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A Typical Outing to the Grocery Store and My Experience in
Being Gaslighted

Here is where I share my experience of an outing to do my grocery shopping.


But before I share that experience...I want to say that in Gaslighting -- the sole purpose is to unnerve a person.  Make them second guess themselves.   Make them feel isolated and alone.  Make them feel like they are greatly disliked.   Make them feel worn out. 


Gaslighting is a term used to describe a series of organized behaviors done through coordinated mobbing and stalking events to bully and torment people.


Basically, to do this, Stalking Organizations send people in to perform these tasks...with the intent of breaking down the spirit and the mind of a selected target...or at least trying to.


Today, as I got out of my car and went into Walmart, that is when it all began.   No sooner had I entered through the large sliding glass doors, I began to notice a following movement of about 7 people...all placing themselves close-by in places that I would see them.   In fact, where I would notice them over and over again.


For example, I turned down one aisle to grab a bottle of Clorox...and suddenly, and it startled me for a second... an older, gray haired woman and some really creepy, long haired young guy who was with her....came walking up to me.     


They didn't look like they belonged together.   Of course, the two might have been a caregiver and helper and patient.   Or it might have been a grandson helping his Nana shop.   Even so, there was something off and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.


The older woman had placed her cart in front of mine though and stopped me from going forward and then she spoke to me and told me I was pretty.    I was nice in a way.

Still, at that particular moment, my hair was a mess.   My clothes sort of mismatched and super casual.  My boots were covered in paint splatters.  I was wearing no make up to speak of.    And my eyes were heavily covered and shaded by sunglasses.   So, the compliment puzzled me.   


And then there is the fact that basically, I hadn't expected her words.


Also, there's a part of me that felt the compliment might have been false.   And in a day when people aren't really paying much attention to each other - their unusual interest in me was sort of strange.


But I was gracious about it.


Realistically, if I were to take a moment and think about my own experience in being gang stalked...there comes a point when I believe we, as targeted individuals, are able to recognize what Gaslighting is.  And when, in fact, it is happening to us.


I would say this duo and their close proximity to me in the store - were obvious with intent.  Add this to the fact, like I stated earlier, that they didn't look like they belonged together...maybe possibly they were given the assignment to pester me locally as a team.


And they had succeeded in that they had made contact with me.   Got me to talk to them.  And the guy with the black hair kept lifting his eyebrow, like he was questioning if I was catching on.   Or scrutinizing my reaction to the compliment.  I smiled and moved on.   Can't hurt to be nice after all.


Unexpectantly and yes, irritatingly, the twosome somehow managed to be in the same aisle I was in the entire time I shopped...and even if I skipped 2 or 3 rows to avoid them - they skipped the rows also.   


If I thought this was bad...there was also a woman with lavender hair who was also with me nonstop.  It was like they were all glued to my side. Ick!


The other thing I thought was obvious is that these people were on their cell phones typing as they watched me.   They looked back at me and then began to type into their phones.    I wasn't really sure what they were doing... and thought to myself at that moment - it just wouldn't do to feel or be overly paranoid.    So, I left the store and that was that. Or so I thought.


All of that aside, I want to point out here that the obvious goal of gaslighting is to cause a person to question their own mental state and feel off balance by ganging up behaviors and mobbing episodes.    This being the case, it really doesn't bother me. I don't fall apart so easily.


I left Walmart and I drove down the road and around the corner to another grocery store for a few additional items.   I hadn't really thought about the gray haired women and the long haired helper.   But low and behold - here these people were again.    Waiting at the front entrance and staring at me.   The woman with purple hair was also there.    


This time - I shot the young creepy guy a dirty look.   I guess I had finally caught on.

Anyway, the two had been adding items into a cart.    But when I gave him what I call "the look" - they both ran off, exited the store and left the items and the cart in the aisle.  I didn't see the purple haired woman after that either.


There are times when we targets are able to catch these gang stalkers in their gaslighting acts of hate and unsettles them when we catch on and so they run off.  I say, Good for me.   Less gang stalkers to deal with.


I also want to point out at this moment...that people do shop at the same the same time - it is normal in life...however, if you see some sort of pattern to a close attention to it.    I personally do not believe in coincidence.


When I got out of the store - someone had taken a Dodge Ram and parked it right up against my bumper so I couldn't open the trunk.   Seriously!!!???   A fitting end to an unfitting day.    I took a deep breath and proceeded to put my items in the seat next to me.


Amazingly, in the space of an hour...I had about 7 encounters with Gaslighting.    I was so very glad to get back home.


In summary, it amazes me that people want to run all over other people.   That they have nothing else going on in their lives...or to keep them occupied or busy....or keep them from falling into childish acts and sinful behaviors


And why on earth would someone really want to bully and harass another person?  

I feel that if society is essentially in a mobbing mode...we are in trouble as a society.


Anyway, were these people doing what I claim they were doing?  Well, there is a good chance they were and if we, as targets, are able to pay attention to recurring visuals and behaviors sent our way...we can thereby learn to recognize Gang Stalkers and Gang Stalking.


Anyway, thought I would share that. Just in case it is happening to you also.




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