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Trying To Apply Logic When We are Being Stalked

There is so much to say on this matter.   And in being human.   


First of all, Humans need to feel that their lives connect - that they flow.   That they can figure it out and problem solve.  And that even if the flow is bad - they have a desire to feel or know that there is a reason for everything and an order to how things begin and end. 


  It is like connecting the dots in a coloring book.  Drawing a line from one dot to another dot to another - this helps us create an image and we come to recognize what that image is.  And that is satisfying for us.     One event leads to another which leads to another and so on.   Giving us a story or an explanation.    So, if something bad is happening to us, the logical part of our mind wants it all to make sense.   So we get a picture of it.  


 But sometimes, we are not able to do this.  And this leads to panic...depression and a feeling that the world is falling apart on us.   But is the world really falling apart or do we just think that?  


For example, in Gang Stalking.   Some event - something we chose to do or say or be in - led us to be in the path of a stalker.   Someone who turned on us and turned us in to groups who stalk.   


We humans are trusting and simple though and we don't notice things so much at first.   We feel like someone will like us no matter what we do.    So, if we ruffle a few feathers - we think we still have a friend.    Sadly - this is never the case.


And as the gang stalking goes on -  we start to notice unpleasant events or feelings - things that should not be there or things we feel touching our skin and head and we begin to take in what is happening as the stalking continues.    Because little by little time passes and the same events occur over and over again that are not pleasant...We start to become frighteningly aware.  And we start to connect the dots to a new change.  


And all the while we are questioning - are others going through this?  Can others feel this?   Why is it happening?  Is it in my mind?  This is what our stalkers want by the way - they rely on all of us wanting logic and connecting dots so they give us the dots we have to deal with.


At this stage of stalking - we begin to take note and document events as they unfold at least mentally.   And we tell a few people about it...because there is, after all, safety in numbers.   And we need support.     We need to know we are safe and our minds are in good shape.


The whole time we are being stalked.   We try to reason "why?"   More logic.   A need to understand.   Why would someone pick us to stalk?   What have we ever done to another person?  I mean seriously...what could we have possibly done to anyone to illicit so much hate?   Most of us - just want to be left alone and live our lives.   That is the truth and ideal of living.   But the question remains "why me?"  


Let's get back to stalking and what it does  to  us over time...emotionally, mentally and spiritually.   

When we first begin to be stalked and we actually notice it - we feel fear and concern.    But we are ok at this point.   For the most part - victims or targets know who is stalking them.    And we can't fathom that we could possibly upset someone so much that they get even.  And we just want to know - why the people who are upset with us just don't come and talk to us.     That would be logical.  That would make sense.


The reason for this is - the sell out and the stalking you are receiving or we are receiving is a step - for groups who want to measure reactions and behaviors for humans who are subjected to electronic and emotional assaults over time.   That is what I believe anyway.    Documentation on their part is for success in organized stalking and mind control.


 The person you may have thought a friend was probably already a part of these groups or group.   I believe we are the guinea pigs in the research for a perfected energy devices...which will in turn be used to destroy those who matter most in leadership.    The truth in fact is ...the more these people involved destroy - the more successful they become.   


In the beginning of being stalked -  we most possibly told ourselves - that the behavior of our stalker or stalkers is just a temporary event.    We really have no idea and didn't know about bigger sinister plots.     We just know what we are experiencing and on our own level we need to understand that first.  Not some cockamamie conspiracy idea or theory.


So, most targets rationalize that gang stalking is temporary.   And when they do this - their minds can better handle the idea of "short lived stalking" better than ongoing.     We think  to ourselves - The stalker or stalkers  will move on - they have to move on.    We keep hoping and praying that it is sooner rather than later. 


However, as most of us know - gang stalking seems to be continuous.


While this  being a temporary event may be true to a degree - temporary is relative to all of us.  Let's say the stalker or stalkers move on after 5 years or 10 years - even though that is considered a short time to some - it is too long for most targets to handle.     Even 6 months can get cumbersome.   People have limits and weaknesses and give out.   


I think truthfully - most people can tolerate a 6 month to a year timeframe without falling apart.   That is if they reach out for help...   If we get some help - it is called a lifeline and it helps us rethink new goals and solutions.   And this helps us survive what we are going through.


Another thing to note is - most people focus on the randomness of stalking and stalkers  could not be someone we know.     The truth is -  while some stalking is a random event -- most people know their stalkers - it is someone who has been in our lives and is probably no longer there.    We moved past them at some point.   Was it a good parting or a bad one?   Don't know.  


It might have been someone we ticked off by saying the wrong thing (although that is not critical) or it is someone who is insanely jealous and wants to get even and destroy our lives.     Maybe it is someone we reject possibly.   All stalking is the same across board - and this applies in Gang stalking.   Again, this is sort of connecting the dots - one event - leads to another event which leads to another event.   Stalkers are connecting life's events and dots for us.   


With Gang Stalking  - everything that happens - happens in cloak or in hiding.  It is invisible to the public.   And because this goes on and on and a victim or target can't escape what is happening at this level - a target of gang stalking  begins to panic and fall apart and act out.   Towards themselves and sometimes towards others.   In the mind of a victim of stalking -  this person is thinking - ENOUGH ALREADY!!! - this should have been over a long time ago.   Sadly, it does not stop.


