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Updates on Protective Clothing and Fabric 

To Save the Day...

The following items are either no longer available and I am providing a sort of substitute to near same blocking capability.  Or are available and I am giving you information that may save your life.  


Circutex Fabric - I have to say that this fabric was the best fabric at blocking - I kid you not.   It was by far some of the most effective fabric I have ever purchased and used.  It  blocked microphone signals, motion detectors, demodulation and v2k.   However, It did not block microwave signals.


Update - sadly, and I am not sure why - this fabric was discontinued nearly 1 1/2 years ago.  I have looked everywhere only to be told it Is no longer being manufactured.   I believe because it was highly flammable.  Or maybe because it worked and it was yanked for that reason.   Maybe all of the gang stalking organizations bought it up to prevent you from being comfortable.   Who knows!??   The silver content in it was over about 50%.  And when grounded - it was so amazing, I cannot even begin to describe how well it blocked.


Here are a few substitutes -


Arganmesh - 55% SILVER.  Over $25 or less - a linear foot.  sold at  And you can also find it at other online stores selling Fabrics that block and shield.  I personally like this fabric but I layer it with other silvers to get the some of the same effect I got with Circutex.


Ripstop Silver fabric - (recently and currently unavailable) Not sure if it will return.   But here is an explanation of the fabric.   So that in the future you can check out other fabrics and compare them.   Ripstop is pure silver coated onto other nylon. It protects up to 4 Ghz.   So, not my favorite, but I use it.   The fabric is only sold on   


Staticot Stainless Steel Fabric and Grounding material. It runs between 12 and 19 dollars a linear foot. Depending on where you buy it. This amazing fabric is effective between 1 and 40 Ghz which is amazing. The thing is - you have to ground this with a grounding clip and make sure it is safely grounded in your home. This fabric is sold on

This fabric is phenomenal - is probably the best grounded fabric out there because of its grounding range.   It is made from woven in stainless steel fibers - and please note - it can also be used to make clothing. This fabric, because of its lightweight design, can be safely hung on the wall or ceiling - but remember your grounding rules and make sure you have pieces of electrical tape at points where the fabric touches the wall or ceiling- For the best results - make sure you ground this fabric for maximum benefits. Staticot does not protect as well from microwaves but does block demodulation, V2K, listening devices and motion detectors.    


Silverell knit fabric - sold at - 


Products, when available, consist of boxer shorts, Esmog pants, and hoodies.   And brain coats.   To date - There is a worldwide shortage of gray Silverell fabric.  The reason I have placed this item here is because when it is sold in bulk and in linear pieces - it is like circutex or Arganmesh with blocking capability.   Possibly better.


 This fabric is amazing and if and when it does come back on the market - I would suggest you buy either the fabric itself or something made out of it and keep it on to protect your vital organs and brain. This fabric is also effective against radiation and microwave signals.    And covering your bottom part of your body with the shorts and pants will protect your intestines, kidneys and other vital organs from a nasty microwave burn. 


 Please purchase these items for your sanity...if you can at some point in time.  If bought in large pieces - can be hung on walls or ceiling and grounded.

 Silverell has a protective range from 1 - 10 ghz .


There are new  hoodies on which are effective up to 4 Ghz.   It is being touted as the new EMF protection hoodie.   Its protective range is not great as Silverell but not bad either.   Because - We all know that with gang stalkers - the power used and that will be used on us eventually will get stronger.  And then stronger.  And if you are trying to prepare - it is better to be high than low with protection.   

Brain Coats -  brain coats I have previously told you that brain coats are made from silverell fabric. Effective up to 10 Ghz.   With these silver caps - you simply pull it down over your scalp and ears and it helps to hide your brain and scalp from the homing or hunting signals and demodulation signals of directed energy.  I have been experimenting with this for month.   I can sit out in the open - in a chair  and as long as I have my brain coat layers (about 6 hats) on and my noise cancellation headphones on - I don't feel so much of the energy.     But this depends of the energy used to hunt you.   


