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List of Electronic

Warfare Squadrons



I could not decide whether I should share the following information with you.   However, realizing the gravity of humans who are now being gang stalked, I felt it was very important I make this data known to those unfortunate souls out there who are suffering at the hands of the ones who put stalking campaigns into play.   


It is important to note here, that if we as a society or a world, have something called Electronmagnetic Warfare Squadrons sitting somewhere closeby...common sense or logic  would then tell us that there would also be a need for human test subjects for the directed energy testing phase of this type of weaponry, operational direction and design.    


Since I have located this list - which was shared on Wikipedia - I have been drawn to a few conclusions about what the targeting of humans is all about.   


First, here is the list.   The Electronic Warfare designation did not appear until about 1993 but it wasn't until 1999, that the squadrons shown below had changed over to electronic warfare squadrons.

List of United States Air Force electronic warfare squadrons - Wikipedia



16th Electronic Warfare SquadronEglin AFB, FL

36th Electronic Warfare SquadronEglin AFB, Fl

42d Electronic Combat SquadronRAF Upper Heyford UKEF-111A

68th Electronic Warfare SquadronEglin AFB,FL

390th Electronic Combat SquadronMountain Home AFB, IDEA-18G

360th Tactical Electronic Warfare SquadronTan Son Nhut Air Base, South VietnamAntique AirlinesEC-47

361st Tactical Electronic Warfare SquadronTan Son Nhut Air Base, South VietnamEC-47

362d Tactical Electronic Warfare SquadronTan Son Nhut Air Base, South VietnamEC-47

453d Electronic Warfare SquadronLackland AFB, TX

513th Electronic Warfare SquadronEglin AFB, FL


The following are listed as Electromagnetic Warfare Squadrons

16th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron, Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado

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I always tell people that I do not believe in coincidences.   For example, you can look at this list and say to yourself - yes, I am being stalked, harassed, tormented and tortured by what appears to be a group of unknown assailants who seem to be living in my very neighborhood and sitting next to me in a cubicle at work.   Who did I upset?  What went wrong?   Who put me in this path of angry technology?   And why doesn't it end?

So, if we are not able to put it together exactly in our minds, while we are going through the harassment and then we just happen to come across a list like the one I just shared...I suppose it is reasonable that we might just say...oh, well these squadrons just happened to pop up at the same time as my stalking did, so it must be a coincidence.   

Again, I now want to bring common sense into play here.   First, I do not believe in coincidence.  Not at all.  I believe all life is a pattern and correlation of events.  A choice is made.  A direction is taken.   And then because of that choice - life unfolds and unravels around us in ways we were either expecting or not expecting.   No mistakes,   No accidents.  In fact, these are terms humans use to make excuses for things out of their control.


I also want to say here that I am not a conspiracist.  I am rather, what I call a deducer.  "A connect the dots" sort of person.   I like to deduce and add things all up to get a logical result.  And this is in order to find a solution.    


So, in my opinion, if we see a rise in gang stalking worldwide or at least complaints of it...we can then deduce (draw a conclusion) that if these electromagnetic warfare squadrons are also now all over the world... it would then make perfect sense that the two are somehow connected.

The mission of a United States Air Force electronic warfare squadron is to use the electromagnetic spectrum (EM spectrum) to attack an enemy, or impede enemy actions by denying the use of the EM spectrum, whilst ensuring friendly forces free access to it.   Electronic warfare can target humans, communicationradar, or other assets (military and civilian). This list contains squadrons inactive, active, and historical.

List of United States Air Force electronic warfare squadrons - Wikipedia

I have been stalked for nearly 7 years.  And because of what I have personally experienced and seen with my own eyes, I believe it is through these new operational electromagnetic systems of assault, warfare and weaponry and also through invisible energy lines of fire...and carrier signals, that a targeted person receives zaps, burns, and vibrations.  And  also experience excess ear ringing, dizziness, unbalance, vision loss, headaches, strokes, heart attacks and more.   


Remember, the testing and experimentation of humans via energy, does not necessarily all come from the sky but rather is designed to travel through and across the earth.  It is geared to moved across both open and closed spaces and to observe and gather information.   The information needed for this type of research, comes from a human's own personal speech, daily routine and lifestyle.


My is in this way, that private and very loyal citizens, who were just minding their own business and living their lives in one moment...are now being overwhelmed and weighed down by the possible dismal reality of future the next.   Their lives being taken away like they just don't count.


I also believe Targeted Individuals appear to be the guinea pigs and the test subjects needed to perfect strategic, directional and operational high energy devices which would be needed to protect and serve a nation in a time of battle.    This takes place both on the ground and from the air.

I am not accusing the military of selecting these targets, not at all, because this just isn't so.  I believe this system of selecting a target is all taking place through a series of networks and well orchestrated campaigns of zeroing in on a person of choice and taking them out of their comfort zone.


For example, targets initially are erroneously selected via accusation of wrongdoing  - on a societal and neighborhood level and then their names are placed on lists and that is when the testing begins.   

I do feel it is important to point out, that somehow in all the invention and gadgetry and innovations of the 20th and 21st century - this need to perfect technology and having this super unhealthy scientific and technological awareness and fixation...appears to be now endangering those we care about the most.   In fact, it appears to be putting the earth and mankind in grave danger.

The mission to honor, serve and protect?   Now seems skewed in a world where humans no longer share.  No longer love.  No longer care.  


And the loyalty one man had at one time for another, has been lost in the process.



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