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How Damage from Directed Energy
Presents Itself on Surface Material

This section is to present proof or evidence that energy passes through the surface in the path of travelling energy.   When we are creating a barrier to block out directed energy and also unwanted EMF energy waves, we want to be aware that through a process called wave tunneling.   Wave tunneling is simply moments in time when blocked energy slips through - I will be providing you with a few photos showing you of how it does this.

Example of what surface material (in this case a copper aluminum sheet metal) looks after heavy directed energy pushes through.

20230718_184220_HDR (1)_edited.jpg

This is a sheet of metal that I had layered on my wall to block out incoming energy.


Now, I believe that if I tried to present this item via photos or actual sheet metal, to law enforcement or FBI or to anyone who might make a difference for us Targets of gang stalking, there would most likely be an excuse about what it is.   


For example, the people we go to for help might think that I did it myself.  Believe me, I did not do it myself and I could actually hear the energy popping or hitting the metal as it passed through.  When I had a chance to examine the metal - it had digs on it.

Those of us who are stalked via organization, know full well that whoever (lots of guesses on that one) wants others to believe we are losing it mentally - so, if we attempt to show a piece of metal that has dings in it - we would most likely not be believed.    (Most important in this however, is we must trust our gut or mind and realize things are not always as they appear).

This being said believe in yourself and - take pictures and document anyway - someone will believe us when the time is right.


Another area of damage on the copper plated sheet metal and on the left is a picture of a sheet of zinc plated sheet metal also with damage.

20230429_184212 (1).jpg
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