So, why does stalking go on so long?   In the case of all stalking - stalkers want control and they want to inflict punishment on their subjects or targets.   So, if they go unchecked - they get worse and worse and worse over time.   A sense of power and of getting away with the act, feeds their frenzy for being mean.  And too, maybe they just want us to die...not sure.  


Still, If no one does anything to get a stalker to stop or the crime remains invisible - the stalker becomes mindless and psychotic in the ability to act out towards the person they have come to obsess about.  That's right - stalkers obsess about their targets.   They can't live without us.  The desire for control and power over another person is again, illogical.  


In the case of gang stalking - it is a type of stalking done to emotionally, spiritually and mentally break down the spirt of a person.  It is to induce insanity.     And if you die or lose it because of something aimed at your brain or chest or other bodily organ - in their minds - so be it.     


The thing to note with gang stalkers - I am not even sure they realize that the humans they choose to destroy - and the thousands of people this is done to - will eventually have a reverse domino effect and the stalker's  own world will be ruined as well.   


Humans are all inner connected.   Society is inner connected - we all need to be in the picture to make it work.    We are all created and creations and are part of the body of God.  If we choose to destroy another person - it will in effect - destroy us.


So if you want some logic with this - just remember, if a person is stalking - they do not know God.   So their evil and evil behavior will continue to escalate.   And their attacks on their victim will grow.    It does not matter if this person who stalks  sits in Church each week.  Or if they donate money to Prolife or other organizations to make themselves look and feel special and loving.    If they hate someone so much that they stalk them - they have negated all benefits of sitting in church.


The bible clearly states - "if I give all I have to the poor and have not love - I am nothing."   This is 1 Corinthians 13.   Read it.  If a person gang stalks or does any stalking - they do not know how to love.   Love is invaluable to the human spirit.   This is logic.


So, getting back to logic.  Well, applying logic where there is none is a waste of a person's time and life and energy.   So, this is where I am going with all of this.  If you find out you are being stalked and in this case gang stalked.   It is not good to sit and fester and self deprecate and self loathe and feel hopeless.   Thinking you don't deserve the treatment - and because you don't understand why?


Get over it.   Sometimes - things are the way they are - and sometimes the things that happen are there to make us get stronger.   There is a solution and answer to life in all of us.   If we become lazy in our thinking though and lazy in effort - sometimes we miss the strength we have inside.   


The secret is to keep going - to keep loving - to keep hope alive - to keep praying - and to keep giving of ourselves to others in living our lives.   We can pick ourselves up and move forward.   The pain inflicted on us in gang stalking is a temporary setback with the stalking.   And yes, very unpleasant...The goal of the person being stalked -  is to gain our power and our life back.


Searching for answers is important - but the question and the answer needs to be past the Why Me.   We must  search for the correct answers and ask the correct questions.   For example, instead of why me?   Because again, there just isn't an answer to this stuff.   The question might be "what can I do to protect myself?"   A person who is stalked - needs not beat themselves up over being stalked or feel like giving up.   They can instead - build on hope and find answers by finding ways to cover themselves up...make their house a safer place to live and to not...under any circumstance... antagonize the stalker.     Obviously they are pretty much psychotic.   WE don't want to make them more-so.


Trust me on this.   Knowing this - makes me tread lightly.   After all, we have to know when and how to pick our battles.   And we have to be intelligent about it.


Some of you would ask me - why are you even bothering after 6 years - isn't it too much to handle?   


My answer to this is - we humans have hope deep inside our soul.   It is an innate part of who we are.   So, we have to try.  We have to try and deal with a little bit of pain.   We have to build ourselves back up and move past an obstacle.     We have to wait on the hand of God.   He is always there - always hoping in our choice.   And always providing us with thousands of angels - who carry us and give us answers as we move through life.  Remember - prayers are not answered when we want them to be - they are answered when God is ready and when it best serves both us and God.


In summary - stalking is illogical.  It makes no sense at all.  Now I say this because if we are sane., it is the truth and fact.  However, for the stalker, the extreme person trying to make our lives a living hell - their stalking is logical to them and that is because they are just nuts.     There is no logic with insanity.


For the rest of us who are sane, applying logic to the behavior of stalking is a losing battle because a logical mind cannot see into the mind of abstract or illogical.


How do we get around the trying to apply logic or make sense of it all in being stalked?   


My answer to this is - while you may find some answers to what is happening by questioning or having a special insight - most of the stalking behavior is incomprehensible - way past understanding.    Abstract.    And not really important to us as it turns out.   We can ponder the universe but sometimes there are no answers.


We need to keep busy  in our lives and make the effort to obtain the correct answers and solutions for our own survival.    


Until laws are created against gang stalking - we have to be smart and creative and protect ourselves.  This includes covering up.   It includes wearing silver hats and headphones to block out frequencies  that can harm our brain and body.    And there is so much more we can do - please read my website for some possible solutions.   


Strength lies in the heart of a true warrior.   And many times,  logic has no place in the fight.


As always - thanks for reading,



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