's life.   All stalkers are this way though.  The stalker will always attempt to overpower the human they stalk.   Using the fear of a target as a tool to weaken the opponent.  


Let's continue along these lines - Many narcissists become bullies because they, again, often act upon an impulse to control or be in control so they will feel better about themselves. 


Amazingly, all gang stalkers are bullies who desire control.   Every last one of them.


But...and here is the important thing - all narcissists are not gang stalkers.   


On one hand, though narcissism is the personality type that is attracted to gang stalking - there is the fact that there are plenty of narcissists who are not involved or maybe just don't know about the gang stalking program yet. 


So...are all gang stalkers narcissists - in my opinion - YES they are!     Narcissists only love themselves.   They don't care anything about someone else's plight or suffering.   In fact, the stalker who is indeed a narcissist - seems to enjoy another's sadness and loss.

Since Narcissists appear to be terribly lacking in spirit or soul awareness - they are strongly compensated or feel complete and fixated on things and objects and situations that are all temporary but extremely rewarding 


It is what is known as "The instant gratification model."   Results Right Now!  These are the things that make them feel rich, important, and powerful.   And let's add strong to this list.   We'll say Godlike...

All of these personality traits are what I believe, things that lead the gang stalking bully to be insanely competitive and jealous in their search for power and control.  It is their spirit's awareness only of what they have materially, who they are in the flesh or who they are better than.   Like I stated earlier, there appears to be no conscious level of the soul.   With a narcissist, it is all about the power trip.   The entitlement.   The one ups!

A little more on the narcissist to help you fully understand gang stalking. 


A narcissist - often feels threatened - and is fiercely intimidated by someone who is actually smarter, more creative, more loving, more spiritual, more beautiful, more successful - more outspoken, more diverse - you see where this is going?     

Again, as previously stated... narcissists love and care about their own selves and feelings first without thought or regard to anyone else.   They are completely self-absorbed.    And they feel superior to other people...pretty much all of them.    And again, entitled.   


They are extremely competitive and are extremely sore losers.   They don't care who they walk over or hurt to reach a goal. They are oftentimes without remorse or compassion.    And their drive is to be number one.   

They are also people who don't like confrontation.   And I mean at all.   


They react horribly to being criticized.    They do not like it if you don't make them think they are perfect.   They don't like to be second guessed.   They do not like you going against their better judgement.   They feel inadequate - this could be anything - and so, oftentimes - this narcissist will get even or feel a desire to take what another person has, so they- will feel in control.

Unfortunately, our world is now filled with many hundreds of thousands of narcissists.   If not millions.    Somewhere over the last several decades - humans have lost their way and their vision. 


They have been conditioned to think about the self first at all costs.  And they have lost their soul's knowledge and ability... and so therefore, they have lost God.     


A person who is a mob stalker or participates in mob stalking wants "total control"...over those they feel threatened by. In some way, shape or form.

I believe it is the bullying narcissist who is the first to jump right in and be involved in Mob Stalking.     


And the group of people involved?  Yep - that's right - all mostly narcissists.   It appears in Gang Stalking - the narcissists have all found each other.

Let's talk further about a gang stalkers' involvement and those who gang stalk.

People who participate in Mob Stalking - can be found in every level of society. There is no real age barrier (I am seeing people in their 50s, 60s and 70s involved in this), there are no gender barriers, and a variety of races participate.   


However - for the most part - from what I have observed so far - it appears the group predominately involved in this hate crime ...seem to be CAUCASIONS.   Whites.   Is this a case of White Supremacy?   Possibly.   But I can't say for sure.


Continuing along these lines - in almost every occupation in society, you can find people who are going along with this type of behavior.   Teachers, Engineers, Nurses, Doctors, Policemen, Firemen, Locksmiths, and neighbors - all of them sometimes.    

In the case of Gang Stalking - the need or drive to destroy - seems to border on immense hatred - due to differences in other human beings.    


Also, there seems to be a need to eradicate others who seem all wrong in their world.


It is important to note that Bullies are just regular people - your average Joe - who wants to feel like they are more than that.


Notwithstanding - they grow older, they get sick, and if not in a good soul condition or place in the heart - they continue to rage against the grain of the soul.   

That same bully will bully -  until either a life changing event speaks to their heart or soul ....or something happens in their own life to humble them.    Or they pass away as most people do.     

But seeing them end like this -  is not something that should make you feel better - it is just a point I am making.    Because even if one person in gang stalking stops or disappears  - there are more unscrupulous narcissists in the world to take the missing person's place.   This you can count on.


Now, if you are hoping your gang stalker will end their gang stalking after a short while.  Going by my own probably won't happen... because this behavior of gang stalking is what drives the stalker in their lives and is what is giving them purpose and little else matters.    That - and a little cash flow.     

Keep in mind, if you are being gang stalked - you are under the radar and you will continue to be under the radar for as long as your stalking lasts   In other words, the gang stalkers have their sites set on you...until job completion.  Or they become bored because you are too easy...   More resistant people are targeted much longer.   

