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Remember -
We are all Members and Cogs in the Wheel of a Great Nation.   
What Happens to One of Us...Happens to all of us.

I am going to take a moment here and talk about something that I think really gets to me nowadays.   And that is - we are living in a time where the idea of everyone getting a trophy for trying or just showing up at an event...means we should all expect payment and rewards for doing nothing at all or at least doing very little.

And this leads me to the concept of universal awareness, sameness and acceptance of being the same.   For example, this would be where everyone gets one roll of toilet paper and no more than that each day or even each week.   

I want to point out that the one roll of paper is essentially a big part of a socialistic society, wherein...everyone gets the same thing.  Granted the one item is just a small example of where I am going with this - but the concept represents a division of assets equally across board.  And everyone gets what everyone else has.  Equality for all.  Equal dividends. No more...No less.   You everyone getting a trophy because there should never be those who stand out.


Keep in mind as I continue that thankfully and currently we live in a nation of free enterprise. Meaning that a person can do what he wants to earn and receive money from hard work and time put in and other people have no say in that matter.

Still, you will notice, that a large number of people want handouts today, they do not want to work...they want to be cared for and receive just enough to get by.   And they want this sameness for everyone.   They grumble and demand that money be taken from those who work extremely hard to earn it and be distributed to them for doing nothing.

Let me pose this question - Isn't this "a trophy for everyone and all money the same - equal dividends" - the beginnings or start of possible socialism in our society?


Let me provide you with a definition.   Socialism definition: A political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange which should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.    Spreading the wealth evenly across board.  

If we take a look at truth, sameness does not work.  It never has.  Since no two humans are the same - individual traits and endeavors will also be different.   Our dreams, desires, aspirations and goals vary greatly.

And then there's the fact that...humans all want to be number one, to be the winner and have the only trophy being handed out...and they absolutely don't want to share it with others.


I believe that it is this drive or lust for power and importance that carries today's human forward. We are in effect - centrally focused.   Because of this focus on the self - we don't see what  is happening around us that may change our lives and our direction in life.


Then there is the fact that we do not understand what can happen if we fail to pay attention or be aware of.   


It is in truth that I say this - it is the very sameness or all things equal...we are encouraged to live and be - everyone gets a trophy humans - that is the same sameness that has caused failure in many societies and countries in the past - Socialism leads to communism.   


Not everyone should have a trophy.   

So with the idea of a changing society...lack of awareness to change - a belief in being a team player and being part of a group mentality - I believe that gang stalking is with us today because it is just one avenue to single out and punish  those who do not go along with or who stand out in the crowd.  


I also believe there is a hidden ulterior motive of indoctrination and creating in the human mind - complicit thought and conditioned behavior.


This unwelcome aspect of control via gang stalking just might possibly help someone wanting unlimited power - a way of overtaking groups of human minds.​   And making everyone socialistically the same.


My belief is that the goal of organized stalking is to conquer and control all aspects of being human.   And if we look at it this way, and gang stalking organizations are successful in breaking down society by picking off members one at a time - and if done in a large enough number...and enough times; groups who stalk, will have done more damage to the whole.    


Most notably, if these groups can break down the structure of society...its people and members...they can, in turn, do irreparable damage...and will be able to do what they want with whatever is left.


As I stated earlier, for years, we have been given constant information about receiving the same things. "Everyone gets a trophy" being the one teaching of the younger generation. Still, this teaching for the young - is present in adult level humans today.  We expect to be compensated and rewarded for just being alive.    

By encouraging sameness and sharing, I believe we are giving humans the go ahead about being an ant and working in a colony of same goal objectives. ​ All ants supporting the greater good - one ant queen.   

No individuality.  No personal thought.  We are all team members and players and there should never be a deviation from the path of uniformity and single thought network.   If we don't go along with this thought -  if we hang tight to our individual thought and mind - we are eventually ostracized and shoved off by society.   And Gang Stalking is there - waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces.

Remember, we are all members and cogs in the wheel of a great nation. What happens to one of us - happens to all of us.

We are a society, after all. If any one of us is pushed out or driven away or torn apart or led to feeling despair - the societal member pool grows exponentially smaller and the cogs in the wheel weaken.    And this may lead to failure.


But getting off this tangent of thought and obviously my soap box....I want to share a story of what just happened to me.