I want to repeat this information - and want to state at this point, that the hats do not drown out the pulsing ring associated with directed energy.  You will still hear some of it - if not most.  This is why a noise cancellation headphone will buffer and soften  and cancel the ring at this juncture.  If you hear the ringing at this will be much lighter.   Nothing is 100 percent in these attacks and it is important for us to understand this in our survival.


I have had readers (targets) get upset when they buy brain hats and the hats do not cancel all things out.  I just want to say that this is absolutely unrealistic...Silver hats block out signals meant to damage tissue and microwave energy falls under this classification.   We should not expect the thin silver hats to block out sound.   It is only cloth.   Again, the hats protect your hair from breakage and damage and the hats also protect your brain from harmful microwaves and the radiation associated with that.   If you want to block out sound - that is what noise cancellation headphones are for.   Buy a really good pair of Bose Cancellation headphones in the 35 or 45 model.


I have found that not turning the noise cancellation button on protects you better at certain times.  In other words, keep the headphones on your head and over your ears, but don't turn on Bluetooth or maybe you do.   There are times when the bluetooth will give you away and other times - it won't.   You will need to experiment with this.   That is a dead giveaway to your nasty perps. 


Over time - my stalkers starting homing in on the headphone signal that my Bose headphones put out - so, I figured this out and just made sure I had the headphones on my head - they still make things somewhat quieter.  


Demodulation is nasty and it gets stronger and stronger and there are times you get hard wave blasts of it.   Sometimes, you will receive pulsed vibrations through your body that end up at your end in an electrical snap of energy.   So, again, make sure your head is covered by both the brain hats and the headphones.   One of the ways we are located by our stalkers is the electrical activity in the brain.  Also, heat fields of the body.

So, the more silver on our body - the better.


All of the lightweight fabrics I have told you about can be slept under and you can ground them.  Or not.  

Please remember when grounded - fabrics are more flammable.  Personally, I am willing to take a risk for my protection against horribly strong signals.   We have to use common sense and logic when we are covering up.  All things should be carefully assessed and weighed out.  And we need to always be safe. 


Now, I also use other things for my protection as well - rubber mats, zinc metal sheets, lead sheet metal, cast iron, muMetal, ....and Giron.    I also use a ton of rare earth magnets.   


Since my neighbors are using various angles to shoot energy at me - there are always direct lines from their house to my bed through my roof and walls and floor. Actually many direct lines with very high meter readings and many more with super low readings.   So closet wall is a virtual battle shield of barriers.  


Other protective items still available for purchase... for walls and floor and ceilings and attic.


MuMetal and Giron are both still sold on   But as of today - Mumetal has been replaced it appears by magstop metal.


And by SHIELDENE® CORROSION RESISTANT MAGNETIC SHIELD PLATE.   You can still buy MuMetal on Ebay for a gouged price.  


Keep in mind - Metal blocking plates and Giron are 2 completely different blocking materials.  And they are not a lightweight material at all.   Metals are typically a hard sheet metal and can be grounded. 


Giron is a blocking material that is not meant to be grounded.  It blocks by its engineered design.   It is sort of a weave of metal and plastic hence the reason for not grounding.   Do not use a grounding cord or use Giron near open flames.  

Both Magstop and Shieldene and Giron are still  available at   Giron is expensive and runs roughly over $65 a linear foot.   Personally - I am not so impressed with the metal they sell.  They never really helped me feel protected or comfortable.    MagStop metal and Sheldiene are also  very costly.  They are sold by linear foot so when you go to the site - if you see $59 - that is per foot.    I am still using the Giron I purchased.  It is in my attic and there it stays.    Because a little blocking is better than no blocking.


You can also find Giron   At And anywhere else shielding metals and fabrics are sold.


In my opinion - lead and zinc sheets of metal (on walls or on floors) and good old 100% rubber mats work best.   You can ground zinc - but make sure you use electrical tape at the corners of your metal - between the metal and where it touches the wall - also where your zinc touches the walls or beams in the attic.   Grounded metal against wood is a fire hazard without the proper grounding setup.  You can also put your rubber layer down first and then the grounded fabric or metal.  This should be ok.