Gang stalking for those involved, is seen as a game, a sport to be played with another individual's life.  Sort of like a monitoring a hamster or rat in a maze or cage. The gang stalker is in control of the maze they created for gang stalking through your own roof line...or walls of your house or in your car or while you work in the yard.


The stalker(s) spend countless hours if not all of their hours - watching the hamster (or T.I.) run into walls...getting hurt...being unsuccessful .... and the poor hamster (i.e. person) or (T.I.) - feels the fear of trying to find a way out. Sometimes petrified. Sound familiar???

To all other observers - it looks like the Gang Stalker is living a full life...they are involved in the community and are friendly and approachable.   And everyone likes them in the neighborhood.   In other words - it is all about the alibis they create for public approval.

In truth, people who go along with this type of bullying or stalking do not understand or care that the end consequence of this game is to eventually destroy another person.


Remember the stalker (the narcissist) is detached from the act.   This is because whatever makes them a narcissist in the first place - is the very thing that disallows them to feel for other humans


They are somehow detached from their soul.   And they are lacking on a conscious and spiritual level.   They are apathetic.  


Just think about this - if the gang stalker cared, they would not be doing the stalking in the first place.

For the stalker - gang stalking is both an addictive behavior, as well as a form of entertainment.   There is a vicious kind of pleasure that they derive from bullying their victim. 


And because it is basically an invisible act - stalkers become more aggressive as time goes on.  Knowledge that they are getting away with cruelty is making them crazed with excitement and power.    Sort of at a frenzied level.  Again, clearly they like the feeling of being "in control". All bullies do.


New entry (5/6/20) - I had previously stated many reasons why someone would be involved in gang stalking - Although - I am spot on and correct with the personality type behind gang stalking... as it turns out - there is so much more to this horrible crime that I had not covered.

I felt it quite important to share my latest findings. Apparently there is a Gang Stalker's Handbook.   Pages from The Gang Stalking Manual.    

I was both shocked and fascinated by what I read.   It is only one chapter of the gang stalker's handbook - but it is enough to give you insight into what we are all up against.

The Stalker's handbook was acquired by a woman named Rauni Kilde, a Finnish Chief Medical Officer who was privy to confidential information in her country.    When she found this information...about gang angered her.    So - she began to speak out and write about it. She felt it was appalling.


It is needless to say that after Dr. Kilde began to speak out about Gang stalking and the Government's involvement, she was gang stalked for 2 decades because of her knowledge. She eventually died fighting her gang stalkers.

One more thing - after reading this information - please do not let fear override everything I have previously shared with you once you read the information I am now providing -- in retrospect - you should be quite mad - angry enough to counter-op and be stealth in not giving the stalker what they want.


And by the way - I do believe that a little information goes a long way in counter efforts, don't you think? 


How do you spot a gang stalker?  


As it turns out - gang stalkers  live in your community and are out there all hiding behind the guise of technology … behind the cowardice of progress, spyware and hate.   But you will see them if you just open your eyes.   And don't let paranoia fool you.   


Be aware of both normal behavior and then abnormal behavior - this takes skill.   Look and I  mean - really look - and see the truth unfold around you.   Be open to the concept of the fact you might be being stalked.    Don't find this fact alarming - or fearful or anything else.  Take it for what it is...a situation that requires solutions.   A mastery of ideas and concepts.   And don't care what others think about you.   


Stalkers are easy to spot once you become aware....they don't just walk a dog past your house - they walk the dog and scan down your driveway...they scan any windows that have curtains drawn - the side of your yard or an open garage door and then they put their cell phone up and text or they give a hand signal to another person they are passing.   They walk past your house usually at the same time or the times can be mixed - but their scanning eyes on your home are a dead giveaway.     


Now, you could say that oh, the person is just being nosy.   And though that might be true - if the same person comes back each and every day and does the same look-a-bout.   We are looking at something more than curious after a while.   We are looking at obsessed.


If you happen to drive away and return a few hours later - these people or dog walking stalkers  are standing at the end of your driveway.  (again, this is no matter what time you are returning).  Everything seems to be timed.


If you take walks - the same one or two people will somehow be walking really slow in front of you when you reach a certain spot in your walk.    This is to block you going forward and making you slow your pace.     This does not happen at the same time each day - it seems to be more in sync with your comings and goings.  Any movement you might  be anticipating. 


The rhythm of the stalkers is in sync with the rhythm of the target.   


For example,  The same car appears in front of you or behind you each and every day, no matter what time you leave or are out and about.   Or stalkers stand in front of your home or sit in parked cars with bright lights aimed at you for long periods of time or they just sit in the car and stare at you or wait for you to come out of a store.   Or they wait for you to come out of your house.  


Or the same one person is always in the store you go to - or show up in the same 5 stores you are going to and makes sure to pass you or be near you.     And they always have cell phones to report what they are seeing.   

And they are also people you would never guess to be a gang stalker.    They look normal. They sound normal.  Again, they are very social. They wave hello in your neighborhood.    They go to Church. They raise families.    Have jobs.    Take vacations.    Fit into society.   And here is the big thing - they are often well liked.    In fact, you have even liked them.   


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