The organization of stalkers have been using a few different (select) people to step out of their homes and intercept me as I pass by or walk in their direction. This is called gaslighting. Gaslighting is used on a target to illicit a reaction.

Here is a partial definition: Gaslighting is a psychological manipulation of a person usually over an extended period of time through harassment that causes the victim or target to question the validity of their own thoughts, perception of reality, or memories and typically leads to confusion, loss of confidence and self-esteem, uncertainty of one's emotional or mental stability, and a dependency on the perpetrator.

My stalkers have done this to me for roughly 6 1/2 years. Why? Well, it could have been for a number of reasons. But an example that comes to mind is this - Following me and always asking me how I am doing? (this, I believe, is to gauge whether or not their devices are tormenting and torturing me enough I suppose).

Maybe they are hoping I have heart disease or cancer from all the radiation...etc. Or and this is the big one...maybe that I am emotionally falling apart...which, to date, thankfully, I am not. Still, in gang stalking there is a need to get results and outcome. Their successes are measured by our failures and shortcomings.

Anyway, these followers and interceptors though, appear and have appeared in the same store I shop in, at the same time I am there and then come up to me and force me to talk to them. They pass me when I take walks and they also pass my house daily and it has not mattered what time it was or is.  As soon as I step out my door...they are all there.  And no, it is not magic...motion detectors do a world of hurt to a person and they give us away.

Still, I didn't think much about it in the beginning.

But now, thinking back, I remember seeing this woman - (I will call her Cindy) pass my house every day for the last 6 years. She always chose different times to walk by but she did it nonetheless.   And this all started in 2018.

As she strolled by...she seemed to always turn and crane her head and neck and scan my front windows and my driveway.    It was  rather obvious.   She was hunting for life and movement.   I am assuming she was looking for me.

Still, as she sauntered along and got in front of the house next door...she slowed down and began to make hand signals and gestures to my stalkers and their upstairs office window.   Sometimes, Cindy dramatically shrugged her shoulders at the house next door, if she hadn't seen me. Like, ehh...I didn't find her!

Now, for me to even trust this woman chatting up a storm with me today - well, it just isn't going to happen anymore.   I have seen too much and been through too much to feel otherwise.   Trust is something that is earned.   And so is respect.

About 2 weeks ago. I was walking home from work.   There are two large cameras now mounted on the telephone pole at the entrance of my neighborhood.   They have been up there for about a month. I guess to monitor who comes in and out.

Anyway...eventually I passed under the cameras as I walked. And that was when all hell broke loose.   There were small airplanes flying over me.   I turned right on my street and my stalking next door neighbor drove down the hill and towards me in her car (As I saw her coming down the street though, I quickly averted my eyes to gaze at my phone) and then suddenly - that's right - Cindy (good old Cindy my interceptor) was coming right at me down the hill as well.

You see...I don't believe in coincidences - only patterns and events and ulterior motives of people.   I guess you would call that spiritual discernment.   And an awareness of routine patterns of behaviors.

I decided at that moment that I was sick and tired though and I had just about enough of the silliness and game playing and so, I turned away from her and walked to my left.   You know, like I was looking in the creek and I was distracted and didn't see her.   In essence, I was rejecting her.

She actually stopped at that point and turned around to watch me as I passed...I caught a glimpse of her doing it.   She just stood there with her arms hanging at her side and stared.  So, when I didn't turn around and look at her, that was when Cindy stomped her feet really hard on the ground because I didn't acknowledge her.

I mean seriously - she is in her 50s. Not 2's. And my ignoring her made her just pissed off enough to turn me into the stalking campaign.

My stalking is now worse I believe, because I chose to ignore an integral snitch member of the stalking organization.  But, I have accepted this.

Should I now be more afraid?  Not at all.  I am not afraid because God and my angels are with me. I have never been afraid.  Besides, I do not like bullies.   I do not accept bullies.  And I am not going to live my life in untruths and games and really, none of us should.

Living is too hard as it fall into childish and sinful behavior.    Life is terribly why waste moments in hate?

Please understand...It isn't that I don't care - I really do - deep down I love from the soul.   But these people are not really interested in me, or anyone else...they don't even like me and so, they should just go their way.  And really I am ok with that as well.   

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