Aluminum is not so hot -  in my opinion.   Despite what you read about Aluminum and aluminum foil being a protector from having space invaders read your mind - well, let me just say, this is garbage.   And maybe in someone's imagination and in the old days it might have been the option...  because there was nothing else.   And let's just say - it might have been a go to before energy starting coming into our homes on steroids.  


The most important thing to remember is - The best materials to date can be grounded and since Aluminum does not ground and it is is sort of a waste of money.   Sort of a lukewarm item and does not protect you from microwave burns - Demodulation or V2K signals.  So my question is - why bother?


Cast Iron or cast iron skillets - you know - like your grannie's old kitchen skillet.   It can be any form of iron and there you have it - nearly a 100% blocker (at least 70 to 80 %) - but it is quite heavy and hard to place or position.   Still if you can manage a wall of connected cast iron griddles without them falling on you and crushing you - Make sure to cover the seams with copper tape - since cast iron is an excellent blocker - your problem just might be lessened or resolved!   Cast iron can easily be placed on the floor and under the bed where energy assaults take place.


Rubber mats - pure rubbers mats only - absorb energy and slow its travel.    It is harder for your perp to hear or sense you through rubber - especially when combined with other material for a shield.  And rubber is one of my top picks in this counter measure of protection - I really highly recommend Rubber - especially against microwaves and microwave burns.   You need to place the rubber between you and the incoming signals.  


Let's talk about Nickel and copper fabrics - these fabrics are available always. Also, sold at  They can be safely grounded in the home...but should never come into contact with your skin.   This is because they can cause your skin to have a reaction.  Do not make clothing out of nickel or copper and do not sleep under or ground these fabrics against your skin.  Burns perhaps?


Magnetic rare earth magnets and magnet boards.  This is my greatest find.   Rare earth magnets Can be expensive by the time you build a grounded 2 foot by 3 foot  board  -  they run about $20.00 for 10 magnets and can be found almost anywhere.   Make sure it is a rare earth magnet with a center hole for mounting and between 65 to 100 lbs of pull weight.   


These magnets are super strong and can be dangerous if not handled properly.  Keep your hands and fingers from being pinched between magnets.   It is painful.   


These boards and magnets when grounded are pretty much 100% effective.  The problem is - your stalkers can move their weapons all over the place in your walls and roof line.      But happy to say - you can move your boards too!   And you can build many different boards.  Remember these are very heavy boards - so you will need a good support when placing it in position. 


And here is something new - I am still in the effectiveness research phase of magnetic chalk boards.   And magnetic contact paper. To date, I have found magnetic chalk boards and magnetic contact paper  to be very useful in protection against Directed Energy Weapons.   This is when you use it with other layering material.

Sleep under your silver material when ever possible - both on top of you and below.   This would be like a blanket and whenever you notice energy hitting you - pull the blanket or sheet of silver up over your head. 


Silver or other blocking materials can also be placed under the bed on the floor for attacks from below.  Also between the box springs and mattress.   It can be placed inside cabinets and on walls and anywhere else you want it.   You can also cut rubber to size and line with this also. You will need to be proactive and place your barriers where they will do the most good.


Lead Aprons and Lead blankets - When I first wrote this page - I felt lead was pretty good but have sense found out that energy can be passed more easily through lead - in a process called wave tunneling.  That means as the energy comes up against the shield, some of the energy gets stopped but some of it gets around or through the block.  So, now I don't use lead by itself - but it is fairly good if you use it with other blocking material......On my new list would be zinc plated sheet metal - first start with a magnetic contact paper on a wall, this is sold on Amazon for about 28.00 a 48 X 17.5 inch roll.  Then zinc plated sheet metal placed on top.  and ground it.  Make sure you have black electrical tape in place on the wall wherever the metal touches the wall.  -  Then rare earth magnets placed very tightly together and anchored down in place


When will your stalkers stop pounding you with energy?   I have to say probably not for a long time or  until they see injury.   And believe me when I tell you - I am not going to allow that as much as possible.   And neither should you! 



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