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Contact Carla

Feel Free to Contact me with questions.    I now have a new contact email.   I can be contacted at the following address. 


In order for me to respond to your email...I will need you to set up a Protonmail account.  The site is encrypted and it will help to ensure our conversation is not being hacked.  Before contacting me, please visit and set up an email account - it is free of charge.   Thank you.

Again, here is my email address on


Additionally, I cannot call you or provide you with a phone number. 


I can, however, provide you with information on the things that have worked for me as far as survival.  And in most cases, if all protective items are layered properly...will work for most people.


If you contact me, I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner and try to help where I can.  I cannot respond often due to my own asssaults and gang stalking.  But I have provided a website and also books sold on amazon that I believe should help Targets out emmensely.

If you need emergency your local 911 or other emergency services.   

Thank you,


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